The Messages from the Hosts of Heaven

image depicting transmission of the Messages, a spiritual gift
The Messages are a gift from the Hosts of Heaven.

NOTE: These Messages should be read in the order in which they were received, as each succeeding Message builds upon the foundation laid down by the preceding ones.


June 30, 1999 Operation Terra (Introduction)
July 1, 1999 On Becoming A “Human” Being
July 2, 1999 Rooting Out Fear
July 3, 1999 Supporting Your Transition
July 4, 1999 A Guided Tour of Terra
July 5, 1999 The Merging of Realities
July 6, 1999 The Harvesting of Souls
July 7, 1999 On Probabilities
July 8, 1999 Changing into “gods”
July 9, 1999 Extraterrestrials and the Harvest
July 10, 1999 Summing Up
June 21, 2000 Signs Along the Way
June 22, 2000 It’s All God
July 27, 2000 The Crossing-Point
September 21, 2000 The Coming Storm
September 28, 2000 Allow All Things
November 21, 2000 The New Millennium
February 10, 2001 The Splitting of the Worlds
February 25, 2001 The Bottom Line

You can download a printer-friendly version (no images) of the combined Messages from the Downloads section.

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