February 25, 2001

We have asked to speak with you today because there are some things happening that we felt we should comment upon. The first thing, however, is to ask you to ask yourselves just how you feel about the information we have offered to you so far. Does it make sense to you or does it just sound like a nice idea that would be VERY NICE if it were true, but you just aren’t sure how you feel about it otherwise?

Let us back up a little and recap and summarize the statements we have made in the previous Messages. First of all, this information is only intended for those whose soul/Oversoul choices are aligned with the journey to Terra. There are many other paths available and they will be taken by the overwhelming majority of people who are incarnate on Earth at this time.

Second, the lifting we have spoken of is dependent on one action and one condition alone: it is necessary to have love in one’s heart and in order to do that, it is necessary to “root out” (eliminate or neutralize) fear within oneself. We have defined love in part as the absence of fear, so it is only logical that the cultivation of love requires the removal of fear. Nothing else matters. It does not matter what you know about spiritual matters. It does not matter what you look like or what your age is or where you live. What is in your heart and your attendant frequency are the only criteria for the lifting. If you are afraid to receive the lifting for any reason, you will not be lifted.

Third, we are not “rescuing” you. We are here with you to facilitate your process, but you and you alone are responsible to tend to what is yours alone to do. There are things that you can do to make it easier for yourself, and we can give a certain degree of aid when asked, but facing down your fears within yourself is something that you must do for yourself. All of you who have made the soul choice for Terra have also given yourselves the proper “character traits” to be able to do this. Many, if not most, of you have been seeking "truth" all of your life. Most of you have felt different from the others around you and even now do not know many like yourselves. That will all change in time, for in time - when the splitting of the worlds is complete - you will only be in the company of others like yourself, but for now, you are all in various stages of splitting off from those who will follow paths other than your own.    

Fourth, on the timeline that leads to Terra, the present Earth will “pass away” and will no longer support life of any kind. It will be barren and totally inhospitable to all forms of life for a very long time, but that is by Divine design and all things will go to their “right place,” according to that design. Terra already exists, pristine and untouched except by love. On Terra only love, peace, and joy will exist. That is why you must have love in your heart and not fear, because only that which is of love, peace, and joy will be permitted to enter Terra. There will be a time of transition on our ships, as none of you will be completely finished with your own transformation when the time of lifting arrives, but you must have cleared out enough fear and the fear-based responses (such as anger, judgement, and greed) to be able to be lifted into the ships when that time comes.    

Fifth — and this is the hardest part of all for many of you who feel the pull and yearning for the peace, joy, and love that Terra embodies and represents — there is nothing to “fix” about present day Earth. There is nothing to “create” on present day Earth, except to create the peace, joy, and love within yourselves and within your lives to the degree that you can. There is not going to be an organization to join or create that will take you there. There will not be phenomena such as etheric or physical ships or cities until the time comes for the lifting, and then only those who have qualified by their frequency will even perceive them. Anyone reporting those things or predicting those things belong to another path. It is valid for them and it is valid for those who are drawn to those things, but they are not part of the journey to Terra.    

There is a state of growing expectation on all fronts now. The power elite are moving forward with their plans, which they expect to complete in the near future. The various religions and organizations have their expectations about what their path holds for them, and they may in fact experience what it is they expect, just as the many groups who have expectations of another kind will most likely experience what it is that they expect to experience. It is all in Divine order, and each is finding  “their own” — their own people and their own actions and their own outcomes. It is all proceeding just as it was created to happen by the choices made at the Oversoul level for those individuals and their particular life experiences.    

Therefore, for those whose path leads to Terra, the only things that are appropriate are those that increase one’s frequency and decrease one’s fears. Meditation will help and will certainly aid in discerning what it true for oneself, but it is not an absolute requirement. It is not necessary to follow elaborate rituals or practices of any kind. Simply placing one’s attention on one’s breath as it moves in and out is sufficient, and simple prayers of the moment, spoken from one’s heart, are more effective than any memorized words, rituals, or formulas can ever be. It is the sincerity and the “heartfelt” quality that holds the power, not the words, and one does best by pausing a moment to FEEL what it is that one truly wants to occur. Then, when the words are chosen, they more nearly reflect the will of the heart and not the mind, and that is where the true power lies. 
The journey to Terra is a real one. It is logical that, if indeed this Earth is to pass away, there must be some mechanism to physically transport and sustain the seed stock for Terra before the final cataclysms eradicate all life on the present Earth. While many will indeed incarnate on Terra from the realm of spirit, there must be some mechanism provided to house their developing bodies. There will still be physical births on Terra, very like the births on Earth, only without the pain and without the loss of consciousness that accompanies births on Earth.    

We can say unequivocally that until it is time for you to be lifted-whenever that is for you as an individual — none of the phenomena and none of the organizations will get you there. When it is your time to be lifted, the moment will be very clear to you. There will not be any doubt or question in your mind, and there will not be anything leading up to it other than the internal sense of impendingness — nothing external to you will reveal its approach. The journey to Terra is made up of sovereign beings, and true sovereignty means the willingness to be truly who you are and allow everyone else the same privilege. The only authority is one’s own relationship with Spirit. No creed, no method, no technique, no material creation or alliance of any kind will do it. You are each like individual lightning rods, grounding the light of Spirit into the Earth and supporting the lifting of the planet and yourself at the same time. Lightning rods do not work in bundles. They each serve where they are placed.    

That does not mean that you should not reach out in love and support to others, but it does mean that each of you must make this journey on your own, within yourself, and with the willingness and bravery that that entails. You will be pioneers and create a new world and like all pioneers, you will be exploring territory that has not been mapped by others who have gone before you. Therefore, even though there is a core of wisdom to be found in all spiritual and religious traditions, you would do well to put those teachings from the past where they belong: in the museums and libraries that are set up to house the relics of the past. 
Yours is a new world, a new creation, and the only things that will survive the shift are those of essence, not of history and the energies acquired through the passage of time on Earth. ALL cellular memory from Earth lifetimes will be erased. You will be wholly new, in all respects, and you will become this way without passing through physical death. It is difficult for you to imagine how this could be and what it will be like, so we suggest that you focus instead on the task at hand: face down your fears; remain grounded in the present moment and listen to the voice of your intuition as to how you should respond in each and every moment, and surrender up everything else.   

We leave you now, in peace and honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We shall speak to you again.
NOTE: In response to a question regarding the appearance of ships (I myself have seen them) at this time, I received the following response (Feb. 26, 2001): 

We apologize if our statement has caused any confusion. We wish to emphasize that THE SHIPS THAT WILL LIFT PEOPLE OFF THE PLANET as part of the journey to Terra will not be seen until the time of the lifting. That does not mean that some people will not have experiences with ships before then. It only means that those who are reporting seeing ships or who are predicting mass landings or the like are not referring to the ships which will take one to Terra.    

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.    

Also, with regard to the erasure of cellular memory, it is my understanding that only the EMOTIONAL CHARGE associated the data is neutralized. The data is always available and is a permanent part of the hologram/Akashic record, but without the charge, one is not usually drawn to revisit those experiences. There is an abundance of things appearing in the eternal "now" and that’s where one’s fascination lies.    

If you have difficulty with releasing your attachments, I recommend that you read Ram Dass’s book, Still Here. It talks about the process of leaving one life for another on another plane of reality, and I found it accurately describes many of the experiences and feelings that I have been experiencing. If you substitute "transitioning" for "dying," it is a very good fit indeed.   
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