A man who has been connected with Operation Terra for many years shared the following experience with me in October of 2011. I asked his permission to share it with all of you, as I believe it reinforces and validates several things that I have personally experienced and what the Hosts have said in the Messages, as well.


October 18, 2011

To all,

I’ve had an interesting experience today that I need to share. In the early morning hours (around 2 a.m.), after only two hours of sleep. I woke up from “something” that wasn’t a dream. I don’t know how to call it, but it was an experience unlike any dream state that I’ve ever experienced. In that unnamed state, I was a point of awareness fully embedded in what felt like a very fluid Ocean of Consciousness and I was having a bird’s eye view of the street from my childhood. What is interesting is that I had a full perception of dozens of the versions of that same street that somehow coexisted, but were also separate.

a bird’s eye view of the street from my childhood
I was having a bird’s eye view of the street from my childhood.

As that experience continued, I sensed that there was HUGE activity going on in the Ocean and that EVERY single thing that happened was an EFFECT or a RESULT of OCEAN’S ACTION. This is hard to explain, but nothing happens or manifests that isn’t a result of Ocean’s will and action. It’s extremely simple — everything I saw was Ocean in action and NOTHING ELSE. There were people in the street, but they were Ocean in manifestation, not some kind of separate entities that have free will. Free will doesn’t exist; only thing that exists is the will of the Ocean, whatever the manifestation is — human or a mountain.

I saw that all the motion that was happening was scripted and I (in the connection with the Ocean) knew the script, and how everything moves on the scenes. Every single detail is simply just happening as the Ocean wants it to; it’s total impossibility for anything to happen that isn’t part of the script.

As I was grasping all of this, I saw that scenes of my street started to change, especially the one that was somehow my main focus. First, the extremely strong winds came and people were running around seeking shelter; then there came strong earthquakes that had cars that were parked rolling down the street like they were children’s toys. As I was witnessing all of this happening on this one scene that was my main focus, other scenes of the same street at the same time happily coexisted and not much was happening on them — weather was sunny and people were normally walking and cars were passing by. They were totally unaffected and unaware of the apocalypse from my main scene. However, before the cataclysms started to occur on my main scene, there was a huge energetic sorting out happening below the surface. I don’t know how to explain it, but it was like people were energetically multiplying and splitting up.

For example, there was one man who had two energetic copies of him come out and separate/be pulled to 2 different scenes. He didn’t stop [existing] when his copies were extracted; he was still doing what he was doing, totally unaware that this was happening. Therefore, I don’t believe that people will simply disappear when timelines separate. They will continue on other ones, but their versions/bodies on our timeline will be killed in the cataclysms. Their spirit might even be instantaneously transferred to their embodied version on some other timeline, but I don’t know as I wasn’t drawn to explore this.

What fascinated me the most was that single hair doesn’t fall off anyone’s head if it isn’t part of Ocean’s Plan. The feeling was one of total safety because I was connected to the Ocean intimately, and aware of how EVERYTHING is being orchestrated. I was being one with this Ocean; I was literally wearing it and feeling its internal tides.

Today (October 18) marked a huge internal shift for me and this experience I’ve had still lingers on. What I’ve realized by having a glimpse of it is what the Hosts have been talking about — that there is only one BEING in action at all times and EVERYTHING happens according to ITS plan.

I know that to “normal” people, what I have said here sounds crazy and I would not even try to attempt to describe to them what my experience was like. I believe that at least some people have benefit from me sharing this because of the clearing work that has enabled them to understand it at some level. Full understanding and “A-ha” moment will come only with direct experience. There is no way around it.

What strikes me as ironic is that once one is experiencing this Ocean of Consciousness, one realizes that Its nature is baby simple, but to the veiled entities it appears mysterious and complicated. Sananda didn’t say in vain that to enter the Kingdom one has to become like child. Ocean’s basic nature is the most simple and most natural way of being there is; complexity comes in Its creations, but the base on which all of it is built is extremely simple and there is this childlike simplicity to it.

Ocean is not a human being and therefore doesn’t perceive like humans do. It doesn’t have emotions or moral code — It is everywhere and in everything and It IS everywhere and everything. Everything is under Its total, absolute control at all times, and there are no uncertainties or surprises because Ocean knows everything and is everything. Ocean is the CAUSE of everything at all times — this is extremely important to keep in mind. What we might perceive as uncertainties or surprises are nothing but effects of Ocean’s actions.

I’m not yet in direct connection with the Ocean and I still have preferences. I would prefer pleasure over pain and suffering, etc., and this is normal for human beings; nothing wrong with it. However, when one is experiencing itself as a point of consciousness without a body and shaped identity, things are perceived vastly different. This is where “no preferences” hallmark can be applied, in my opinion. I don’t want my body to be tortured in any density, but from this higher, unincarnated level, all is good at all times and the point of consciousness is not affected by pain or emotions. I don’t know yet how to conciliate those two perceptions.

That’s it. I hope that some of you will have your own glimpses into these matters of the Ocean. I really prefer the word Ocean for the Creator because there is this malleable, fluid quality to it that kind of reflects the properties of water.

COMMENTARY: What he said at the very end totally fits with what I was shown many years ago when had I asked to see “the Mind of God.”

I was presented with a gently undulating, self-luminous plasma-like surface that stretched further than I could see.
I was presented with a gently undulating, self-luminous plasma-like surface that stretched further than I could see.

I was presented with a gently undulating, self-luminous plasma-like surface that stretched further than I could see. All things emerged from it and resolved back into it again. Both his experience and mine also fit with physicist David Bohm’s description of the movement of the hologram — upward from the deeper layers of the “implicate order” to where it expresses on the surface as part of the “explicate order,” after which it resolves back into the implicate order again.

The Hosts described a similar fluid relationship between the Ocean/the Creator and Its manifestations in two Messages: “Go With the Flow: Becoming One With the Mind of God” and “The God Game.”

Our experience of being separate from the Creator/Ocean is an illusion; at some point in our journey through time, that illusion will fall away and we will directly experience what has been described on this page. I hope this information is useful to you in coming to accept that reality.

In service,

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