July 29, 1999
About a week ago, I was traveling en route to an airport. I was not doing the driving, so I was free to muse about anything I wished. It is at such times that I am particularly receptive to psychic or intuitive impressions, and I began to be aware of a perceptual metaphor taking form in my awareness. 

In my mind I “saw” a space that was completely filled with large boulders which were lashed together in all directions by a system of heavy thongs. As I watched, I saw the boulders beginning to move. They first rubbed against one another a little, and then the distance between them increased and they began to move more freely, crashing and bumping into one another and straining and stretching the thongs. I was seeing into the “future” of this structure, and as the scene moved forward in time, the boulders moved further and further apart and their movements became more erratic until the thongs broke and they could move freely amongst one another. I felt that the boulders represented large units of planetary energy, and that I was watching the process of the breaking up of old forms and patterns.    

After reflecting on this experience, I realized that it was very similar to a process called “phase shift.” You may be familiar with the three physical states of water: ice (solid), water (fluid), and “steam”/water vapor (gas). When ice melts into water or water turns to steam, it is the result of more energy (in the form of heat) being absorbed by the substance. When a solid melts into a liquid or a liquid becomes a vapor or gas, it is still chemically the same substance, but the molecules behave differently and have a different orientation with respect to one another. It has shifted to another “phase” or state of the substance. 

The key element in this process is the absorption of energy by the substance. The increase in energy causes the molecules to vibrate more rapidly and to move apart from one another.

In solids, when enough energy has been absorbed, the bonds that keep the molecules locked into a crystalline lattice break apart and the molecules can slide freely past one another. The substance then is in the liquid state or phase. If even more energy is absorbed by the substance, the molecules move faster and faster until they escape into totally free motion. The substance is then in a gas/vapor state or phase. 
This is exactly what is happening to us and to the world around us right now. We have entered a time in which increasing energy is being absorbed by the molecules that make up our physical reality. They are moving faster and faster, which means that their rate of vibration (frequency) is also increasing. The basic vibratory rate of the planet is increasing. All of the forms that we are familiar with are undergoing a phase shift. 

Indeed, if one is sufficiently sensitive to the energies, it does feel like everything is melting. Our reality is in the process of “melting down” into a more freely flowing reality. The Messages from the Hosts of Heaven refer to a type of stream-of-consciousness experience as being the norm on Terra, in stark contrast to the sorts of “fixed” perceptions and ideas we have been accustomed to on 3D Earth. It is the “stream” in “stream-of-consciousness” that is the tip-off to the fluidity of 4D reality. The planetary frequency is shifting upward, and the frequency of every material object is also shifting upward. If things feel like they are going faster, it’s because they really are! We are going through a profound phase shift that will take us to the next level in the reality spectrum.    

To help you understand this concept a little better, let’s take a look at visible light. We define visible light as energy that is vibrating within the frequency range that can be detected by the receptor cells in the retina of our eyes. The frequency of vibration of a form of energy is in an inverse relationship to its wavelength. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency. Very long waves have a very low (or “slow”) frequency. Our physical eyes can “see” or detect energy in a frequency range that corresponds to a wavelength of 4000 to 7500 angstroms. An angstrom is a very small unit (1 hundred-millionth of a centimeter) used to measure the extremely short wavelengths found in various forms of radiant energy.    

Visible light ranges from the color red to the color violet. Infrared (“below” red) and ultraviolet (“beyond” violet) light is not normally visible to our eyes without special equipment that extends the range of our vision. On Terra, the planet and everything on it will be vibrating at a frequency above that of our (3D) physically visible light. Terra exists right now, but we cannot see it with our physical eyes because it is vibrating beyond the range of light that our 3D physical eyes can see. 

When our own frequency gets sufficiently high, WE will not be visible to those whose eyes are not operating in our frequency range. To them, we will seem to have disappeared, but to us THEY will not normally be visible and our experienced reality will still seem physical to US, even though it is invisible to others who are operating in a lower frequency band. 

Everything has a characteristic vibration and frequency. Colors, emotions, substances, names, thoughtforms all have an energetic “signature.” Everything is made up of energy, and all energy is vibrating. We call the emotions of fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, and greed the “lower” emotions because they actually DO have a lower vibrational frequency. The so-called “higher emotions” of joy, peace, love, bliss, and compassion actually DO have a higher vibrational frequency. 

As the planet and everything on her moves up in frequency and transits the phase shift into fourth density, all lower frequency waveforms are being thrown off or canceled (when waves are totally out of phase with each other, they cancel each other out). It is a purification process, and the only thing that will be left on the other side of this phase shift will be those waveforms that are vibrating at a frequency that is compatible with that of Terra. There will only be the “higher” emotions of joy, peace, love, bliss, and compassion.    

What this means in our daily lives and experiences is that everything we carry within ourselves that is not of the “higher” frequencies is being flushed out. This will be most noticeable in our close relationships, but it is already showing up in the larger society as road rage, increasing violence, and international crises. 

These are just the symptoms of a deep cleansing and purification taking place. The higher emotions are being enhanced, so we also see a greater emergence of the qualities of love, a desire for peace, compassion and forgiveness. There are many examples of this, such as the growth in the use of hospice services to provide comfort for those who are dying and for those who love them. 

There are many of us who have been doing a lot of self-work in preparation for this time. We have acquired many tools and skills to cope with the accelerating pace of change. No one will be unaffected, but there are many hands and hearts to help us deal with the necessity of our own process of purification. All is moving toward healing and wholeness, even though it seems like everything is coming apart. Both movements are happening at the same time. 

It is useful to return to our model of ice melting into water. We can see the breaking of the crystalline bonds as a liberation of sorts. In the solid state, the water molecules have a very limited range of motion or activity. In the liquid state, there is much more freedom of movement, and the molecules can glide past one another smoothly, with much less friction and disturbance. Just so with this transition, as we shift from third density to fourth density. 

We are breaking loose from the confines of our limited ideas of who and what we are, and moving out of time-bound thinking into a more fluid reality. We have to experience the purging of our anger, fear, rage, and other “lower” emotions, and it is affecting the entire population of the planet. As the amount of energy being absorbed by the planetary system increases, there will be more apparent agitation and movement, some of which will not be harmonious. It will feel like things are melting down, but it may also take on the form of explosive reactions, just as bubbles of steam rise from the bottom of the pot to burst through the boiling surface of the liquid in the pot. People may have a “short fuse” and trigger easily as the breaking apart of the structures and systems proceeds.
When a chick emerges from the egg, there is some destruction of the eggshell that held the chick while it was growing and developing. Just so now. Those structures and patterns that have held us within a certain limited range of actions and movement are cracking and shattering, so that we can emerge and operate with a much greater degree of freedom and creativity. 

It most certainly won’t be comfortable all of the time, as our own inner “earthquakes” release the bound up energies of our “stuck” emotions and patterns. But if we can understand our experience as one of moving into greater personal and creative freedom, perhaps it will help us to align with supporting the purification process instead of resisting it. Resistance will be overcome wherever it occurs, simply because the momentum of this change is too great to be stopped. Anything and anyone that cannot ride this wave of change, this shift from third density to fourth density, will not survive the shift. It is important to remember that nothing ever really perishes. It just changes form and goes on.    

In closing, I would like to say to you that there are great challenges occurring, but also great opportunities. All of our “stuff” is being shaken loose so that we can become truly free. This is the time for which we have been waiting, and we have created ourselves to have all the inner strength and resources that we need to finish this round of existence in keeping with the choices of our soul/Oversoul/Higher Self. Each time we find ourselves in resistance to the rapidly increasing changes confronting us, if we can just remember to surrender up our personal control over our lives, we will have a much more comfortable and peaceful transition. 

Resistance is the source of all pain. It is always based in fear, so fear is always at the root of our pain. If we can move into surrender, there will still be sensation, but it will no longer be pain. We can train ourselves to do this surrender as automatically as we used to go into “reaction” and resistance mode.    

Not everyone will go to Terra, and there will be the temptation to try to “save” some or “convince” others. Remember that these are choices that are being made by the soul/Oversoul/Higher Self of each individual, whether we can see it that way or not. If someone asks you for help, by all means give it to the extent that it can be received. But there is much that you will see occurring that is not supposed to be “helped,” and it is part of your surrender to a higher wisdom to allow that process to take its course, also. 

We must all grow to be able to hold the entire unfolding process in the chalice of our hearts, and to open ourselves to be instruments of Spirit in the events that will unfold. In this way, we help the planet and everything upon her to move upward and there truly will come a day when it IS “heaven” to be on “earth.” Terra is the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. Let us rejoice then, that the day has finally come, and though there may be some discomfort during the “birthing” of the new world, let us also remember the joy that comes when the birth is complete and the struggle and pain are over.    
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