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This ebook was created with a very basic design, which allows for full customization across any device. It is also searchable. For those with Kindle devices or apps, the information posted on Amazon.com indicates that it is enabled for Enhanced Typesetting, Word Wise, and Text-to-Speech. The Kindle file size is 8797 kb and it equates to 435 pages in the Kindle format.

It is being globally distributed through Ingram, so it is also available across all of the other ebook platforms, such as Barnes & Noble’s BookNook, ebooks.com, Kobo, Scribd and many more.

It is also available to all libraries everywhere through their own library systems, but you may have to ask them to purchase or rent the title for you to be able to access it that way. The library cataloging information was uploaded to the OCLC and SkyDrive databases on October 1, 2020, so everything is in place for librarians to acquire this book and add it to their collection, but they may not be aware of it unless you request it.

This is a book to be read and re-read, slowly and thoughtfully. It has a simple, elegant design that is totally customizable with your choice of fonts, but it still contains all of the text and the most important images, in terms of illustrating the concepts in the text. It is readable across all devices that read ebooks.

ebook on different e-readers
ebook on different e-readers

This book also contains two versions of the Table of Contents: the usual one with the underlined text for each entry and an interactive one that appears as a sidebar in many devices. What you see will depend on the device you use and the software that it uses for reading ebooks.

A lot of thought and work went into producing these books and it’s my hope that they will serve well to “make use of the work that has been done for future generations,” in addition to being a book that you can enjoy right now. I hope that you will find at least one of these that is to your liking and that you find pleasure in purchasing and reading it.


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