All perceptions of “other” selves are based in the experience of separation. When one is in full connection with Source, there is no experience of separation. There is only the awareness of ourselves as a localized experience within All There Is. All There Is is the “container” for our experience of self, so whatever we “think” into being comes into being in harmony with the whole.

Those of us who are members of Operation Terra are time travelers. We left a higher-density existence and came into 3D via a time loop (for our service to this planet’s transition from 3D Earth into 4D Terra), and we will exit back to where we were before by exiting the time loop. We have spent many lives and many years in 3D and will be returning to 4D and how we were there before we came into 3D, but enriched and enhanced by the experiences we have had in 3D.

We will essentially return to the lives we had left and move on to our next tasks for the “op.” Because 4D inhabitants can move rather fluidly within linear time references and can bilocate as necessary, those parts of “us” who are “there” can also be with us “here” and work directly with us from “there.” More than one of us who is a part of the “ground troops” has had direct experience of our 4D selves while still in these 3D bodies. (Some of us have begun to actively merge with our 4D selves at the time of this writing, and I am experiencing this myself.)

At some point in time (which will depend on our individual functions and roles within the “op” at any given time), our 3D bodies will be totally withdrawn into our 4D bodies and we will no longer express in these 3D bodies. Some may volunteer to come into 3D for another spiritual project at another time, but I am not among those who might do that. After Terra, I have another “job” waiting for me and expect to move on to do that rather than return to 3D again.
We came into 3D to take on some of the pain of this world and to transform it within ourselves, thereby lightening the burden for the planet. By accomplishing our own transformation of this pain, we also create an energetic template for personal transformation that future generations can follow and find their way to Terra, too.

We also came to act as human lightning rods, to ground the higher Light into the planet and to support the necessary cleansing of the planet. This infusion of Light is flushing out all of the thoughtforms that have been absorbed by the planet over millions of years. By our acting as conduits to feed more and more of this Light into the body of the planet, we are actually helping to facilitate the changes that are occurring on a global scale. They have to occur and it is part of our service to support them.

This is also another way in which Operation Terra runs counter to the consensus reality:

We aren’t here to fix or stop anything in the present world; instead, we intend to participate in creating something else — something entirely NEW that has never existed before. We understand that this present Creation has served its purpose and will be replaced by another one, so our best service is to detach from the drama and to allow the energies to flow to where they must go to complete this transition.

We will be returning to where we were before and as we were before, in order to complete the rest of our service to this planet, which will involve evacuating approximately 1/10 of 1% of the present global population (approximately 6-7 million people, plus animals and plants), processing them on our ships, and then housing them on Midway Station once they are able to function in that frequency band.

Once one has completed the shift into full 4D consciousness and awareness, they can appear in any body and location that a situation requires. This ability does not have to be learned. Once the shift into 4D is complete, it is automatically operative and available.

The preparations to colonize Terra will take place on Midway Station, a large spherical mothership about 80% the size of the present Planet Earth, and everyone will proceed according to the next step in their individual journey of service to the Creator. Many of the galactic volunteers will return to their home planets and some of them will be colonists on Terra or instrumental in setting up their home planet’s colony on Terra.

The individuals from the first and second waves are making their completions with 3D now. Some of their animals are also going to be taken into 4D. Animals and humans will enter 4D somewhat differently, but all will return to their previous identities to prepare for their individual roles in the evacuation and afterward.

Many years ago, I was shown a technology that is used for the process of clearing the cellular memory. I believe a form of this technology is already being applied to those of the first and second waves while we sleep and it may also be used to complete our clearing process once we have been lifted onto the ships if that hasn’t completed by then.

Translucent ovoid cylinders are equipped with hinged lids and electronic sensors that can “read” a person’s energy field. They can each accommodate one person in a supine position. They act as a sort of cocoon and their occupant “sleeps” peacefully while the process of erasing their cellular memory goes on.

The sensor readings provide the data that is used to produce a “canceling” pattern of energy — a “mirror image” of the pattern being cleared. The “canceling” pattern is applied to the person until the sensors indicate that that particular pattern has been cleared. Then the next pattern emerges for treatment and the cycle repeats over and over again until the residual 3D patterns in the cellular DNA have been cleared and the person has left their 3D “baggage” behind.

This is very similar to some of the radionics machines available on 3D Earth today, only far more sophisticated and complex. Technicians oversee the overall process and make sure everything is functioning properly, but otherwise everything is highly automated. Once a person’s cellular memory has been cleared of all emotional charge, they “wake up” and are ready to take up their new life in a higher vibrational environment, although there is still a time of adaptation to one’s new circumstances while one learns or remembers to function in 4D ways.

In addition, some form of “radiant” processing (what the Messages refer to as “sonic cleansing”) is being applied to the “ground troops” even now. In the past months, many have reported feeling these energies being applied to their bodies and I also have experienced them myself. At the time of this writing, things are proceeding quickly, and I see that I am clearly moving toward full merger with my 4D self, who already exists and communicates with me.

Once that merger is complete, I expect to be focusing on my tasks and role in connection with the evacuation itself and take my place on the evacuation team. After the evacuation is complete, I will have other tasks and roles during the preparations for colonization and the actual colonization process itself.

This technological process of clearing the cellular memory will be carried out on all of the evacuees when the time comes for them to be taken onto the ships. After they have had a period of acclimatization on the ships and have actually witnessed the Pole Shift from the safety of near-Earth space, they will each be placed in the cocoon cylinders for further processing. Their vibrational frequency has to be raised to at least the level that exists on Midway Station, where their transformational process will continue.

Their processing time aboard the ships will clear enough of their cellular memory to allow them to match the vibrational frequency on Midway Station. When that process is sufficiently complete, they will be taken to Midway Station, where they will debark and go on to prepare for the colonization of Terra. Their transformational process will continue there, and it may be a period of 2-3 years before they are able to be active participants in the actual preparations for colonization.

Midway Station is equipped to adjust its own frequency level and its occupants will be going through a process that allows them to be gradually raised in frequency until they are at the frequency that exists on Terra.

Initially, the vibrational frequency of Midway Station will be “midway” between the vibrational frequency of the present Planet Earth and the vibrational frequency that will exist on Terra. (That’s why we call it “Midway Station.”) Midway Station’s frequency can be gradually raised, similar to how the water level in one of the locks in the Panama Canal can be gradually raised to allow a seagoing ship to enter at a lower water level and be floated upward to exit at a higher one. Another familiar example is how we use something called a rheostat to brighten or dim electric lights by raising or lowering the amount of current running through the electrical circuit that powers the light.

The preparations for colonization will take several years, as measured in linear time. During that period, Earth will be completing her own transformation into manifesting as Terra. By the time all is ready on the planetary surface, the future colonists will also be ready and colonization will begin. Once the first generation of Terra-born natives has arrived and matured, those who made up the transition team will go on to the next step in their individual journey. It is estimated that this will occur approximately 150-200 years after the evacuation completes, when Terra is finally colonized.

“Let go and let God [handle the details]” is the operative order of the day. Surrender IS the way through the chaos, and we simply need to bow our heads and let the winds and waves of change flow on past us.

No one will be unaffected by what comes now, and no one will be lost. Remember that as you witness the changes necessary to accomplish this shift from one Creation to a totally new one. This is why you came. This is why you are here. Remember who you are and what you are here to do.
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