The material on this site is the result of a long journey of awakening.
The material on this site is the result of a long journey of awakening.

The material on this site is the result of a long journey of awakening. This section of the site contains four articles that are intended to supplement the material contained in the other sections.

The first is the original vision I received in March 1982. When the scenes played out in front of me, I experienced them from outside of linear time. Everything I saw seemed like it was happening within my sense of “now,” so there was no way that I could know how long it would take to play out within linear time.

I thought it was imminent because it felt that way to me as I experienced it. The Hosts have said that their experience of accessing probabilities is similar, so their attempts to predict when things will occur within linear time have often been inaccurate except when there is a very short horizon involved.

That being said, the signs appear to be clear that what I saw in the original vision is steadily unfolding, regardless of how long that takes to complete. On July 19, 2018, I felt a personal shift that seemed to mark the beginning of what I can only call “the long slide home” and I believe it is so for all of us.

The second article is something I wrote back in 1999 and have brought up to date for this new version of the web site. It tries to explain the shift into 4th density by using scientific models that we can understand as metaphors for our process. It also sheds some light on the process itself that is not dealt with elsewhere on the site.

The third article is a report on some of our experiences with the OT ships. The first half describes my own experiences and the second half shares some of the photos and experiences that other people have had and continue to have to this day.

The final article uses the metaphor of the caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly to stimulate your thinking about why you may not have to die after a certain point in your personal journey. For those of us who are going directly to Terra at this time, we will be taking our physical bodies with us and they will be transformed into the bodies we will occupy on Terra. For those who will be born onto Terra later on, either as part of the first generation of native Terrans OR after more third-density incarnations on other versions of this planet, this article still has value because it will at least seed the idea that one does not always have to drop one’s body in order to move on.

I hope you find these articles helpful in coming to understand and embrace some of the more difficult aspects of the Operation Terra perspective. There is other supplemental material in the Archives section that may also add to your understanding and experience, and I encourage you to read it all.


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