A certain order and structure is necessary for the Creation to function and not simply dissolve into chaos. This structure is implicit in the nature of a particular Creation and can be described in many ways. One way is to describe how all of the parts relate to one another. Another way is to describe the energy flows between the various components that make up the particular Creation. A third way is to describe the “tasks” that need to be carried out in order to satisfy the Creator’s desire to experience Itself through Its creations.

an image depicting the energy and information flows between individuals and between different levels of the hierarchy
Hierarchical structures map the energy and information flows between individuals and between different levels of the hierarchy.

At the human level, the most obvious structures are hierarchical ones. By hierarchical structures, I am referring to the way energy and information flows between different levels of the hierarchy (vertically) and between individuals who occupy the same level within the hierarchy (horizontally).

Even though everything on Terra will be in full connection with Source and thereby self-regulating within the context of the whole, there will still be a communal structure that reflects and supports the personal expression of every individual.

People will interact and gather together according to their own personal preferences for individual activities, family groupings, community-level activities, and interactions between one community or group and others. There will be many ways of interacting with others at all levels of Terran society.

All parts are needed for the whole or they would not exist. Every quark counts; every drop of water counts. Every atom is indispensable to the whole. Every organism has its part to play, and planets, stars, and galaxies also have their roles in the drama.

In order to understand the present structure of the “op,” it is useful to look at what it will lead to, because what is yet to appear in the future will arise from what we can observe in the present.

Earth is about to become Terra. Terra will be a living showcase of all of the cultures and lifeforms found in all of the fourth-density, positive-polarity civilizations that exist throughout the entire galaxy. In addition to the colony that is created by the people who will migrate to Terra from Planet Earth, every one of those other civilizations will have its own colony on Terra. This is one reason why there are approximately 40 million galactic volunteers working to support Operation Terra. Terra is part of their own future, too.

There are two ways we can look at how things will manifest on Terra: horizontally (within the same frequency band) and vertically, across several levels of expression.

The Horizontal View

The “horizontal view” includes the enormous variety of cultures and physical lifeforms that are possible within fourth-density positive-polarity planets. (No fourth-density negative lifeforms or cultures will exist on Terra, so there will not be any viruses, bacteria, fungi, or any of the organisms that participate in death, disease and decay. There will also be no predation, so all of the species that prey upon others in third-density worlds will either be transformed or not go to Terra at all.)

Terra will have oceans, lakes, rivers and streams. Its landmasses will provide a variety of natural environments, from forests to more open areas of land that are suitable for raising food and creating villages, towns and cities. Each colony will be made up of smaller communities that take on a regional character. Each of these communities will be unique. Each person will live in the place that most matches their natural inclinations.

image depicting the horizontal interactions between individuals and planetary councils
The interaction between individuals and councils

There will be interaction between communities within a given colony and interaction between the colonies themselves. All of this will be mediated by various levels of leadership and councils through which they can interact with leaders from other locations. Each council will have at least one representative who participates in other councils that have a broader reach.

Every child that is born onto Terra will be supported in attaining its full potential and every adult will make their contribution to that, in keeping with their individual skills, talents, and natural interests. Every lifeform will fulfill the plan for its life. There will be no will other than Divine Will, no need for money as a means of exchange, and no ownership of anything (including other lifeforms, such as pets). No lifeform will serve another involuntarily. Everything on Terra will operate in keeping with the needs of the whole; every particle will be in full, conscious connection with the Creator.

The Vertical View

The “vertical view” is that of a spiritual hierarchy that expresses across multiple frequency bands. Since there is only One Life being lived, all forms of governance are a means of stepping down the energy and consciousness of Source through a series of energetic lenses. There is a hierarchy of forms, some of which are expressed physically and some of which are not.

image depicting a spiritual hierarchy that expresses across multiple frequency bands
The “vertical view” is that of a spiritual hierarchy that expresses across multiple frequency bands.

Sananda is the cosmic name (a name that transcends all individual embodiments) for the being that incarnated on Earth more than 2,000 years ago as Y’shua bar Yosef (his original Aramaic name, later translated into other languages as “Jesus”). One of his tasks in that life was to “seed” some of the concepts for that phase of Operation Terra in a form that was appropriate to that historical time and culture, and we are living in the time that will bear the fruit from those seeds.

Sananda oversees all of us from a higher level of being and will be energetically present throughout the entire transition phase. He will not express in physical form on Terra, but he does preside over the Council of 24 of the Great Central Sun of our galaxy, whose embodied projections (the 24 Lords and Ladies) will make up the governing Tribunal on Terra.

image depicting the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies as a mated pair
The Andromeda Galaxy and our galaxy are “twins” — a mated pair.

The Council of 24 of the Great Central Sun of our galaxy interacts with the Council of the Central Sun of Andromeda Galaxy, the one closest to her in physical space and the “twin” to our galaxy. (Galaxies are conscious beings and these two are a mated pair.)

The Three Waves

The people who will migrate to Terra from Planet Earth are primarily individuals who came down from the higher densities to be part of this undertaking. The Hosts speak of three waves of migrants, all of whom are still on the ground (the “ground troops”) at the time of this writing.

The first wave consists of those who are presently identified as being part of the leadership of the “op” as a whole. They are specialists and leaders in certain functional areas. Some of their present functions and roles will change during the transition period that is related to the evacuation and the period on board Midway Station, and will change again when Terra is colonized, but there will be commonalities present and visible across all of those phases, even if the details of their expression will change. For example, someone who is fascinated with data now will probably be processing data later, but in a different way.

Those who are currently part of the first wave and who move on to reside on Terra will continue to act in leadership roles and serve whatever purposes are specifically needed there, which will be different than those needed for the evacuation and those needed during the time that the colonization plans are being formulated and carried out, on board Midway Station and elsewhere. There will be ample time and support for each of these functional shifts, so that the transitions for a given individual will synchronize with everything else that is going on at any given time.

These first wave leaders tend to be “loners” here on Earth and will continue to be “loners” on Terra. They will tend to keep to themselves and will not reside in any of the individual communities on Terra. The entire planetary population will be their “community” and responsibility, but they will generally socialize with others like themselves, rather than with those in the communities.

Those in the second wave are more social by nature now and will continue to be more social later. They are usually quite good at networking with other leaders and with their own groups. They will be working directly with the evacuees (the third wave) during the evacuation and immediately afterward, while the evacuees are being prepared to go to Midway Station. During the process that takes place on Midway Station that will prepare for the colonization of Terra, the second wave will continue to work with the evacuees in a supportive leadership role.

Those of the second wave are the future Terran community leaders and they will reside in the specific community that they are naturally drawn to. Each of them will be specialists in certain types of activities and interact with similar leaders in other communities. There will be councils made up of representatives from different communities within a given colony and there will be councils made of representatives from different colonies. All of these councils will facilitate cooperation and communication between communities and between colonies.

The third wave is made up of the 6-7 million people who will be evacuated before the Pole Shift. On Terra, this third wave will make up the general population that will live in the communities within the colony of immigrants from the present Planet Earth. They are generally unaware of Operation Terra at this time and will go through a period of difficult times (which the Hosts refer to as “The Last Days” and “The Time of Sorrows”) before they will be mentally and emotionally ready to accept being taken aboard the ships.

Special Forces

The Hosts also talk about “special forces” that will be personally involved in gathering together those of the third wave during the evacuation effort. They each have a circle of people with whom they are involved and whose trust they have earned. They may or may not be aware of Operation Terra at this time, but they will become aware of it by the time the evacuation takes place. When the time comes for the evacuation, the special forces personnel will gather their particular group and accompany them during the evacuation.

Galactic Volunteers

In addition, there are tens of thousands of 4D “operatives” on the ground at any given time. They are among the 40 million galactic volunteers who are assisting with the overall project and will be providing support in many ways to those of us who are currently veiled and not able to access all of our powers.

Once they have completed their tasks for Operation Terra, most of these galactic volunteers will return to their “home” civilizations. Each of their home civilizations will have its own colony on Terra, so they may decide to reside on Terra or they might only visit there from time to time.

Life on Terra

Terra will be like a global “theme park,” with each colony acting as a showcase for its particular civilization. Once Terra is completely colonized, visitors from all over the galaxy will be able to experience all of these various civilizations co-existing in harmony with one another on the same planet. Nothing like this has ever happened before. It is a great step upward for the entire galaxy and will influence galactic evolution far into the distant future, way beyond our capacity to grasp or imagine.

By “divine design,” each individual is naturally more inclined toward certain tasks, activities or relationships than toward others. Each person will be living their life in ways that fulfill their essence and their unique contribution to the whole. To this end, there will be “members” of different sorts of groupings, each with its own leaders.

Leaders of a given group will interface with leaders of other groups through participation in councils of various types, and each council’s leaders will interface with leaders from other councils in yet other, “higher” councils.

This hierarchical structuring of the councils culminates in the governing Tribunal — the 24 Lords and Ladies that oversee and govern everyone and everything on Terra. The governing Tribunal is guided by beings from even higher levels of existence. Many who are part of the first wave from Earth will serve on some of the higher councils. A few of them will serve on the governing Tribunal, as well.

A new group of leaders will arrive by being among the first generation born onto Terra. Those of us who colonize Terra will conceive them and raise them, and they will take over the governance of Terra when they have reached full adulthood and we will subsequently leave.

Animal and plant lifeforms from the present planet will also be evacuated, transformed, and transplanted onto the new planet, Terra. Animal and plant forms from other fourth-density planets throughout the galaxy will be imported and brought to Terra as part of the colonization by the civilizations of these other planets. The level of diversity on Terra will be greater than in any other location in the galaxy, which will provide for learning experiences of many kinds and continually raise the knowledge level throughout the entire galaxy.

image depicting a galactic city, with a large planet and stars in the background
Everyone on Terra will be galactic citizens.

Everyone on Terra will be galactic citizens. They will visit other galactic cultures on Terra and they will also travel throughout the galaxy. Visitors from all over the galaxy will also come to Terra to experience it firsthand. At the moment, it is difficult to imagine how much bigger our playground will be, but that will all change over the course of the next few years.

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