The Messages from the Hosts of Heaven

image depicting transmission of the Messages, a spiritual gift
The Messages are a gift from the Hosts of Heaven.

NOTE: These Messages should be read in the order in which they were received, beginning with Volume One, as each succeeding Message builds upon the foundation laid down by the preceding ones.


September 21, 2004 The Last Days
November 1, 2004 We Are Crucibles for Transformation
December 30, 2004 Energy Packets and the Consensus Reality
January 21, 2005 Terra Lesson #1: Of Cabbages and Kings
March 5, 2005 Terra Lesson #2: Building Bridges
April 10, 2005 The Time of Sorrows
May 6, 2005 A Change in Plans
June 7, 2006 Listen Within
July 3, 2006 Moving Into Unity with All That Is
July 20, 2006 On “Clearing”
August 15, 2006 About “Vision”
September 17, 2006 Density 3.8
November 10, 2006 Let It Be
December 7, 2006 Living from the Calm Center

You can download a printer-friendly version (no images) of the combined Messages from the Downloads section.

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