March 5, 2005
All right, now. We have asked to speak with you because a critical threshold has been reached in the progression of the events of which we have spoken. From our perspective, there is no linear time, but we do perceive of sequence. Things do relate in both a linear and logical connection with respect to each other. So event A does relate to event B and event C is interposed between event B and event D, and the logic branches of which we have spoken also exist in linear relationship with each other. The outcome of decision point 1 affects what decision point 2 will be.

If one course of action is chosen, then only the logic branches that proceed from that result are accessed. So if you decide to have eggs for breakfast, you don’t need to decide what flavor of jam you will put on your eggs — unless, of course, you like to put jam on your eggs! However, if you then decide to have TOAST with your eggs, then that is a result of a different logic branch (toast or no toast), that follows from your decision to have eggs, which then accesses the choices about jam (jam or no jam). Each event and each decision stands in linear and logical relation to the ones that precede and follow it. 

So now, we stand at a certain point in the journey, one that naturally arose from its relationship to the events that have taken place and as the bridge to those that will follow it. We have also spoken of parallel realities that accommodate all of the possible logic branches (one in which you eat eggs, and others in which you make other possible choices for your breakfast menu). But we have ALSO spoken of a time when a threshold is reached that cannot be delayed, a kind of barrier that exists to limit further possibilities from being explored. You might call that the termination point of that particular Creation.
Through the mechanism of parallel realities, different pathways are charted through linear sequences of events that lead to different conclusions. We have referred to these as timelines. We have also spoken previously of a phenomenon in which people who appear to die on YOUR timeline are continuing just fine on another one. When a “death” occurs, the Oversoul disconnects the silver cord from that extension of itself and that physical body is left behind. This is why there were so many bodies left behind in the disaster that occurred in Asia near the end of December. Their silver cords were disconnected and withdrawn into their Oversouls, but OTHER bodies created by those SAME Oversouls continued to be supported in other parallel worlds. 

Nothing will be lost, but some will pass away from each timeline that is being followed, in the times you are in. When this is complete, the timelines will have separated completely from each other, and the people who occupy different timelines will also be separated from each other. To each person, the “others” will have disappeared, but they will experience themselves as continuing.

We have emphasized that most of what we have put forth is meant for a particular audience: those who carry the light codes in their DNA to respond to the tone of these Messages, and whose Oversouls have made the choice for them to experience the journey to Terra. We would like to add that there is another timeline that is somewhat similar to yours, but whose occupants are meant to incarnate as children born onto Terra at a future time. 

Those people may feel drawn to these Messages as part of their seeking, but they do not lock in on them in the way you do. They feel a certain stirring within themselves, but it is not the clear activation that occurs when the light codes match the ones we put forth through the mechanism of the Messages. It stirs up a longing within them that will resurface in other lives that their Oversouls create in other space/time locations, and it will eventually lead them to Terra, but not at THIS particular time. 

Our voice speaks directly to those relative few who are going to be the pioneers associated with Terra. Those who are drawn to other teachings are not going to Terra at this time, but may at a later point in time, after the Creation is refreshed and begun anew. 

Time is a vector quantity, similar to width, height, and length. Space has volume, which is described by units of width, height, and length, and time is a way of identifying which particular occurrence within space is being referenced. For example, you can identify a certain location within a city, but to identify what exists at that location, you must also specify WHEN it is that you are referencing. The bus that passed through yesterday morning had different passengers on it than the one that passes through there today in the afternoon.
You can see how complicated it can be to become specific about certain kinds of things, but we take the easy way: we access everything at once, simultaneously, and we experience all of the possible choices as being present all of the time. It must sound to you like that would be very hard to keep track of, but it is very natural to us, and it will soon be very natural to you, once you are in full consciousness again. We navigate through this maze of potentials by what presents to us. The one that does the presenting is the Creator Itself, and all we do is observe and respond appropriately to what the Creator is “saying” through what It presents.

We can feel what is appropriate, and YOU will be able to feel what is appropriate. To the degree you are listening within, you can feel what is appropriate now. One choice always feels better than any of the others, more “right” than any of the others. That’s how it is for us, also, but we don’t need to reflect on it for very long, as you might. As you learn to trust your intuitive sense, it becomes easier for you to be spontaneous in responding to whatever presents, but you will be doing that ALL of the time as the natural way of being once you have attained full consciousness.    
Now, because we do not experience linear time, we have announced the arrival of certain things in the past, because they presented to us as being imminent. That was our experience of them. Even though we can observe you, hear your thoughts, see what you see, and understand you at your core, we do not SHARE in your experience as you experience it. 

Events and phenomena that we communicated were beginning, such as “the time of ingathering” or even “booster rocket time” were experienced as imminent to us, and we communicated them that way, but within linear time, those potentials took a much longer time to appear on YOUR perceptual screen than they did for us from our perspective. To us, everything is immediately perceived once it emerges from the Formless, and we did our best to translate that into your frame of reference, but the actual events lagged the immediacy we felt about them.
The time of ingathering is now underway, within linear time. The time of the lifting of the first two waves is (again, from OUR perspective) soon to follow. We expect this to begin occurring later this year, but have no way of being sure until it actually occurs. Our frame of reference is not driven by us, but in response to what emerges within the Creator’s thought. It is said in your Bible that “no man knows the hour or day; only the Father knows.” That is what we are talking about here. 

YOUR experience is perceived from within linear time; ours is perceived in a perpetual state of “now-ness,” from which we can only estimate things as to when they will emerge at the physical level. Things ALREADY exist as full potentials within “the Mind of God,” but as you have no doubt experienced already, there is a quality of unfolding that requires a passage through linear time for the full manifestation to take place at the observable level of space/time.    

For example, let’s return to the busses that pass by a certain location in a certain city at a particular time. If it is “written” that two people are going to meet on one of those busses by sitting next to each other, all of the events that lead up to them getting on the same bus in the same location within space/time must line up perfectly for that to occur. While we can observe the potentials, we do not either have control over them or ability to predict them except within certain probabilities. However, from being able to read their Oversouls’ scripts for them, we DO know that they WILL meet, and certain interactions will occur between them, in keeping with that script, even if we have to wait to see how it actually plays out within linear time.

So we have given you a “map of the territory,” the map of the journey to Terra that you are making and have been making since you emerged from the Mind of the Creator, as an actual expression of the Creator. We have given you some of the features of the journey, and we have given you some of the markers of it, just like you have on your highways. You see a mile marker that tells you how far you are between two points on that highway — from its beginning to where you are as you pass that mile marker. Those mile markers are spaced uniformly, one mile apart. But there are also other markers that tell you how far you are from other destinations that lie ahead of you — so many miles to a particular town or city, so many miles to the one that lies beyond it, so many miles to a place where you can turn off onto another road altogether.

We have tried to be precise in translating the map, but there have been some obvious miscalculations that have come in when trying to correlate information that appears as imminent to us from outside of time with specific locations within linear time. You have collectively been making this journey for over 4.5 billion years, so our “margin of error” within that range of time is very small indeed, but for you, it might have caused you to doubt our accuracy, and for that we do apologize.

Now, however, the signs are clear that the times we have spoken of have indeed arrived. The event horizon for these times has been passed and nothing will affect what plays out now. No choices remain to be made that will affect the outcome on your timeline. You can essentially let go of any need to fix anything other than putting your energies into your own completions, healing, and preparation to transform.    

The rollout (or should we say roll UP?) for the first and second waves is imminent to us. It might take place over as much as two years within linear time, but we can see the readiness of all of the factors involved, and to us that indicates the time is at hand, whether it takes a few months more or not.
A true wave has a wave shape to it. That may seem obvious, but to many it is not something they have really thought about. A wave has a leading edge, which swells into a fullness that contains the main body of the wave, and a trailing edge. Form follows function in the created world, and so the leading edge of this wave will contain those whose functions are necessary to support the activities of those who follow. There will be a sort of overlap between the trailing edge of the first wave and the leading edge of the second wave. 

Events were originally thought to be taking place over a much greater span of time, so the distinctions between the waves were much clearer and separate from each other before. However, because of the kinds of delays we have mentioned, events that were originally thought to be spread out over decades are now going to be occurring very close together. Very little has been discarded from the original list of events, although some were ameliorated through prayer, the collective effects of the personal work that has been accomplished, and other shifts that came about through collective efforts.    

However, now you are IN the “birth canal,” and rapidly approaching the “ring pass not”* phase of things. In other words, that immovable threshold that we spoke of so long ago is still there, still immovable, and the events that have to occur are piling up against that immovable threshold or barrier like a single large wave of enormous power and force. That wave is building force now, and so we can say with confidence that the waves of our ground troops will be lifting soon because they will be needed soon. The times ahead will be very intense — much more intense than they would have been if they had been more spread out — but they will also be much shorter in duration. This is where your “surrender lessons” are very valuable to you, in dealing with the acceleration that is now occurring.    

Booster Rocket Time has come and gone — twice. The first one had little shock value because there was so much publicity to its slow progress over time that by the time it occurred, the “surprise” element had all but disappeared. It did happen, and it did set in motion so many of the things that are playing out now. It was truly the beginning of all that is building toward the conclusion, but the real shocks still lie ahead. Even though the magnitude of the impact was much greater the second time around, the world still turns pretty much as it had before. Commerce still hums along, communications still buzz, and despite a growing unease that most people feel but can’t put their finger on, the clinging to “business as usual” is still there, even though it takes more effort to cling than it did before.

The weather is still the biggest news, that and the impact of oil prices. Crop failures, fires, floods, and growing death tolls are all linked to those two. But there is a time coming of greater global breakdown — the conditions that will bring those of the third wave into readiness for their lifting, and so it is time to actively prepare those who will gather them up at the end.
Your timeline is the shortest one out of the twelve futures that will emerge from this one shared reality. That is partly the reason why the dates given that are associated with other timelines do not mesh with your experience. You are still accessing each other, but the groups are forming up and moving strongly to their poles of destiny. The timelines are separating and you are moving into the final part of your preparation for the task that lies ahead.

Your greatest service to the world at this point in time is to respond to what presents in your life, just as we do. There is a feeling to withdraw in some of you. Respect that. There is a feeling in some of you to move out into the world and engage with it more. Respect that. Each of you is being guided from within yourselves to be in the right place at the right time.

Each of these steps takes you further on the path that is yours alone to walk. You are not many, and your task and your life are unique to you. There are many of us on the ships now, waiting to receive you as you disembark from your lifting, when it comes for you. Those of the first and second waves will be tucked away on the ships for a time, and completing their transformation there, so when it is time to gather up those of the third wave (who number in the millions), you will be ready and equipped for the task.

We hope this has been helpful to you in bridging the difference between the way we perceive things and the way you do at present. When you have completed your transformation, our way will be your way, but for now we still have some bridging to do.
We leave you now in peace, honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
*NOTE: A ring-pass-not is a barrier or filter of sorts that keeps certain energies contained within certain boundaries. In order to pass this “ring,” the energy has to be operating on a level BEYOND that which is being filtered out. In this case, the implication is that any energies that have not “qualified” and gone beyond separation consciousness will remain contained at the 3D level. To go beyond the filter or barrier, one’s consciousness must be “lifted” above the 3D frequency level. On the timeline leading to Terra, everything that is not lifted beyond the 3D level will appear to perish, but can continue on another timeline within 3D and go on to other incarnations. Some of those who do this will eventually incarnate on Terra by being born there, but not during this particular cycle or lifetime.
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