The information on this site arose from a long personal journey. It began in earnest on March 9, 1981, when the Christ materialized in my bedroom, put his hands on my head, and called me to a path that has demanded everything I had in me, and it also brought me to a place of greater understanding with regard to the times in which we live.

A year later, in March of 1982, I took some lessons from a man who said he could teach me to access information from other planes of reality. In one of those lessons, I received the following vision.

At the time, I experienced it all as an observer who was located in the timeless “now,” so the part of me that experiences linear time was expecting the Earth changes and the other things that I saw to occur much sooner than they have. It wasn’t until 2018 that I recognized that things in the outer world had begun to FEEL like they had in the vision, and while there is still a lot that needs to play out, I do feel that we are finally going to experience those changes on a planetary scale.


When I had connected with my guides, my teacher said, “Ask them to show you what there is to see.” I said out loud, “Show me what there is to see.”

Next to the screen, I saw what looked like a Chinese gentleman, similar to the statue in my parents’ home.
Next to the screen, I saw what looked like a Chinese gentleman, similar to the statue in my parents’ home.

I had my eyes closed and in my inner vision, something that looked like a movie screen rolled down. At first the screen was blank. Next to it, I saw what looked like a Chinese gentleman, similar to the statue my parents had on the living room bookshelf in our home. He had long skinny mustaches on both sides of his upper lip and he was wearing a floor-length robe.

He unrolled a long scroll, which I somehow knew was a checklist of the “duties” that had to be performed [i.e. the things that had to happen].

The list of things that had to happen
The list of things that had to happen

As he began to consult the scroll, my attention was drawn to the screen behind him, where I saw a globe shape take form. As I drew closer to the globe, I knew that I was looking at the Earth.

First, I saw a grey, pointed mountain with a green slope in front of it. The top of the mountain exploded and opened a rift down its side that spread forward, opening a crevasse in the ground in front of it.

Then I saw a full moon over the ocean. The wind began blowing very hard, whipping up foam and huge waves on the oceans. Tall trees were being blown over on land. I could not tell what was causing the wind, but I could see it had far-reaching effects.

The scene shifted and I saw people running, frightened, screaming. They were all dressed in grey. I knew the grey color meant that they were undifferentiated from those around them — the implication was that they were the general masses of the population. They were all going through this at the same time.

The scene shifted again. Large cities toppled over, tall buildings just collapsing, as if their foundations had failed to support them. The sky behind them was red from the fires everywhere — everything was burning.

I saw what looked like a man who was holding his child and struggling up a steep slope, trying to escape, but he slid back down each time, as if in a bowl with steep sides. There was no escape for him or anyone.

All was confusion, greyness… there was a tremendous amount of confusion… As I peered into all of this confusion, trying to grasp what was causing it, suddenly the cause revealed itself to me: “There’s not enough love, [teacher]! There’s not enough love!”

There was a sense of billowing grey clouds that covered over everything. The people couldn’t be seen as individuals anymore. Details were blotted out by the greyness, but there was a sense of rising tension and increasing noise from many voices calling out in distress.

The tension continued to build. At the point where it seemed that if one more thing happened, there would be mass suicides everywhere, people clothed in white robes began appearing in the midst of the people who were dressed in grey and were running around, seeking relief. I knew this was happening all over the world. Wherever the people dressed in white appeared, centers of calm occurred in the midst of the confusion.

The people in white began appearing in greater and greater numbers, just like popcorn does when it begins to pop. They were calm in the midst of the confusion, giving blessing to all whom they reached. Their mere presence was soothing and calming for those around them. I heard the phrase, “They are centers for calm and blessing.”

Order began taking form out of the chaos. The ones in white began to form columns of people, moving them toward some unseen destination. They were gathering and guiding the ones in grey, calming them so they joined together into steadily moving groups. Large white disc-shaped spaceships appeared in the sky, everywhere I looked. The people in white led the people in grey in an orderly procession that went up into the openings in the bottoms of the hovering vehicles. It was a massive, world-wide exodus… a tremendous undertaking… .

I drew back to a position in outer space where I could see the Earth rotating in front of me.
I drew back to a position in outer space where I could see the Earth rotating in front of me.

I drew back to a position in outer space where I could see the Earth rotating in front of me. At first, everything looked normal, but then the Earth slowed its rotation and finally stopped rotating altogether. All of the water from its surface was thrown off in great white clouds and everything that was not bedrock also was flung off into space. Nothing was left except barren rock — no moisture, no plants, no animals.

The Earth hung motionless for a moment, then it rolled over like a top that has lost its momentum and slowly began spinning on a different axis. The north pole had tipped downward toward the equator by what looked like around 26 degrees south of its present position.

Then there was a break in the scenes that indicated time had passed. During that time, most of the people who had been taken off the Earth were carried to other parts of the universe to complete their lives while Earth was going through her own transformation. and healing.

While Earth was healing from all that had gone on over her existence as a planet, about 10% of the people who had been lifted off of the planet were taken to what looked like a large planet to be equipped for their migration to the “new Earth” as colonists. This included a reprogramming of their consciousness, as well as equipping them with clothing, supplies, and technology. None of the old patterns would be taken to the “new Earth” (which we now refer to as Terra, the Latin word for “Earth”).

There was another break in time and I saw the “new Earth” itself. It is polished and gleaming like mother-of-pearl. There is a great gleaming light everywhere. It is now re-inhabited.

The sky is incredibly blue. I hear this beautiful music, which I know is the “music of the spheres.” The plants are bright and joyous; they exult in the shining light and the clean air. The people move in quiet, radiant joy. Everyone and everything is completely and blissfully aware of their direct connectedness to the Creator.

Now I see Christ on his throne… incredible love streaming forth… how much there is…

Thoughts come: We don’t have to be limited… He will be with me throughout all this… I am surrounded by his love, his blue-white light…

I am surrounded by his love, his blue-white light
I am surrounded by his love, his blue-white light.

I feel so small and remember the Bible passage, “only if ye be as a little child”… I am totally enfolded in his love.

(That experience of being totally enfolded in Christ’s love was so powerful, I could not speak for some time afterward.)

More thoughts come: “Meanwhile, be in a prayerful attitude, feeling gladly serving. Attitude is the most important thing; the nature of the activity doesn’t matter. Be in an attitude of readiness…

I’ll be called… Be ready when the call comes… incredible amount of Love… cherishing… .”

Then everything faded out and I returned to the room where I was sitting with my teacher.

This vision laid out the blueprint for what later became Operation Terra and defined the course of the rest of my life. After I received it, the first confirmation I found for what I had experienced was in the Bible:

The part about “the sea was no more” confirmed what I had seen when the oceans were flung off into space as a result of the Pole Shift. I later found confirmation regarding the ships I had seen (the Biblical prophecy about “coming on the clouds”), and the conditions that had preceded the Pole Shift (much of the Book of Revelation predicts them, and analyses of current global trends also confirm what I saw).

The Hosts have asked me to make it clear that the scenes in the vision are symbolic and not to be taken literally. They represent a time of increasingly severe geophysical events and a time of increasing chaos and social breakdown on a global basis.

On the timeline that leads to Terra as its destination, this will culminate in the removal of around 6-7 million people (plus many plants and animals) that will migrate to Terra via a lengthy stopover on Midway Station — an extremely large mothership that is approximately 80% the size of Earth. Midway Station is the large sphere that I saw in the vision (I thought it was a planet), and it will house the colonists from Earth while Earth is transforming into Terra (the “new Earth”).

The other 90% (approximately 60-70 million) who are taken off the planet will return to their home planets throughout the galaxy and some (but not all) of them will take part in creating colonies on Terra that represent their home planets. When it is fully colonized and settled, Terra will maintain a global population of around 500 million people (plus a rich array of other lifeforms) from throughout the galaxy.

I think we are at the very beginning of those times and that they may play out for several years, depending on which timeline one is referring to. See the “About Operation Terra” section of this site for more information about the timelines and the timeline for Operation Terra.

— Sara/Adonna/Oriole

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