Received in March, 1982
Then my teacher said, “Ask them [my guides] to show you what there is to see.” I said out loud, “Show me what there is to see.” On my “mental screen” (eyes closed), I saw what looked like a movie screen roll down. First the screen was blank. Next to it, I saw a Chinese gentleman. He had long mustaches and was wearing a long robe. He unrolled a long scroll, which was a checklist of the “duties” that had to be performed [i.e. the things that had to happen]. As he began to consult the scroll, my attention was drawn to the screen, where I saw a globe shape take form. As I drew closer to the globe, I knew that I was looking at the Earth.
I saw a grey, pointed mountain with a green slope in front of it. The mountain blew up (erupted) and opened a rift down its side that spread forward, opening a crevasse in the ground in front of it. Then I saw a full moon over the ocean. The wind began blowing very hard, whipping up foam and huge waves on the oceans. [Note: the scenes “dissolved” into one another, and I was only conscious of what I was seeing, and of describing it to my teacher, who made notes as I talked.] Tall trees were being blown over. I saw people running, frightened, screaming. Large cities toppled over, tall buildings just giving way. The sky behind was red from the burning — everything was burning. I saw what looked like a man holding his child and struggling up a steep slope, trying to escape, but sliding back down each time. There was no escape. All was confusion, greyness... there was a tremendous amount of confusion...    

(As I peered into all this confusion, suddenly I understood: “There’s not enough love, [teacher]! There’s not enough love!)”    

In the midst of the confusion, with all the people [dressed] in grey running about, here and there people clothed in white robes began appearing. This was happening all over the world. Wherever they appeared, centers of calm occurred in the confusion. They began appearing in greater and greater numbers now, like popcorn when it begins to pop. They were calm in the midst of the confusion, giving blessing, their presence soothing and calming those around them. (The phrase came in, “They are centers for calm and blessing.”) Order began taking form out of the chaos; the ones in white began to form columns, like waveforms — herding, gathering the ones in grey, calming them into steadily moving groups, herding them into an orderly procession, climbing up into the openings of vast hovering vehicles. It was a massive, world-wide exodus... a tremendous undertaking... .    

I drew back into space, where I beheld the Earth hanging in the sky. The Earth slowed and stopped, throwing off the water from its surface in great white clouds. It hung motionless for a moment, then rolled over like a top, and began spinning on a different axis...    

Most of the people who had been taken off the Earth were carried to other parts of the solar system and Universe to complete their lives. After the Earth had time to heal, about 10% of the people were brought back to a large planet to be equipped for their return to Earth. This included reprogramming of their consciousness, as well as equipping them with clothing, supplies, and technology. None of the “old” pattern was to be reintroduced to the “New Earth.”    

The “New Earth” is polished, gleaming, like mother-of-pearl. There is great gleaming light everywhere. It is now reinhabited. The sky is incredibly blue. I hear this beautiful music, which I know is the “music of the spheres.” The plants are bright and joyous; they exult in the shining light and the clean air. The people move in quiet joy, radiantly being there. Everyone and everything is completely, blissfully conscious of their direct connectedness to the Creator.    

Now I see Christ on his throne... incredible love streaming forth... how much there is... we don’t have to be limited... He will be with me throughout all this... I am surrounded by his love, his blue-white light... I feel so small... “only if ye be as a little child.”... I am totally enfolded in his love.    

I could not speak for some time afterward, so strong had been that experience of being totally enfolded in Christ’s love.    

(The thoughts come)... Meanwhile, be in a prayerful attitude, feeling gladly serving. Attitude is the most important thing; the nature of the activity doesn’t matter. Be in an attitude of readiness... I’ll be called... Be ready when the call comes... incredible amount of Love... cherishing... .    
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