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April 5, 2015

It has been more than 34 years since Sananda/the Christ appeared in my bedroom on March 9, 1981 and called me to this path and service. Over the years, as I learned to listen within, I began to hear music being played in my head on a regular basis. It was always a full string orchestra, which I came to refer to as “my angel choir,” and it created a very intimate connection between this 3D personality and my unseen helpers and team.

In 2001, I began hearing a new song, one that I have never heard anywhere else. It brought to mind the passage in the Bible that refers to the 144,000 as “singing a new song” that only they were able to learn (Revelation 14:3). The new song kept playing in my head for awhile, but at the time I couldn’t manage to create it in a form that others could also hear. Back when I was doing the Operation Terra Radio Shows, I hummed the theme so others could hear it, but that was as far as it went.

That all changed at the beginning of this year when someone I am in touch with suggested that Operation Terra should have a musical theme. I replied that I had already been given one, and decided to try to create it in a form that others could also hear. The Hosts made it clear that this was something that they wanted me to do and they kept playing it in my head almost daily until I finished working on it.

Music has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, but being asked to translate what I was hearing in my head into something that successfully and faithfully re-created it was a real challenge for me. The Hosts were at my elbow throughout the entire process and when I got stuck or went off course, they would give me additional direction, either with words or by playing the melody again in my head with certain emphases so I could hear what they wanted me to create.

It came together in steps. First, I bought some music creation software and used some freeware to create the first melody line. Then I realized I had to purchase a collection of musical sound files that I could use to re-create the sounds I was hearing in my head, so I did that, also. However, I still wasn't able to to play and compose the music in real time, so I asked one of the OT supporters for money to buy a digital keyboard that would allow me to complete the assignment. He received guidance to do so, and now you can hear the result!

The Hosts have said that they will tell me what the Anthem will be used for, but until they do, I felt I wanted to share the Anthem with you because I feel it is a “message” of another kind, coded like the other Messages are, and that you will respond to it according to what you carry within you. They insisted that I put the button for it at the top of the navigation bar, so from that I concluded that they consider it quite important, placed above "news" and even the Messages.

It does seem to be a true transmission of some kind, so once the codes and the initial impact are received, it may just sound like music again, but I think that it will still serve to inspire you, even then. For me, the musical effect traces the movement from 3D to the higher realms that describes our current process in moving up to and through the evacuation later this year.

You can experience that journey whenever you want to through listening to the music. It is also a promise about what lies just ahead, similar to the promises that were made over 2,000 years ago, when the original seed for Operation Terra was sown by the person who walked the planet as Y’shua bar Yosef, also referred to as Jesus or The Christ.

I want to close with the observation that I am releasing this to the public on Easter morning, in keeping with what occurred on that first Easter morning so long ago.

When Miriam of Magdala went to the tomb and found it empty, the real purpose of Y’shua’s life on Earth was revealed and consummated. The overriding thrust and goal of his life was to demonstrate victory over physical death, and he promised us that whatever he did, we would do and more. The seed that was sown back then has been developing over the centuries since then, and it is now time to harvest the fruit of that sowing. 

Those of us on the ground and those who are helping from the higher levels of being now stand ready to carry on where he left off and we will collectively complete the task that he began at that distant time. He is with us now, actively overlighting us and these tasks and that is why the Hosts now conclude their sign-off with "working as a team with Sananda" (his cosmic name, which is his name that is beyond all his incarnations).
Love and blessings,
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