The Messages from the Hosts of Heaven

image depicting transmission of the Messages, a spiritual gift
The Messages are a gift from the Hosts of Heaven.

NOTE: These Messages should be read in the order in which they were received, beginning with Volume One, as each succeeding Message builds upon the foundation laid down by the preceding ones.


March 26, 2001 Go With The Flow — Becoming One With the Mind of God
April 6, 2001 The Best Medicine
April 14, 2001 On Sexuality and Reproduction — Terra Style
September 1, 2001 Across the Great Divide
September 8, 2001 The Time of Ingathering
September 14, 2001 Shattering Glass
September 18, 2001 The Crossroads
    September 27, 2001 Many Worlds, Many Destinations
October 2, 2001 Steady As She Goes
October 9, 2001 A Last Look Around
October 17, 2001 Ascension Is a Process, Part 1
November 9, 2001 Ascension Is a Process, Part 2
November 26, 2001 Ascension Is a Process, Part 3
January 2, 2002 It’s Booster Rocket Time!
February 22, 2002 On Your Way Home
April 9, 2002 The God Game
August 18, 2002 Calm, Grounded, and Centered
September 15, 2002 Farewell For A While

You can download a printer-friendly version (no images) of the combined Messages from the Downloads section.

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