February 22, 2002
All right, now. We have asked to speak to you tonight because something very wonderful is looming on your horizon. It is not what you would expect, but it is still wonderful from our perspective. A grand awakening is about to take place and for you who have been patiently waiting for release from the world of so much sorrow, this will mark the true beginning of the final stage of your departure from this world, on the way to the next.
We have spoken before of this event. It is a global wakeup call, so that everyone, everywhere in the world can know something has fundamentally and irrevocably changed. For some change is and can be terrifying, but change can also be seen as good news, too. We encourage you to embrace change in this way — as good news to be celebrated, as the “beginning of the end” of this sorrow.

If you can see it this way, then you can quietly rejoice in your heart with the sure knowing of what follows. Despite appearances, it is truly good news — an end to the suffering of this world, an end to the pain of this world, once and for all, forever. This is what is in store for you — total joy, total love, total peace. 

But on the way to that joy and peace there is a period of upheaval as part of this massive change. It is for this reason that we have spent so much time and energy in preparing you for this time and these occurrences. If you can but keep your eyes on the far horizon, where that new world awaits you in all of her radiance and joy, then you will pass through this time with less attention on what is passing away and more attention on where you are headed through the times ahead.
We wish you to know, also, that we are always with you. If we do not speak to you through these words, we speak to you through our silence. Silence is a message, too. It says, “Listen within.” It says, “Pay attention to what feelings come up when the Hosts have not spoken for awhile.” Do you get anxious to hear from us? Then seek our comfort within. If our beloved messenger were suddenly plucked from your midst, what would you do? Find us and our comfort within. 

When you stop grasping at the fragile comforts that make up your external world, you can experience the richness and the comforts of your inner world. If you focus on what you DON’T have, you will never realize how much you DO have. That is one of the reasons we have encouraged you to live your life with appreciation. By doing that, you fill yourself every minute of every day and you are truly wealthy in the things that matter most. 

Now that we have put our gloss on the story, let us acknowledge that not everyone will see things the way you do. You must understand this and not get caught up in the maelstrom that is soon to surround you. There will be a great deal of confusion, anger, and fear, and these things will be exploited by those who profit from them. 

Do not get caught up in the drama. Remember our counsel to seek the peace of deep ocean? Remember it when these times are upon you. Let the events flow around you, but maintain a place of calm trust and serenity within you. These events will be the harbinger of even more intense times, but carry your peace with you like a shield and you will weather the storms well.

Please note that we are now speaking in the plural. There is not one single event, but an entire panorama of events of all kinds and types that will constitute the face of change in your world. They will be everywhere you look, and once it dawns on people that there is some possible connection from one to another, they will be roused from their sleep in a most unpleasant way. You are not sleeping. You are already awakening and you have within you the means to create peace and safety for yourself and your loved ones, be they human or otherwise. 

Peace is an attitude, not something you can buy at a store already packaged. To be sure, you can read books and listen to soothing music, but even those actions are an expression of an ATTITUDE of SEEKING PEACE. Seek peace. Be peace. Be humble in your seeking and let go of the clinging to the comforts you used to seek. Open to receive the comforts that count, the ones that have no price because they are priceless. Peace, peace, peace. It is your sanctuary through the storm. Peace, peace, peace. It is the savior of your soul, your sanity, your hearts and minds. Seek peace in the midst of the storm. 

If choices come (and they will), make the choice for peace. As the frequencies rise, everything that is a symptom of the malaise of this world will surface. Peace heals. Be at peace. Drop the struggle to hold on. In letting go, you gain more than you lose. Some of you will find it harder to do this than others, but we assure you that you have created yourself with the necessary reserves, the necessary heart, the necessary strength to do this, and in so doing, you will rejoice even more because of the discovery that you are thriving in the midst of the storms. You will thrive because you are made for these times.
You have found your homing beacon in these Messages and you carry within you the map and the compass for the journey. Even if we were silent, you would find your way home. Be peace. Be at peace. You are on your way now, and nothing will stop you from making the trip home. You are coming home to yourself, to the world of your dreams, and to each other. In light of all that, what does it matter if the old shell cracks and shatters? When it’s time for the chick to come out of the egg, the shell has to crack and shatter. You are coming out of your shell. The world will crack and shatter around you and you will be coming home. 

Focus on the journey ahead, rather than what you leave behind. Let everyone make their own decisions now, as the grouping around the poles of destiny is taking place more and more each day. There are many partings to take place on the road ahead and many who are still in your life may pass from your view, but you are coming home. Your animals, your loved ones, everyone whom you love will be provided for, in keeping with their life plan. You can trust the process. You can trust the journey. You are coming home. 

If we are silent sometimes, it is so that you can learn to listen to your own sound, to your own inner voice instead of ours. We are family, you and we, and we are here with you every step of the way. But we do not wish you to become dependent on hearing our voice to know you are safe and loved. We wish you to hear your own inner voice to know you are safe and loved. 

Go within. Meditate. Breathe. Feel the calm and peace you can create when you can remember to breathe. As things get more intense around you, find ways to feel calmer and more relaxed. Take a hot bath. Go for a walk. Listen to sounds that soothe you — streams, rivers, the sighing of the wind in the trees, a gentle rain. You can even get recordings of these sounds if you want, so you can create this experience for yourself whenever you need to remind yourself that what is going on around you is not all there is to the picture. 

Be good to yourself. Cherish yourself for the beautiful being that you are. The long lonely walk is far shorter now than it was and you are on your way home. Remember that. You are on your way home. 

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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