April 9, 2002
For those who have eyes to see, it is evident that much change is going on all around you. Yet, if you follow our instructions, you can deepen your sense of peace and calm and remain serene, even as things accelerate and intensify. The threshold event of which we have spoken is still some time off in your future, and we would hope that with this long lead time to reflect and prepare, you will have integrated the necessary understanding to respond to it with quiet acceptance, knowing that it brings with it the final stages of your exit from planet Earth and the beginnings of the new world that follows. 

Yet we also know how much you love to hear from us and how it helps you to hear our perspective on things, so in the spirit of an interlude, we thought we would entertain you a bit with our discourse today. Our model indeed comes from your world of entertainment, although we hope that you will take away something a bit deeper than just that. Sometimes entertainment can be an easy way to swallow what would otherwise be bitter medicine, and we hope that will be the case today.
If life is viewed as a sort of movie, with everyone playing their part and speaking their lines, then God/the Creator is the ultimate filmmaker. We have spoken before of the Oversoul and how it creates the simultaneous projections of itself — what you experience as your embodiments or “lives.” The Oversoul is the projector for those individual expressions of itself and God/the Creator is the scriptwriter for all of the movies that play out through the Oversouls, regardless of their polarity. 

As we have often said, the Creator has created EVERYTHING in order to experience Itself through Its creations. We have also commented on how it was necessary to create the two polarities in order to increase the potential for increasingly complex experiences, and how the Oversouls themselves come in two “flavors” or polarities, which we have identified as the STS (service to self) and STO (service to others) orientation.    

In movies, there are opposing forces and conflict, and it is also true in the “movie” of life. Think about that for a moment. If you went to see a movie and everything was harmonious and smooth, you would find it rather flat and uninteresting after a very short while. There would be no challenges to overcome, nothing but a kind of pleasant sameness and not much going on at any time — not much stimulation — and your mind would become restless and begin contemplating other things. That’s because you want your movies to be entertainment, and for that reason they need opposing forces, conflict and challenges to be overcome. 

And so it is with 3D life. If there were not enough stimulus, people would lapse into a sort of lethargy and boredom and lose interest or have to manufacture situations where they could experience intensity and variety. Such is the nature of the one who seeks to ever know more. And the Creator’s chief desire is always to know more of Itself through the interaction of Its creations. We will call this aspect of the Creator’s creative play “The God Game.”
In the God Game, the Creator “wears” all of Its creations and plays all of the “parts” (roles/characters) through all of Its created parts. At the higher densities, the game changes, the rules change, but it is still the God Game at its core. Now, what does this have to do with anything and how can this be of help in understanding what you experience from day to day and over time? 

Well, in the God Game, every one of you who is reading this is a character in the movie. Characters have personality traits they are born with, and they have traits that are learned through their experiences. In 3D, the catalyst is pain. In 4D, the catalyst is love. You are in 3D and your character has been shaped by your pain and by your seeking. Most of your defining moments — those moments in which an experience affected you so deeply that it changed the course of your life — involved your pain and/or your seeking. Your seeking comes from the Creator’s desire to know Itself through Its creations. Your pain comes from the Creator’s desire to know Itself through Its creations. The Creator desires to know more about Itself, so the catalyst for all experiences are both the seeking and the pain.
Now, how are those conditions to be met? What will provide the pain and what will support the seeking? You can view the sources of pain as “enemies” or “perpetrators” or STS “villains” if you want. Those labels are used to identify sources of pain in your life. But they are as needed for the fullness of your experience in 3D as are the sources of support for your seeking — those whom you would call “friends” or “loved ones” or “teachers.” Both are needed for the fullness of your experience and for the entire script or drama to play out. Both of those are the Creator expressing through Its creations, through the God Game. Here is a little insight into how it goes:
The pure Light of Creation, conditioned by Love as an ordering force, streams endlessly from the Source/Creator through the lenses of the Oversouls. The Oversouls color the Light with their own particular biases or “angle of perception/reception” and the Light takes on a particular quality from having passed through the Oversoul. 

You could view these qualities as archetypes, as biases, or as themes to be explored. We like to view them as essences. In their purest state, they are the essence of a particular aspect of the Creator, and there are many of them available. We may explore this concept further at a future time, but for now, just understand that each Oversoul exists to explore a particular essence or theme, and it will do so by creating “lives” in many different settings or environments. However, all of the OTHER Oversouls are doing the same thing, so in any given environment, one has the presence and potential for interaction with many different essences, and this provides a rich basis for many different kinds of experiences. 

For all practical purposes, the original set of possibilities was infinite, but now many (if not most) of those possibilities have been explored and there is a distillation going on, back into the original essence.
In the world around you, every person you see is going through a process of this distillation back into the original essence. They are becoming MORE of who they really are. This can cause some problems when a person was really just accommodating the expectations of those around them or living their life as a reaction to their defining moments. There is a lot of rejection of past hurts going on and a lot of intensified seeking. What a glorious time to be in a body! At no time in the history of planet Earth has there been such a rich potential for intensified experience. How much more interesting the movie is from the Creator’s perspective! In the God Game, the more intense the experience, the better it is for the richness that it provides. 

Let’s now look at some examples. If the focus of the exploration is the theme of power, then there is the potential to explore both the absence of power (powerlessness) and the possession of power. In the absence of power, one also learns about the possession of power from those who have power over them, and the reverse is true for the person who possesses the power — they learn from those whom they have the power over. There is a RECIPROCITY that is inherent in the God Game. God supplies all of the needed players and is both teaching and learning at the same time. Each player is a teacher for the other and is also learning from the other. Each person is a mirror for the other one to see him/herself more clearly, to know him/herself more deeply.
After many lifetimes have been created and experienced, all of this teaching and learning becomes integrated into the collective experience of the Oversoul, and thence back to the Creator. It all comes from the INTERACTION of the particular Oversoul’s projections with the projections of the OTHER Oversouls. This is how the Creator can experience Itself through Its Creations. The experience of one particular Oversoul is amplified, enriched, and colored by the interaction with the projections from the other Oversouls. And it is a totally dynamic process, with feedback and alteration at each node of interaction. In fact, this is not just true of people, but of the entire fabric of the created or manifest worlds.    

Your scientists have discovered a fundamental building block of matter, which they have called a quark. A quark is made out of Light. Not light as illumination, but Light that is a substance. ALL matter is built up of these units of Light. Now, these quarks are made out of Light, but they are shaped or conditioned by vibration, or Sound. Together, Sound and Light form the material ground for the manifest worlds. But there is one more aspect to consider. When a quark interacts with another quark, they are BOTH CHANGED by the interaction. 

So even at the most fundamental level of material expression, a dynamic process of constant interaction and change is going on. What’s more, there is an underlying field of consciousness or awareness that is the matrix for the entire collection of all of the quarks that are carrying on these interactions. So, at the most fundamental level, all quarks are interconnected with all other quarks by being contained in this field of conscious awareness. This field is the Mind of God. All manifest reality is embedded in the Mind of God and is interconnected through the matrix of the Mind of God. When you say “All things are connected,” this is a fundamental truth.
The Oversouls are vast fields of intelligent energy. They are self-aware, and yet, they too, are embedded in the same matrix. When they project their projections, they manifest them through the quarks that are the building blocks of matter. All things, all manifestations, both from the level of the projector — the Oversoul — and the particles that make up the manifestation of the Oversoul’s projection are embedded in the Mind of God. 

Therefore, in the God Game, God is experiencing Itself as both the filmmaker and the actors in the movie that It makes. These actors are not just people. They are also things like the wind and rain, flowers and trees, insects and animals. They are all the creations of the Creator. They are all players in the God Game. They are all sources of catalyst for pain and for the support of one’s seeking. 

Take a rock, for example. If you stub your toe on a rock or step on a sharp stone with your bare foot, it can provide you with the experience of pain. But another rock could offer you a foothold when you are climbing up a steep trail or wanting to cross a stream. They’re all rocks, and they are all part of the God Game. If your life script requires you to cross a stream at some point in your seeking, the rock is an element of your experience. The rock is also sentient and it experiences you stepping on it. It experiences your energy, your thoughts, and it experiences the feeling of weight or pressure from being stepped on. The rock is experiencing, too. 

Now, take a look at some of the things that are going on in your world today. A major portion of the Ross Ice Shelf collapsed in the Antarctic recently, a part of the changes that are going on. This change was a result of other changes that had already occurred. When those huge blocks of ice are set free to float and eventually melt, they affect the oceans that they float in. The fresh water from the melting ice changes the salinity of the water around them. 

That change in the salinity produces a subtle change in the flow of the ocean’s currents. That change in the flow of the ocean’s currents produces a subtle change in the weather patterns. Those changes in the weather patterns affect crops and food production. That change in food production affects the availability of food and also of prices for those foods. Those changes in availability and pricing produce other subtle changes, such as a subtle alteration of people’s priorities. 

When people are starving, they become desperate to survive at all costs, and that leads them to act in ways that they would not otherwise act. Those actions in turn affect other things which set in motion still other things, and so the God Game goes. Every single part of the manifest worlds affects every other part of the manifest worlds. It is all connected through the Mind of God, and God is everywhere that anything exists. It is all part of the God Game, wherein God interacts with Itself through Its creations.
With the return to essence, with things (and especially people) becoming more of what they really are underneath their conditioning and environmental pressures, you see many things surfacing. Polarization increases as the heroes and the villains become more like their true essence. Positive becomes more positive. Negative becomes more negative. 

Things that one took on from others and which are not part of their essence become cast off, sometimes in unpleasant ways. Body aches and pains, emotional aches and pains, spiritual aches and pains — all of these are part of the purification of essence that is going on. Tolerance is lower for those things that are not compatible with one’s essence. There is a greater tendency to withdraw from what is not compatible with one’s essence, and that is seen as the great sorting out into all of the groupings, which we have spoken about before. 

There are things surfacing that come as surprises at times, to find that one is not the person one thought they were. Much of what has shaped your self-perception is the result of those early experiences in life — those defining experiences that set you off on a particular course, exploring particular options, attempting to heal your pain, attempting to define your seeking and find what it is you seek.

So if you find your life changing now, in fundamental ways, it is because the God Game is nearly over for this chapter in the Creation story. God has explored the themes, the roles, the potentials that were available through the parameters of this particular environment, and as in every good movie, it is time for the final act, where the question gets answered, the conflicts are resolved, and everyone goes off to live in the sequel! Your sequel is life on the ships and then life on Terra — a trilogy, if you like, and one that will still be just an interlude on the way to other movies. 

You are coming home. You are becoming more of your essence. You are beginning to know who the “others” are whom you want to be with. And none of this would be possible without the God Game. None of this would be possible without the protagonists and the antagonists, without the heroes and the villains. Every script requires both for the story to move forward. Conflict leads to resolution and in that resolution, everyone is changed by the interaction. Change is eternal. You are eternal, and you will eternally change.
We leave you now in peace, honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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