For millennia, humans have pondered the existential questions of “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?” and “What should I be doing with my life?” However, now that we are present at the the end of an entire 4.5 billion-year Creation cycle, the logical questions to ask are “What will happen when this cycle ends?”, “How should I prepare for this event?”, “Where am I going?” and “What part do I play within the larger drama?”
Operation Terra is a massive undertaking that involves millions of embodied individuals, approximately 6 million of whom are walking around on Earth as third-density humans, and approximately 40 million more who are volunteers from the higher-density positive-polarity civilizations in our galaxy. All of these individuals are involved in some way with assisting the present third-density mixed polarity planet, Earth, to fully manifest as her fourth-density positive polarity self, which we refer to as Terra. (The word “Terra” is Latin for “Earth.”)

Terra is “the next step” for the planet and the next step for third-density humans who qualify to “graduate” to fourth-density positive polarity, either now or in a future incarnation. Third-density humans who qualify to “graduate” to fourth-density negative polarity will migrate to Terra’s polar opposite, a negative polarity fourth-density planet. Terra will be a totally positive-polarity planet and in future generations, only fourth-density positive polarity individuals will be born there. (A description of the polarities and the difference between densities and dimensions can be found in various places throughout the material on this site.)

Most of the third-density humans who presently live on Earth are of mixed polarity and will not “graduate” to either polarity at this time, but will experience additional third-density lives on other third-density “future” versions of our present planet until they, too, are ready to graduate to the fourth density as either one of these two polarities — positive or negative.

Operation Terra is the special task force whose purpose is to create the energetic pathway and the physical bridge between this planet and the soon-to-be-born new planet of Terra. The scope of the operation is to provide assistance with all of the aspects involved in the planet’s personal ascension, and to gather up and prepare the various lifeforms that will inhabit Terra and complete the planet’s emergence as a fourth-density positive polarity intercultural center for the entire galaxy. This purpose is being implemented in a variety of ways:

1. By incarnating as ordinary third-density humans (the “ground troops”), Operation Terra team members have acted as human “lightning rods” to ground the higher Light into the planet, thereby contributing to the infusion of energy that is purging the planet of the lower-frequency energies she has absorbed over her entire history as a third-density planet. Most of these lower-frequency energies were emitted by the third-density human portion of planetary life.

2. By volunteering to take on a certain portion of the pain of the human experience and then clearing it from within themselves, the ground troops also decrease the amount of lower-frequency energies that must be cleared from the planet, thereby helping to ameliorate the Earth changes that occur as a mechanism for clearing what the planet has absorbed.

These preliminary Earth changes would be much more severe if it weren’t for this assistance at the human level. This minimizes the amount of suffering for the present lifeforms on the planet until it is time for the final cataclysms that will culminate in a shift of the planet’s axis of rotation — a Pole Shift that will render the present third-density version of this planet uninhabitable for a very long time.

3. The higher-density team members are actively assisting the ground troops with the clearing of their cellular memory, thereby facilitating #2. This will neutralize all of the emotional charge that remains from all of the lives created by each Oversoul, so that only “essence” remains. Nothing of the old can be taken into the new.

4. The higher-density team members are actively untangling the enmeshments that have taken place over the millions of years of interaction between different groups of individuals, so that each can go to its own “right place.” Our DNA and light filaments are being restored to their original state and a great deal of healing work is taking place, especially while we are asleep.

This process will prepare the ground troops for their roles in the physical evacuation of all of the lifeforms that will go on to colonize Terra, and will eventually restore their former condition of full connection with Source. The colonists from the present planet will prepare for the colonization itself by spending several years on Midway Station (a large mothership approximately 80% the size of present-day Earth), or by returning to their home civilizations for a time and colonizing Terra from there.

5. Since most of the people on Earth will not be going to Terra at this time, Operation Terra is also seeding the “Terra” information into the consciousness of those who will make their way to Terra from the future third-density versions of our present planet. This seeding will ensure that the "homing" codes that lead one to go to Terra will survive the coming shift into a new Creation and will continue the migration to Terra over the millennia to come.

Earth’s planetary theme is “beauty”; its principal activity is “seeking harmony in diversity.” Terra will raise the present beauty of Earth to an exalted level. Terra will transform the “seeking of harmony in diversity” into the full realization or fulfillment of that goal. The diversity reflected on Terra will be representative of the diversity of all of the positive-polarity cultures and lifeforms that exist throughout our entire galaxy.

This is all going to be totally new, birthed in a new Creation — something that has never existed before. Since there will be colonies established by so many different civilizations, they are all supporting the process through which this new world will come into being and provide the base for their own colonies.

Up until now, this level of cooperation and harmony across so many civilizations and cultures has only existed in various forms of galactic governance. It has never been housed in a single location. Just as we have capital cities for states and nations, Terra will be the "capital" planet for the entire galaxy.

Assisting Earth to become Terra is the equivalent of sharing in the creation of a capital city, but on a much larger scale. In a certain way, the manifestation of Terra is also an opportunity for an entirely new level of cooperation and interaction between the various cultures of the galaxy as a whole.

The emergence of Terra will also take the “galactic mind” to a new level, marking an evolutionary step for the galaxy that will eventually affect the entire manifest universe. Over an extremely long period of time, this will subsequently result in the negative-polarity beings having to either make the switch to positive polarity or be reabsorbed back into the Mind of God, from which they sprang in the first place.

In the time before time, there was only the Creator. Then the Creator had a thought and the elohim were the product of that first thought. The elohim created everything else. When the Creator desired more variety in Its experience of Itself, the negative-polarity expressions were created to satisfy that desire. But now things have gone as far as they can go in that direction (the outbreath) and the emergence of Terra marks the return back to Source (the inbreath) for all of the manifest reality within the Creation. The negative-polarity beings will be the first to reverse their direction, as they were the last to be created.

Because Terra will anchor the first step of the return that will eventually lead to the elimination of the negative-polarity worlds and beings, there are many of that polarity who would like to prevent Operation Terra from succeeding. However, this is already known and has been anticipated and provided for in the overall plan for the “op.”

Between now and the actual completion of the evacuation, everything necessary to ensure the success of the evacuation itself will be provided by various members of the OT team. Once the evacuation is complete, preparation for the colonization phase can proceed and Terra will come into being as the fruition of a dream that had its beginnings 4.5 billion years ago. Terra will also provide a future incarnational opportunity for those humans who will go on to experience more third-density lives before moving on to fourth density.

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