Messages from the Hosts of Heaven

These Messages are a gift from the Hosts of Heaven.


In order to appreciate and relate to the following Messages, some background might be helpful. To begin with, Operation Terra was conceived when 144,000 elohim joined together to precipitate this sector of reality out of our beingness, more than 4.5 billion years ago. The preparations for the time when Earth would become Terra have been going on for centuries. That time is now.

Approximately 6 million beings from the higher levels of reality have volunteered to “come down” and incarnate as ordinary humans, in order to support Earth in becoming Terra and to help colonize her when it is time for that. This had to be done from within the Earth’s aura (the ionosphere is the outer limit for that), so it was necessary for them to become the “ground troops” who would have to rely on those who remained at the higher levels to guide them and support them through the transition that would be involved.

The Messages are a true transmission and operate at multiple levels. The words and images act as a carrier wave for the Light codes that are embedded in the Messages. Through the principle of resonance, those codings set off a matching response in every individual who carries the matching codes in their DNA. The Messages were not part of the original plan (Plan A) but became necessary when certain things did not go as originally anticipated.

It was originally hoped that many more people (up to 12% of the existing population) would be harvestable from those who were evolving upward for the first time. Plan A was for a large-scale, ground-based “op” that would have involved a global network of special centers that would process them and help them raise their frequency enough to be taken on board our fleets of ships and processed further until they could disembark onto a very large mothership (approximately 80% the size of Planet Earth) that we refer to as Midway Station.

When my Oversoul projected itself into this body in 1941, I experienced the usual amnesia that comes from incarnating into a third-density body, so I had no conscious awareness of what my life was supposed to be. Without really knowing why, I acquired skills in several different fields, including real estate, organizational management, management information systems, sales and marketing, financial management, accounting, editing and publishing, education, energy work and the healing arts, all of which would have been useful in my intended role in administering that larger “op.”

However, there came a time in the 1990s when an assessment was performed and it revealed that not enough people had attained the necessary frequency and awareness to make the trip to Terra at this time, so the plan for the larger “op” (Plan A) was scrapped and Plan B was chosen instead.

In the evening of May 15, 1997, I both felt and heard a “whump,” like the sound of a very large book being dramatically shut. Feeling into the significance of this, it was “as if” (a metaphor, not to be taken literally) a meeting had been called on the higher levels and a messenger had been sent out to assess the state of consciousness “down here.” The messenger would not return until a certain critical mass of qualified individuals had been identified.

The intention was that if the messenger returned with the necessary information, “Plan A” would go into effect and things would not have to be quite so dramatic as the old world came to a close. However, if the messenger did not return by a certain time, “Plan B” would be the fallback position, and things would go much differently.

The messenger did not come back.

A decision was then made to go to “Plan B,” which meant that almost all of the skills I had developed would no longer be needed and my job description had radically changed. It would be a much smaller scale “op,” and the “harvest” would consist primarily of those who had come down from the higher levels and would return to their former state. Very few who were evolving upward for the first time had qualified to make the trip. Two days later, after due consideration of the presenting issues, I was told that there were two questions that had to be answered with regard to this change in plans:

  1. how to get the Starseeds (those who had come down from the higher levels and had incarnated into 3D to participate in these times) safely off the planet without going through physical death; and
  2. how to make use of the work that HAD been done to benefit future generations.

The answers did not come all at once. First, I lost my base and income and an intense process of stripping away began. When I asked why I had to go through that hardship, I was told, “It isn’t until you have let go of everything you have taken your identify from that you can receive what is coming next.” I am still letting go, even now. Surrender has become my new way of being.

Two years later, I was asked to deliver a series of Messages from the Hosts of Heaven that subsequently became the Operation Terra material and web site. The Messages are being offered for three audiences:

  1. those who will make the trip to Terra in their present bodies;
  2. those who will drop their present bodies and be born onto Terra as the first generation of Terran natives; and
  3. those who will drop their bodies, experience more lives on other versions of 3D Earth, and incarnate onto Terra after that.

That was the answer to the second question. The codings in the Messages would activate those who are making the trip to Terra now and would be seeded into the consciousness of those who would make the trip later.

The upcoming evacuation process and its attendant “liftings” are the answer to the first question. It still has to be dealt with and that is what lies before us now.



These Messages were first offered to the world through the medium of the Internet, beginning on June 30, 1999. My original impulse had been to create a web site through which I could share my personal views about what I saw was wrong with the world around me. However, at the moment my fingers were poised over the keyboard to set up the web site account, the Hosts sounded a tone in my right ear — their signal to me to pick up my “inner telephone” and to hear what they had to say.

I had been in training for my role in connection with Operation Terra for more than 18 years at that point in time and had a good working relationship with the Hosts by then. They have been quick to redirect me whenever I strayed from the extremely narrow path I have been called to follow, and in the beginning, I needed a lot of their help!

I mention this because it is easy for people to read this material and then expect me to answer for it, as if I were some expert on the bigger picture behind it. I do have some skill as a conduit for these communications and can reply intelligently and in depth as to the content of the transmissions that I receive, but I am walking the same walk of faith and trust, wearing my particular blindfold, that everyone else is. I am currently anchored at another level of reality, but neither I nor the Hosts are omniscient. We respond to whatever shows up as it emerges in front of us, and that’s just how life is at the higher levels of being.

On June 28, 1999, the guidance I received was as follows: “We suggest that, instead of focusing on the world that is dying, you offer a vision of hope that people can carry with them to sustain them in the days ahead.” From the vision I had received in 1982, I knew exactly what was meant by “the days ahead,” and I resonated with that intent immediately. In that moment, Operation Terra emerged as the focus for the rest of my time on the ground, although I still did not know exactly how I would proceed with it.

Two days later, they “rang” my ear again, and this time they made a specific request: “Would you be willing to deliver a series of Messages for us and to share them with others?” In all of my years of training, I had never been asked to share any of the material I received with anyone else. This would require another step of deeper faith in the unseen and the continued willingness to “put my neck up to the knife” in the service to which I am called.

For those who have never “channeled,” a little explanation might be helpful here. To be a good channel, one must open oneself up in a way that does not allow one to “preview” or “edit” what comes through. One must train one’s ego to step aside and be willing to say whatever is presented, even if it might seem “wrong” or “crazy,” or any number of other concerns about how it will be perceived/received by others.

For me, this results in a form of hesitancy every time I am asked to do this. Until the flow begins and I move fully into it, there is a certain amount of anxiety. For me, no matter how many times it has worked in the past, there is always the question, “Will it work now?”

That initial feeling never goes away completely, so it’s a little like having to “kill my ego” each time I am asked to receive information. Even after all of these years of doing this, I still have to work at quieting myself enough to trust what comes through. However, it’s also been a good tool for spiritual development. Recognizing and transcending one’s ego is essential on the path to full mastery.

Given the nature of telepathic communication, there is no way to separate the source of the material from the personality, vocabulary, and biases of the person bringing it through. Not many people are well-trained or suited for this kind of work, and there is no material anywhere that is not colored in some way by the channel. It is a skill, developed through a lot of work and practice. It also requires one to continually do the inner work, as well.

There has been a maturation within the channeling field itself, progressing from the curtained chambers of séances in the late 1800s to the myriad forms and sources of information that form a veritable flood today. Unfortunately, not much of that flood of information is of high quality and a lot of it is actually deceptive or is just a projection of the personal views of the person bringing it through.

After so many years of doing this, it is easy for me to see these personal colorations in both my own and other people’s material, regardless of whether it was brought through in full trance (where the channel is literally taken over by another being), “conscious channeling” (which is what I do — I am always fully present and aware when I receive the impress), or methods like automatic writing and Ouija boards, which also give some measure of control to the being that is presenting the information.

I prefer to remain fully present and to not give any being any control over me. This allows me to exercise some degree of discernment and to question or totally cut off any communication that feels “off” in any way. Nonetheless, there is personal coloration in every instance and there is no way of avoiding that, given the nature of the process itself.

This is further complicated by the fact that there are entities who seek to use a channel to feed through disinformation, with the dual aim of discrediting the channel and also sowing confusion in the listener, so that the result is skewed to their particular agenda. It takes constant “testing” and discernment to discriminate as to when something feels “off,” and it is a very tricky business indeed to attempt to do this with any degree of purity.

In the end, one has to surrender up ALL attachments, even to being “right” or “good.” As one’s skills mature and one’s spiritual opening progresses, the material deepens accordingly. I can see that in my own work, as well. My personal perspective and sense of identity have radically changed over time, and that has also affected the material itself, my relationship to it, and my task as I perceive it now.

I am sometimes asked about how I receive this information. I am fully conscious and fully present, although in a deeply altered state that I have trained myself to enter at will. The transmission comes in as a holographic stream of telepathic impressions, which I perceive with all of my subtle senses. They present as a total, immersive experience, which my brain then attempts to translate into words that convey the experience as best as any words can convey any experience.

(For the website presentation of the information, I also choose specific images and colors to visually convey this feeling quality. I rely on my body’s response to the choices I am considering and the Hosts have also been very hands-on with the creation of this new site, sometimes preferring a given image over the one I would have chosen and conveying their preferences to me.)

If I’m not sure which word is best to convey the feeling I get from the telepathic impress, I may try to use a different word to convey the feeling I am getting and can then feel which word is the right one to use. The right one just feels best, even if my conscious mind and personal awareness would not have chosen to express the impress that way.

The passage of time has revealed the precision and accuracy of the specific words I have used to convey the information given to me, and this is yet another way I know that this information does not originate from within me or my conscious mind. I simply did not know enough at the time I received the information to have expressed it that way.

There is a characteristic “signature” in the communications from the Hosts that I know is uniquely theirs and that helps me trust the communications themselves. The written words are carrier waves for the Light codes that accompany them. There is a poetic cadence to the Messages that is very soothing, almost like a lullaby at times; that soothing quality produces a temporary relaxation of one’s mental chatter and the “but, but” protests that often get in the way of receiving what is being transmitted.

When you read the written words, the Light codes stream into you through the act of encountering them. The written words engage your conscious mind, enabling you to be more receptive to the Light codes. If you carry the matching codes within you, the Light codes will activate the internal remembrance of the information you already contain and you will recognize it as “yours.” If you do not carry the matching codes, they will not have this effect, although you might still enjoy reading the material for the ideas it presents. The spiritual principles presented in the Messages are not specific to a particular path and can be found throughout many spiritual teachings.

The Messages presented here are exactly what came through, to the best of my ability to translate the telepathic impress. Nothing has been changed and the original dates have been preserved despite the amount of time it has taken for the fruition of what was being predicted and described. There was a long “lead time” in preparing us for what is just now arriving in the world around us, and that was also part of learning to trust in the journey, no matter how things appeared. In turn, that required us to rely more on how things felt to us than on the form they seemed to take.

I offer this material with an open hand and an open heart. If it speaks to you, you will know it in your heart, even if your mind has many questions. If it seems like just so many words on a page to you, or you can’t tell the qualitative difference between this material and so much else that is available, then perhaps this isn’t “yours,” and your path leads somewhere else. No blame — either for you or for me.

There is a great sorting out taking place, and these Messages are intended for those whose Oversouls have created them to make the journey to Terra, either now or later. If these words speak to your heart, then welcome! If not, then something else is intended for your life, and I bless you and your path in going there.

We are all Love-in-action and the Creator-in-expression, so no path is better than any other path. They just take different shapes and present different scenes along the way. Good journey!

— Sara/Adonna/Oriole

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These Messages are a gift from the Hosts of Heaven.
These Messages are a gift from the Hosts of Heaven.
These Messages are a gift from the Hosts of Heaven.
These Messages are a gift from the Hosts of Heaven.
These Messages are a gift from the Hosts of Heaven.
These Messages are a gift from the Hosts of Heaven.