When I had the vision in March 1982, the part I had the most trouble accepting was the appearance of large spacecraft in the sky, into which we subsequently entered and then were lifted to safety just before the Pole Shift. At that point, I had never looked at the stars and thought I was from “elsewhere,” and though I had read a couple of science fiction stories, I wasn’t what you could call a fan. I had never had an interest in UFOs, despite the rash of films that had featured them in the 1950s. I was pretty “ordinary” by any standard, but the ships were as real to me as any other part of the vision, so I couldn’t selectively deny them. I tried talking to people I knew about them, but just got strange looks and body language that told me it was not OK to talk about such things, so I put it “on hold” until I could find out more.    

In 1985, two things happened to bring the subject to the foreground for me. A book came out called Project World Evacuation, written by a woman whose pen name was Tuella. (She is now deceased.) In the book, she described a scenario that was very similar to the one I had seen in my vision, and I noted that she had gotten her information in February 1982, a month before I had my vision. This made me feel that I was not the only person getting this information, which was encouraging, but it was accompanied by some other material that felt a little “off” to me, so I kept looking.    

That summer, a Space Science Center opened in town and began showing NASA films. There was no charge to see them, so I went there to see what was being shown. While the man was changing reels, I scanned the small collection of books he had there and saw several copies of a book called Allies. It had pictures of spacecraft on the cover, so I asked the man where he had gotten them. He pointed to a tall man who was standing in the lobby and said, “He’s the author and donated them.” 

Somewhat timidly, I walked over to the other man, told him briefly about the spacecraft in my vision, and asked if he could tell me anything about them. His name was Robert Shapiro, the author of many books since then. He said he was giving classes in his home and if I would like to come and see if they were for me, he would let me come as a guest in the middle of an ongoing series.

It was October before I went to his house, and I arrived during an “advanced” class. ETs were supposedly over the house in a spacecraft and spoke through Robert. They taught about different topics each week. That week the lesson was on “dematerialization” and we learned how to dematerialize ourselves. (I have never figured out how to do that on my own, but we did it that night, and did many other “strange” things after that.) 

I learned how to voice channel in that group, and in February of 1986, the entire class was treated to a “show of presence.” It was quite spectacular, and we were all very excited. The ship “blinked on” over the mountains, was stationary for a few seconds, then slowly moved off in an arc to the right, and then blinked off again before it reached the horizon. The ionization layer around it gave off pink-orange sparks, and it looked like a large oval fireworks display. I later found out that participants in Robert’s classes usually saw a ship sometime in the course of the sessions, but this was a watershed event for me. It was one thing to TALK about spacecraft, but quite another to see one at close range and to hear the occupant talking to us through Robert. I still have the tape recording of the experience.    

I stopped attending the classes in June of 1986 and went “solo.” My first experience on my own was on May 31, 1986, when I was asked to go to a location about a 2-hour drive from where I lived and to find a certain place. I was told I would know I had found the right place by a “show of presence” within 20 minutes. I found the place and exactly 20 minutes later a “ship-shaped” cloud suddenly appeared in the otherwise cloudless sky. On the drive back home, I was treated to a sort of cloudscape, with two dolphins frolicking around a large cloud “ship.” I had someone with me in the car, and we both saw the clouds together.    

Then in September 1986, I was told that my “space connection” would kick in officially in April 1987. So much happened in the intervening months (all of which I had been told would happen) that I forgot about all of that, but in April 1987, I began being contacted every night between 2 and 4 a.m. and asked to channel until I got to a point where it was “no big deal.” 

(I still tense up a little every time I get asked to channel. It’s a little like stage fright. No matter how many times I have done it, I still don’t know until the information begins flowing whether it will work THIS time!) 

Then I started being contacted during the daytime. They asked me to go and climb Sun Mountain (a somewhat large mountain near Santa Fe, NM) and an hour later, when I got to the top, they put on a “show” for me. The sky was completely clear, and I was directed to sit down and face any direction I chose. I chose to face the mountain chain (the Jemez Mountains) that lay to the west of Santa Fe. 

The sky was perfectly clear and cloudless. Suddenly an armada of “ships” blinked on, clothed in their ionization layers and looking like ship-shaped clouds. I counted them. There were 76, and I thought “The Spirit of ’76,” which to me (as an American) represented freedom. As soon as I had this thought, approximately one-third of the ships blinked off again and disappeared instantly, so I knew that these were no ordinary clouds!    

Then, from a nearby tree, a raven flew off into the space over the city lying below me at the base of the mountain. As I watched it flying away from me, I was surprised to see another ship forming up at my feet. It was long and cylindrical and had been entirely invisible. It was very similar to the “uncloaking” scenes in Star Trek: Next Generation when I eventually saw them on TV later on. 

The ship was transparent and began taking on more color and substance until it was a greenish translucent object. It looked like it was at least 2 1/2 miles in length and was hovering over the city, but it was below where I sat. As soon as I saw it clearly, it began to fade out until it was totally invisible again.    It    seemed simlar to the rheostat effect one sees on certain light switches, which allows one to slowly turn the light up or down, only in this case the visibility/opacity was what was being turned up and down.

The next “display” was a little different. I was told to drive toward Lamy, New Mexico, and stop when I “felt” to stop. I pulled over to the side of the road, and waited. Suddenly a “whirlwind” appeared. The dust and leaves were swirling around and around an invisible center. I could clearly see the EFFECT of the ship, but I couldn’t see the ship that was causing the rotation of the air around it. It was not a “dust devil” and was not moving along the ground. 

I heard a voice in my head, saying, “Go home and read Ezekiel.” The vortex disappeared, so I went home to read Ezekiel. (I have found the Lamsa translation of the Bible to be the most accurate rendition of the original language — it comes directly from the Aramaic, which preceded the Greek Septuagint that forms the basis of most Bible versions in print today.) 

There, in Ezekiel 1:4, I read, “And I looked, and behold, a whirlwind was coming out of the north, a great cloud, and a flaming fire and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst of it there came as it were a figure out of the midst of the fire.” 

I later found I was not the only one to think that Ezekiel had seen spacecraft. Joseph Blumrich, a former NASA employee, published a book called The Spaceships of Ezekiel (now out of print), and R.L. Dione published a book called God Drives a Flying Saucer (now out of print). Dione had concluded that all the “clouds,” “pillars of fire,” and “pillars of cloud” mentioned in the Bible were really descriptions of spacecraft, and my experiences fit with his conclusions. Rev. Barry Downing came to similar conclusions in his book, The Bible and Flying Saucers.

On the morning of the first day of Harmonic Convergence, August 16, 1987, my upstairs team awakened me from a sound sleep and told me to go out to see the sun come up. I stepped out of my door at that magical time when the sky is just beginning to lighten at the horizon. Orion’s belt was straight up (vertical) in front of me and the crescent moon hung over it. I looked to my left and there was Lord Michael Andronicus’s ship, clothed in a cloud. I could see its shape clearly. Then a small scout ship flew across the sky from left to right, between the moon and the upper star of Orion’s belt. It was my mentor Quaternicus, from Constellation Hydra, who showed up again a few days later in my backyard (see below). 

I stood there for over an hour as the sky brightened and turned beautiful shades of gold, rose, and pink. Andronicus’s ship remained stable throughout that time, in a nearly cloudless sky. At last, the experience seemed to be coming to an end, so I ran inside and grabbed my camera and took the following picture just as the cloud cover had begun to dissipate and disappear.
On the second day, August 17, 1987, I was asked to see if I could “translate” myself onto the ship. I tried, but was only able to make it through some of the “levels” at that time. I did get far enough into the process to discover that the ship was ALIVE and CONSCIOUS, and that the “crew” did a kind of “mind meld” with the craft and then the whole thing teleported itself to its destination. No fuel needed other than mind power! (14 years later, in their Message, "Across the Great Divide," the Hosts verified my perceptions.)

I could see all of the inside features quite clearly. The top level was a sleeping rotunda that slept 30 in pod-like enclosures that gave one complete privacy and quiet, and had some storage compartments underneath for personal items. The middle level was where all activity took place, including a lounge area for the crew, storage areas, Andronicus’s private office, and the navigation area. The lower level was a sort of hangar for the smaller scout ships and held up to 5 of them. I have drawn a rough outline over the photo and labeled each section so you can see the shapes of each level more clearly.
There were many other demonstrations that summer, put on for my benefit and for that of others who were with me when they happened, but the one experience that was the one that “convinced me” more than any other occurred in August 1987. 

I was awakened at 4 a.m. and asked to go outside, stand in my driveway, and face north. I grumbled something along the lines of “Don’t you have anything better to do at 4 a.m.? Get a life!” but I pulled on my robe and went outside, hoping that none of my neighbors would see me and wonder what I was doing out there at 4 a.m. in my nightgown. 

“Okay,” I said, “this way is south so this way (turning around) is north.” I was facing the house at the rear of the lot. Like most of the houses in Santa Fe, it had a flat roof. Suddenly a spacecraft lit up. It was about 5 feet above the house. The whole ship was evenly illuminated, but there was no aura of light around it, so I couldn’t tell if it was self-luminous or if the light came from another source. I could see it clearly in relation to the house and there was no doubt about what I was seeing. When I had taken in the whole scene, the light blinked off again and I couldn’t see anything more, but I was totally convinced. From that time on, I had no doubt whatsoever that my “guys” could appear in our dimension if they wanted to, and that they were “for real.”
A drawing I did of my mentor, Quaternicus, as he appeared to me telepathically in August, 1987. He is from Constellation Hydra. His people see with their entire body surface and perceive into the infrared spectrum, which makes them excellent navigators for the ships. His ship was the one that appeared over the roof of my neighbor’s house at 4 a.m. in August 1987.

It should be noted that not all ships are “good guys” and not all ETs are so advanced. I have never been “abducted” and don’t expect to be. I have serious reservations about anyone from any source that asks people to accept implants, and "our guys” don’t do “experiments” or “examinations” on people OR animals. Those are ETs with another agenda entirely, which is self-serving and not in our interests at all.    

It is my personal belief that when it says in the Bible that Christ was “taken up into the clouds” and that “in the same way as he went, he shall come again,” the “clouds” were the spaceships of the Hosts of Heaven and that they will return to take us off of the planet before the Pole Shift so that we can complete our transformation while the planet completes hers, and we can return to our planet when we and she are in our “glorified bodies” — she as Terra and we as the “new humans” for the “new earth.”    

I wanted to share these experiences with you because for me the hardest part to imagine is that one day the skies will be filled with these beautiful white circular craft and that we will actually be taken on board as the next step in our journey to Terra. It gives new meaning to the lyrics of the old gospel hymn, “I looked over Jordan and what did I see, coming for to carry me home? A band of angels, coming after me, coming for to carry me home. Swing low, sweet chariots, coming for to carry me home.” The Hosts of Heaven are the legions of angels and they WILL come for us when the time is right, and “carry us home.”
© James Nelson
This is a drawing that was given to me at a lecture I gave in Santa Fe, New Mexico in October 1988. At the time, I only knew the artist’s first name, but it contains all of the elements involved in the evacuation: the ships, the gathering up of people all over the world, and Christ overseeing it all. Love is the force that accomplishes this. I am not the only person who knew this was coming!

In closing, I would like to point out that, in my 1982 vision, there was a time of increasing social chaos and somewhat severe geophysical events that preceded the ships’ appearance. We are now approaching that time, and I ask you to remember that as things look like they are coming apart and fear and chaos are rising around you, remain calm and centered and know that you are never alone. Those “sweet chariots” WILL come for us and we will be taken up out of danger before the Pole Shift. So it is written and so it shall be. Amen.
Copyright Celestial Way, 1999-2015, All Rights Reserved
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