September 1, 2001
We have asked to speak to you today about the next stage on the journey to Terra, and to address a central question that is no doubt at the back of your minds as you read through our communications with you. How, exactly, will you cross over the gulf between your present physical location and your future home on Terra? And what exactly are these ships that we talk about so often in so many ways?

To begin with, our ships are made of living light. They are conscious beings in their own right, and come into being without being “manufactured” via some technology or machinery in a factory. They are precipitated directly from the matrix of being that we call the Creator. They are sentient and we travel in them by forming a telepathic link between ourselves and the ship we are on, and together — as a group mind — we teleport ourselves to the agreed-upon location.

We travel in what you refer to as hyperspace. We “blink off” from one location and “blink on” in the place we project ourselves into. The ship acts as a container for our bodies, which are still physical to us, even though they would not be visible to instruments or organs that are tuned to the light frequencies that you are familiar with as your present physical environment. 

These ships all have names, just as we do. They have personalities, just as we do. They come into being in response to a collective need for their presence, just as all forms do on Terra and in the frequency band that we occupy. As we said in our last Message, no form comes into being on Terra except as it is in harmony with the whole. The whole would be incomplete without it, and that lack is filled by the manifestation of the ship or any other form that appears in that frequency band. All are in conscious communion with the Creator, with each other, and with the planet, through the vehicle of a group mind. 

Each being within the group mind has its own perspective and makes it possible for anyone else in the group to experience through that perspective if that is desired, but most of the time we are content to remain in our own “viewing chamber,” as we are always filled and never lack for anything. The spontaneous desires that emerge in our minds source from the Creator and lead us in the direction that fulfills Divine Will at all times. Everything is always aligned with Divine Will and therefore we are always filled with a sense of unspeakable joy and fullness, as we just live the “rightness” of our being as a permanent way of doing things.

So, when we say we will come for you in our beautiful ships, it is a group effort. We and the ships are united in our purpose and being, and the radiance of that can be felt by those who can join their energies with ours and therefore become part of the group and join with us in our location. Think about this for a moment. You probably thought we were going to use some sort of beam or technology to lift you into the ships, but we don’t do the lifting. YOU do! It is through the energy of joy in your heart — the welcome you feel in seeing us — that the doors fly open and you naturally gravitate (or should we say, “levitate”?) to the fulfillment of your heart’s desire. 

As we have said, love is the ordering force that acts upon light to create all form. It acts in opposition to entropy, which seeks to return things to a more elemental, uncreated state. Love is the life force behind everything and those who understand the nature of healing know that love is the most powerful healing force there is. It mends those places where entropy has torn the connections, where you are wounded in your bodies and in your psyches. A wound is only a tear in the fabric of life. Love is the force that mends the tear. We have asked you to face down your fears so that you can hold more love in your hearts. When it is time for the lifting, you will be ready and your own love and joy will be the force that reunites you with your spiritual family.
Now we would like to address another part of the “project” — namely how you get from Earth to Terra. As we have said, the planet will undergo a total cleansing of all life above the mineral kingdom, in order to lie fallow and regenerate the physical body of Earth itself. It will withdraw from a state where it can support life and reappear in its new body, somewhat like a glove being turned inside out to reveal a new “outside” that was formerly hidden from sight. This inversion will take place over a period of several years and no life forms will inhabit the former planet during that time. It is necessary to lift some life forms off of the planet before the completion of the final cataclysms and to house and provide for them while the planet completes her own transition from one form to another. This is where the ships come in. 

Our ships are not just modes of transportation. They are like floating wombs and can support us and all life forms within themselves, like giant islands or capsules in the vastness of space. The very large motherships are spherical in shape, due to the properties that are inherent in a sphere. You will all be joining us on board our smaller, disc-shaped craft and then be transported to an enormous mothership that is nearly the size of your own planet, but not quite so large — on the order of 80% of your present planet’s size. 

You will live with us on board the mothership until all preparations are complete and then you will be transported to Terra to set up your homes there. You will undergo a process while on board the mothership that will raise your consciousness to the point of full union with the Creator and it will remain that way for the rest of your existence in the higher densities. None of you who are going to Terra will ever have to return to a 3D existence, although you might at some time choose to do that for your own reasons, in keeping with the purpose of your existence as an individuated part of the consciousness of the whole. 

Now the process has indeed begun in earnest. “Launch day” for Operation Terra (August 18, 2001) marked the departure and separating out of that group of beings and that envelope of energy that is headed toward Terra from the mass consciousness and body of Earth. So, in a way, you are already being “lifted” and you are already taking part in your homecoming and reunion with your soul family. 

The Earth-based portion of Operation Terra is a focal point, a gathering place for all those who are destined for Terra. Many of you have been in total isolation from others like yourselves, and that isolation is beginning to end as you discover that you are not the only one who knows what you know and feels as you feel. Operation Terra is a beacon with the tone of “home” to those who resonate with this information. Note that we do not say “agree with” or “believe in” this information. We use the word resonance on purpose, because it says exactly what we mean.

If you look at the word resonance, it comes from the root “resound,” or literally to re-sound, or “sound again.” It is a form of echo, sending back (re-sounding) the sound that triggered it in the first place. Sound is measured in frequency patterns and the interaction of sound and light combined make up the basis of all form. 

We have embedded light codes into the Operation Terra material, using the words as the carrier wave to bring them into your awareness. As you read the words, the light codes pass into your body and seek the matching codes in your cellular structure. It is very much like a tuning fork. If you are a tuning fork, tuned to the note “A,” nothing will happen until a note “A” is struck or sounded in your vicinity. Then you will re-sound (resound) with that note, and it will ring inside you like a bell, an explosion of sound and joy as your embedded codes begin making their own sound in response. 
It might be a quiet sound. It might be like a light-cannon going off, but it will feel like a “yes.” “Yes, I know this.” “Yes, this is familiar to me.” “Yes, this is mine.” That is how resonance works. It is not the product of analytical thought. It is a RESPONSE, a resonance, a re-sounding and answering echo from the core of your being, your own inner answer to the question, “Has it happened”? “Has it shown up yet?”

Yes, we have shown up now. And you belong with us, your soul family. You are drawn through the principle of resonance to recognize this note as yours. Now the “lifting” can be seen as a logical outgrowth of that — an extension of that resonance with our note, as it is carried through this information and the light codes we put into it. 

Now it is not so mysterious, not so much a “beam me up, Scotty” hardware-based technology. Call it the technology of love. Call it the technology of the life force. Can you feel your heart and being opening to this idea like the petals of a flower spreading to catch the rays of the sun? We are here with you at all times, and we welcome you into our midst. Our love for you showers you at all times, like the sun is always radiating light toward the Earth, and all you have to do is open yourself to receive it.    

It will be easier for you if you do not engage with the pictures that are playing out on the perceptual screen of the rest of the world as things proceed. If you detach from all of that, you will find you experience more peace, more bliss, and more serene acceptance of yourselves and your journey. If you over-identify with what you look upon — the apparent suffering that is increasing, the madness playing out around you — it is easy for you to forget your home note — the joy and the peace and the love that you feel when you connect with us and our vibration. 

So, if you find yourself getting caught up in the storm, in the battles that are raging even now and that will only escalate as things proceed toward the climax, when you become aware of how uncomfortable you feel in that frequency band, just disengage. Come back to the Messages. Read them again. Go for a walk. Let yourself register that most of what you see around you is not yours. Let the beauty show itself to you, peeking out from behind the ugliness. It is there. Let yourself open to it. Disengage. Let it all go. Let go and let God handle the details. 

You are tired at times. Let yourself rest in the peace and the joy and the love. It is there for you, if you can let yourself receive it. Let yourself receive it. Let go of everything that does not bring you peace and joy and love. Sleep deeply and gratefully when you rest, and let us scour you clean of the residue that remains. You may be tired afterward, but you will feel much lighter and freer because of the work we are doing with you while you sleep. Let go and let God. It is much easier that way.
We leave you now, in peace and honor and blessing. We shall speak to you again.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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