November 09, 2001
All right, now. We have said we would continue our conversation about the ascension process, and it is time for us to do that now.    

First of all, we wish to reiterate that the lifting we have spoken of is a process that will culminate in an “event” — the crossing of a threshold into the next frequency band. This lifting has two components to it: a physical component, related to the spin frequency of the subatomic particles in your physical body, and a spiritual component, related to a shift in your consciousness and ways of perceiving your reality. Both are taking place at the same time and interrelate, as consciousness affects all physical materiality.
There is no way to separate consciousness from the physical manifestation of matter. Consciousness is the ground, or matrix, out of which physical matter emerges. We have spoken of the Mind of the Creator as the matrix for all of the Creation, and your individualized consciousness is a portion of that Infinite Mind, as long as you are still veiled and in the experience of separation. Once your veils have fallen and the barrier is removed, you will be in full and continuous communion with the Mind of the Creator and when you have learned to operate from that platform, you will be able to affect, alter, and create material reality from that place of infinite blessing. All of the powers of the Creator will be vested in your individual locus of attention, and you will consciously be aware of yourselves as the creator-gods you have always been.    

Those of you who are bound for Terra are the first generation — the product of the first Thought — of the Creator. You are the elohim, and though you do not remember this fully now, you will once your shift is complete. Over the next 18 months, you will find yourself much changed. The dropping away of your old life will continue, at an accelerated pace. Your fascination with the things of 3D will wane even more than before, and you will gradually detach from identifying with the 3D reality as your reality. You will begin to access more and more of your 4D identity and personality, and you will begin to access more and more of the 4D way of doing things. You must trust this process and trust your “knowing” that you are safe, sane, and that all is proceeding according to plan.    

Some of you are being asked by the circumstances of your life to move on — either to other places of residence or to other people, leaving behind those aspects of your old life. This is part of the sorting out into the different destinations, and we would counsel you to be at peace in the midst of this change. 

If fear arises, open the breath. Close your eyes for a moment and focus on deepening and opening your breath. Relax into the breath and feel your body relax into the truth of the moment. You are safe. Your world is changing, but you are safe. The world around you may be tumbling down, but you are safe. Remind yourself of this whenever things seem to be moving beyond your ability to control them. 

You don’t need to control anything anymore. We are carrying you on a swift river of change, and we are with you at all times. You are surrounded by more help and protection than you could ever know. If you need to feel our presence, quiet yourself and go within. When you have become quiet and calm, you can invite us to reveal ourselves to you and you will be able to feel us in your own unique way. We are with you, but if you cannot quiet yourself, you will not be able to feel our presence and take comfort in that. As within, so without. When you are peaceful inside, you will draw peaceful energies to you from the outside.
Peace, peace, peace. It is so important to find and create inner peace. As the world around you moves steadily into more strife and war, create peace within and detach from the drama. Be like the Buddha. Be like the Christ. Be like all of those world teachers who have come to show the way — who knew the eternal truths of existence. You will be like them when this process is complete. You will be like them when it is time for you to return for those who are going to need your help and comfort, who will need you to lead them to safety before the Pole Shift occurs.    

This is a process, but there is also an “event” aspect to it. When it is the perfect time, the missing ingredient will be supplied and a door will open into another plane of reality. This is not something you can do for yourself at this time. It will be offered to you at the perfect time and in the perfect way for your particular circumstances. All of those who are meant to go with you will go with you at that time. They will be with you and you will cross through the door together — your children, your animals, your friends and family members who have chosen for Terra will go with you. 

You may have children, friends, and family members who have NOT chosen to go to Terra and they will not go with you. All will happen in the perfect way for your particular circumstances. This is being done in love and we ask you to remember that love is the opposite of fear. If you are in fear about this, you will not be able to receive it. Let go and let God. It is still the answer to all questions. Let go and let God handle the details. We know what we are doing, and it will all be done perfectly for each individual situation.
Your task in all of this is to prepare yourselves to receive the changes with as much grace and ease as you can. Surrender is the way through. Resistance will only increase your discomfort. Let go and let God. If you look at those around you, love them enough to trust that they will have exactly the right experience for their life plan. If their Oversoul has chosen for them to go to Terra, they will, regardless of what they know or don’t know, regardless of what they believe or don’t believe. 

These Messages are beginning to affect enough people that a change in the field of the mass consciousness is beginning to be noticed by those who are receptive to it. You are resonating it into being. In the midst of all that is going on in the world, you are affecting things through your combined energies. Your longing for Terra is creating an energetic pathway toward it that will open it up for more and more people as things proceed. This is your work in this world at this moment — to create that energetic pathway toward Terra. 

You are like the icebreaker ships that clear a passage for others to follow. It may not seem like you are doing anything, but if you will pay attention to your own transformation — how you yourselves are changing — you will recognize that you are radiating out a different “signal” than those around you who are still blindly following the ways of 3D. 

You are all embodying the higher Light. You are experiencing some discomforts as those attachments and those conditions that are not in keeping with your essence are purged from your cellular memory and from your life circumstances. This is a good time to simplify your lives. By that, we do not mean you have to become ascetics. We are merely suggesting that “less is more.” If you still have clutter in your life, get rid of the clutter. If you have possessions that no longer reflect your present tastes or interests, get rid of them. Open up space in your homes, your lives. Say goodbye to those things that no longer serve you, with thanks for what they have been for you and to you. They have served, but when they no longer serve you, get rid of them. 

The less you have left of the things that remind you of what you were, the easier it will be to receive what you are becoming. You can still keep photographs if they still have energy for you. You can still keep books if they still have energy for you. But those things that don’t have energy for you anymore — get rid of them. Be discerning, and by doing these things, you will make yourself more aware of how you have changed.    

You will continue to change, and your tastes and interests will continue to change. One day you may be drawn to something and soon afterward you will be through with it. No blame. Just accept the process and move smoothly through it, touching on those things that present in your life to be touched upon. If there is one quality that will characterize this process, it is impermanence. 

Nothing will remain the same. You are changing daily, so it makes sense that your relationship to your world will also be changing daily. As things proceed, you will become skilled at surfing the wave of change. You will become more accustomed to maintaining your balance and staying over your feet as the wave of change carries you toward your destination — Terra. In surfing, the key to a successful ride on the wave is staying right over your feet. If you lean back too far or forward too far, you will tumble into the wave. If you remain anywhere but over your feet, you lose your balance and the ride is over for the moment, requiring you to get back up and regain your balance again.
We have spoken a little about how it is on Terra — how one creates anew in the moment, without reference to the past or the future. In this metaphor of surfing the wave and staying over your feet, we are talking about staying rooted where you ARE — in the present moment — rather than in the “past” (where you have been) or the “future” (where you are going). If you think about it, all fear derives from past experience being projected onto the future. 

When things arise in your present moment that remind you of something from the past, you can easily project that the past experience will repeat itself in the moments that follow the time of remembering that past. This is when you feel fear. It’s inner talk that says, “It was like this before, so it will be like this again.” If you experienced pain in the past, you expect it will be painful again. That is where the fear comes in. You want to avoid the pain. “I’m afraid that if this moment goes the way it went before, I’ll experience what I experienced before, and I don’t want to do that again.”

The answer to this is to cut through the cords of memory, to interrupt the inner talk by saying out loud, “That was then. This is now.” Boom! You are back in the present, able to choose anew in the present moment. When you say the word “now,” you bring your attention into the present. Say “NOW” out loud, right now. Feel NOW. What is really happening NOW? Not what happened before, not what MIGHT happen later. What is really happening NOW? 

Do you see how you are in the habit of scaring yourself? Cultivate the practice of living NOW. Live each moment as the only moment that exists. That is how it will be on Terra. Get used to it. Create a little bit of Terra right where you are, NOW. NOW is the only place you can create anything. NOW is the only place you can choose anything. NOW is all you ever really have. 

When we say the word “moment,” it will be useful to define what we mean. A moment is an “event” that arises from the matrix of Infinite Mind. It contains everything within it for its natural fulfillment and completion. It is not measured by minutes, seconds, or hours. It is a unit of experience that may be very short or go on for some time. You can FEEL when a moment begins. You can FEEL when it completes. Every moment has a beginning, a middle, and a conclusion, like a phrase in speech or music. Think of it entering into your field of awareness, swelling into its fullness, and then receding as it completes. There is a wavelike quality to a moment. A wave emerges from the ocean, swells, moves forward, and then resolves back into the ocean. Just so with a moment.
It emerges from the ocean of consciousness that is the Mind of the Creator. It swells upward into your perceptual field, and moves forward, then ebbs from your experience as it completes. There is background and foreground, and there are different waves overlapping. In the past, you were only peripherally aware of the background, as your attention was captured by the foreground, but now your senses will be broadened and deepened until you are like a bowl containing ALL of it — all of the ocean and all of the waves upon its surface. You will be aware of all of it simultaneously and be able to move your attention to whatever you feel called to pay attention to, at will.

This is a natural expansion of your consciousness into full consciousness. As your consciousness expands, it will affect everything else — your body, your surroundings, the quality of your interaction with your environment. You will begin to merge with the Mind of the Creator. You will experience the peace and serenity, the infinite spaciousness of that, and you will become that peace; you will become that spaciousness that is vast enough to hold it all within you — in love and without judgment. That is where you are going. That is the experience you are moving into, even now. 

As you move forward within time, you will gradually stop caring about where you are going and when. The chatter and the impatience will simply fall away. You will feel when something is no longer appropriate for you — whether it is the clamor of the media, the noise of deepening conflict, or anything else that is not in keeping with this deep sense of peace and infinite space. When this occurs, simply let go and let God. Let the peace and spaciousness of the Creator become your field of play. Let go of anything that does not belong in that space. 

You don’t have to engage in conflict. You can simply let go of your resistance, of your attachments to being “right” or “better than.” You can simply let go and let God. Let everyone do the same for themselves. If people have attachments to their way of seeing and being, allow them to remain that way. They will receive what is perfect for them, also. This is an “operation” based in love and respect for all choices. Be responsible for YOUR choices, and let everyone else have the same privilege. 

We shall speak to you again on this topic. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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