November 26, 2001

All right, now. We have asked to speak to you today in this, our final discourse on this particular topic, so that we may both come to closure on THIS topic and lay the foundation for that which follows. You see, that is the way things work in the Creation. Every ending is also a beginning. Every closure is also an opening, and so it is with our work with you and so it is with your ascension process, as well.

approaching the world of your dreams
As you are leaving the world you have known, you are also approaching a new world, the world of your dreams.

As you are leaving the world you have known, you are also approaching a new world, the world of your dreams. As you are closing off those ties to those whom you have known, you are also opening up to make new associations with those who are more closely aligned with your particular path and destination. It is a grand sorting out that is taking place and there are both sorrows and joys to be found along the way. We hope to bring you more of the latter than the former, so please bear with us as we enter this new territory together.

First of all, please take note of the fact that there are three parts to this discourse. There will be three volumes in this material before we are through, and that is no accident. Every number is a symbol for a particular energy configuration and certain numbers are called prime numbers and have special significance, as they form the foundation for other numbers. They also reflect and embody a certain aspect of the design of Creation, and they are used in describing that design. There are also certain geometries involved that are a reflection of “how things work” in a particular Creation — the outpicturing of certain dynamics that are inherent in that Creation and in keeping with its Universal Laws.

We will not attempt to give you a comprehensive treatise on these subjects, for our topic today is the subject of ascension, so we will only make mention of those aspects of these things that relate to our topic — your ascension process.

Many of you have read and use some terms interchangeably, such as dimension and density, which from our perspective is not an accurate thing and leads to some confusion. We hope to clarify those things also, as it all relates to your understanding of who you really are, and how you project yourself into your many different forms.

The Original Thought became manifest as a projection of that Thought.
The Original Thought became manifest as a projection of that Thought.

To begin with, you are a projection from Source. The Original Thought became manifest as a projection of that Thought. All of you who are bound for Terra are part of that Original Thought. You are the first generation of Creation and are creators yourselves. But who and what is this Creator who does the thinking? And how are you related to It? You have words such as “ineffable” to express the nature of the Creator. You also use other words, such as omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, etc., for the same purpose. Ineffable means “unknowable; incapable of being described; incapable of being grasped/understood.” It is considered to be an attribute of the Creator. All those other words are attributes, also. They describe aspects or qualities of the Creator.

So, to your limited frame of reference, the nature of the Creator is beyond your capacity to understand, beyond your ability to comprehend. And perhaps that is true for you NOW, but when you have crossed the threshold, you will EXPERIENCE the Creator directly. You will experience your true connection with and relationship to the Creator, and then you will truly be “home.” Then you will have no more need of words to describe what cannot be described. You will simply EXIST in that relationship and knowing.

Now, who is this “you” we are talking about? You are a projection of that Creator, a product of that Creator’s Thought, and you exist only in the Mind of the Creator. All of Creation exists only in the Mind of the Creator. It is Thought made manifest through the medium of light and sound. “Sound” is the word you use to describe vibration, which is the oscillation between two opposing states.

Your entire reality is oscillating between two opposing states — “on” and “off.” Your reality is only “there” half of the time, but the oscillations are so rapid that you perceive of things as being continuous, as being constantly “on.” But in reality, the Creation is being re-created over and over again — “refreshed” or “redrawn” over and over again, many times a second. So “you” only exist half of the time, yourselves! Where are you during the other half of the time? You ARE the Creator at rest. Think about it. You ARE the Creator at rest. There is a spectrum of vibration involved, and the only difference is the speed at which the oscillations take place.

We have spoken of the “inbreath” and “outbreath” of the Creator, which is measured in billions of your years. That is one cycle of Creation. At the other end of the spectrum is this very rapid cycling, this very rapid alternation between “on” and “off” that makes up your physical reality — or rather that which APPEARS to be your physical reality. It is all a projection and the Creator is the “projector” of the entire Creation, including you. You are players in the Creator’s “movie,” only instead of a single, static “screen” in a movie house, the Creator gets to view its Creation through the perceptual screens of each and every aspect of Its Creation — an infinitude of perceptions, all streaming back into the Creator from Its projections.

The Creator exists as an infinitely vast field of intelligent energy, and the first generation — the elohim — are only slightly less so. They are extremely vast also, but are a single step removed from absolute infinitude. They do have boundary and identity. You are the expression or projection of one of the elohim. You are among those who came together to project this portion of the Creation from within your being, so many billions of years ago. But your projection does not just consist of this level of being that you presently experience as your physical reality. It has many levels — many different frequency bands — that make up a continuous spectrum of reality, not unlike the spectrum of light and sound that makes up the Creation itself.

You exist simultaneously on all of the levels or frequency bands that exist.
You exist simultaneously on all of the levels or frequency bands that exist.

You exist simultaneously on all of the levels or frequency bands that exist. You exist as vast fields of intelligent energy and you exist as single points of pure consciousness and light without form — simultaneously. You exist as embodiments or expressions across the entire frequency spectrum, also, and all of your expressions exist simultaneously with each other. Right now, your attention is placed within the locus of your physical expression on Earth, but as your ascension proceeds, you will be accessing more and more of your other levels of being, also. You will be defining yourself quite differently, and you will be changing in many ways, to more properly express your chosen level of being for a given time and place.

These Messages are being given in a series — in a sequence — proceeding from the outer or more superficial aspects toward the core or more central aspects of our discussion. It is all about the journey back to your true Selves, toward remembering who you really are and toward regaining your true powers and true nature of expression. It is hard for you to imagine how much and how little CHOICE is available to you. You see, when you have so little comprehension of your true place in things, you are like a blind person, guessing at what lies around you.

there is only ONE right choice for you in a given moment
There is only ONE right choice for you in a given moment.

You have so MUCH choice because the possible choices are nearly infinite. You have so LITTLE choice, because there is only ONE right choice for you in a given moment. When you are fully conscious of your nature and connection with Source, you will be at peace and at rest within both of those seeming paradoxes: the fact that there are so many choices available and the fact that there is only ONE “right” choice for you to make — one choice that is wholly in keeping with who you are and where you fit within the relationship between all of the other expressions of the Creator with which you interact.

So you exist on Earth, in your physical bodies, but you also exist at other levels at the same time. You exist in all the other frequency bands, as well, and each frequency band has its own “laws” that govern form and function within that band. Most of you who are reading these Messages are going to go to Terra and will express in forms and have functions that are appropriate to that frequency band — that density of the Creation. AT THE SAME TIME, you will continue to exist on all of the other frequency bands, and you will be able to choose where you put your attention — through which frequency band you perceive.

You will be aware of your “other selves,” but the one “right” focus will be your primary one, with all of the others existing as a backdrop of potentials that are always available to you. Some of you will relate to Terra from other platforms, to oversee and guide those upon her surface, as those are the roles that you have chosen for that experience, also. At all times, all of you will be existing at all of your levels at once, but one locus will be primary. You will be a focus of attention in one particular part of the vast ocean of Cosmic Mind, aware of the rest as a constant backdrop for your experience.

We have spoken of the holographic model. All things are contained as potentials within the hologram. This is what we mean by this backdrop. It is made up of all the potentials. In full consciousness, you will experience the presence of all the potentials at the same time as you experience the focus of the EXPRESSION of ONE of those potentials. We will speak more on this topic at another time, but we just want to give you a little look at this idea, now. You will be aware of ALL of it while expressing just one choice within it at any given time.

Now to the subject of numbers. There are essences that are expressed by numbers, and prime numbers can be said to be prime essences, like what you might think of when you think of primary colors. Your primary colors of visible light are red, green, and blue. All other colors are made up of those 3 colors, in combination with intensity or lack of it. When you blend these 3 colors in varying proportions and intensities, you get all of the other colors, including the extremes of pure white (the complete presence of all 3 colors in equal proportions and at full intensity) and pure black (the ABSENCE of all color and the point of zero intensity).

Numbers act in similar ways, but with far more complexity. Numbers are symbolic distillations of the essence of certain properties, and primary numbers cannot be further reduced. They are foundational. All numbers that are NOT primary numbers are made up of combinations of various primary numbers and can be “taken apart” into their primary components.

What does all of this talk about numbers and colors have to do with your ascension process? It is to give you a grasp of ESSENCE, of FOUNDATION, of ROOT or GROUND. You are returning to your essence, to that primary expression of your being, independent of your expression in a particular environment. Your essence is your primary color, your primary sound, your primary quality. It is the thing that is the “true you,” independent of any incarnational expression. It is the pure vibrational pattern that is your particular configuration and there are only so many of those available within a given spectrum of Creation. All the rest are made up of combinations and alterations of that primary configuration. To be in full consciousness means to KNOW your essence. And not only will you know your own essence, you will also recognize the essence of others.

There have been some individuals in human history on your planet who embodied this kind of understanding and modeled it for others. Now all of you who are going to Terra will be embodying your essence. You are dropping all that is NOT in keeping with your essence, and you are filling yourselves with more and more of your essential nature as this process proceeds.

The questions of intellect fall away in the fullness of your experience of your essence.
The questions of intellect fall away in the fullness of your experience of your essence.

The questions of intellect fall away in the fullness of your experience of your essence. You are filled with the peace of knowing who you are, where your place is in the Creation, and of knowing what is your one “right” choice in any given moment. All struggle is gone. All doubt is gone. All there is left is the peace and the quiet joy of knowing at last the answers to those questions that have formed the basis of your seeking through all these billions of years. You will simply KNOW, and you will never again have to forget what you know, ever again.

We will speak more about these numbers, colors, and higher aspects of the Creation at other times. For now, we wish you to simply know where this is heading. When your transformation is complete, you will simply KNOW who you are, where you fit within all of this, how you relate to the Creator Itself, and what is “right action” or “right choice” in any given moment. You can begin to practice that now, though, by simply remaining quiet enough to hear the “voice within.”

In the midst of the tumult and the noise around you, you can listen instead to the silence and the voice within. In each and every moment, you can choose peace instead of struggle and conflict. You can walk away from those people and those experiences that scream for you to ease their pain by engulfing you in it. You can bring peace to others only if you can embody it yourself. You can bring peace only if you ARE at peace within yourself. As long as you are striving within yourself, toward some imagined outcome, you are not at peace. Peace, peace, peace. That is the “pearl of great price.” Be peace. Be at peace. Be peace.

We leave you now in peace and honor and blessing. One day, you will be like us again, too. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

COMMENTARY: I have received several queries about the reference to the primary colors, so I wanted to clear up the apparent confusion. The primary colors of LIGHT are red, green, and blue. They are the ones that create the images on your TV sets and computer monitors. The primary colors of PIGMENTS (such as crayons, ink, dyes, paint, and the pigments in skin, hair, and eyes) are identified as cyan, magenta, and yellow. LIGHT works differently than PIGMENTS do.

two systems of color
Two systems of color

When you combine LIGHT colors, they are ADDITIVE and RADIANT. The more intense and the greater quantity of each color, the lighter and brighter they get. Light creates colors as it passes through transparent media, such as glass, 35 mm slides, gels, and transparent plastics. When you combine all three primary colors of LIGHT in equal proportions and at full intensity, you get WHITE light.

When you combine PIGMENT colors, they are SUBTRACTIVE. Each pigment ABSORBS all color except its own, which it reflects back to you. The total absence of light (i.e., all color is absorbed and none is being radiated back at you) is perceived as black. When you combine all three primary colors of PIGMENTS, you get various shades of “black/grey,” according to the absorbent capacity of the particular pigments used. The “black” you see in black cats is really a very dark brown, which absorbs nearly all the light that hits it. Pigments are made up of substances that subtract everything from the light reflecting off the surface except the color you see. They are used for “reflective” media, such as paper, canvas, and cloth.

The familiar “primary colors” that you were taught about in school (red, blue, and yellow) are made up of pigments that, when mixed, make up the complementary colors of orange, purple, and green. That is yet another color system, used exclusively for reflective pigments. It is based on what happens when you mix particular pigments with each other. What is important to understand about that system is that it is still a subtractive system, and the colors that are reflected back to your eye are still mixtures of the primary subtractive colors — cyan, magenta, and yellow.

white light being passed through a prism
When white light is passed through a prism, you see all of the colors of visible light.

This Message is talking about the primary colors of LIGHT, not those of pigments. White light contains all the colors of LIGHT, and when it is passed through a prism, you see all the colors of visible light, from red through violet. Our chakras are based on the LIGHT colors, not the PIGMENT colors. The middle chakra of the 7 body chakras is the heart chakra and its color is GREEN. The lower 3 chakras are red, orange and yellow (note that yellow is not in the middle), and the upper 3 chakras are blue, indigo, and violet. Taken all together, they make up the colors of the rainbow — the visible light spectrum.

the seven chakras of the physical body
The seven chakras of the physical body

I hope this is helpful to you in understanding this Message.

Peace and blessings,

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