January 2, 2002

All right, now. We have several things to say to you today, on both the near and more distant view. The closest thing to you on the time horizon is a somewhat massive event that will mark the separating out of the different realities from one another to such an extent that they will begin to experience events that are not shared with all of the other realities that will emerge. This event will be felt in every corner of the world as a very deep shock, and one that will rouse even the most deeply slumbering individuals to a dawning realization that the world will not ever be the same again.

The events that have preceded this forthcoming shock were relatively mild compared to what comes now and what will follow it in relatively rapid succession. You are nearly at the threshold of the parting of the ways and this will become more obvious to you in hindsight, after sufficient time has passed that you can look back and see a pattern. To put this in a proper context, we wish to make use of a scientifically-observed process as a metaphor for what is about to occur. As with all metaphors, there is an oversimplification of a complex situation, but it will serve to illustrate our point well enough for you to make it the rest of the way on your own.

cell division process
Cell division process (mitosis)

When a living cell is going to divide, a number of things occur. In the resting stage, the chromatin — those threads of DNA that carry the genetic information of the cell and the organism — are loosely spread throughout the nucleus of the cell, making it difficult to determine just where one thread leaves off and another begins. However, when the time nears for the cell to divide itself into two separate halves, the chromatin begin bunching up and separating out from the other threads so that they form distinct chromosomes that can be observed as such under the microscope. Then they replicate and the two identical pairs line up along the equatorial plate in the cell, which will become the plane of division when the process completes.

Meanwhile, the “poles” of the cell have migrated so that they are opposite each other and at right angles to the equatorial plate, not very different from the relationship between the poles and the equator on your physical planet. Fine threads from the center of each chromosome attach to these poles (one from each pair goes to one of the poles; the other one of the pair attaches to the other pole) and when all is lined up, the cell pinches inward at the equator and divides.

In this process, things go along fairly slowly at first, but when all is finally lined up, the process completes rather quickly. So it is with you right now, in your planetary process. It has been a relatively slow process of sorting out into your groups and aligning with your poles of destiny, but this next event will be the “shot heard ’round the world,” and it will mark the “beginning of the end” — that point at which the different realities physically move away from each other toward their “poles of destiny.”

In other words, despite that fact that you can look back on your previous year as a time of increasing acceleration — particularly from September [11] onward — once this event occurs, things will kick into high gear and much will follow in rapid succession, just as the cell rapidly separates into its new “daughter cells” and they then move apart from each other and journey separately from that point on.

A cell only splits into two cells, and there will be several different realities that split off from each other in this process, but the key point to grasp here is the significance of this next event in terms of marking the beginning of this actual movement into separate realities, and to prepare yourself for the speed at which things will unfold after that. Despite the shock of September [11] and some of the things that happened afterward, the last few weeks have been pretty tame compared to what is coming next and afterward.

for those who are headed toward Terra, this could be considered the “booster rocket” for your journey in that direction
For those who are headed toward Terra, this could be considered the “booster rocket” for your journey in that direction.

We encourage you to keep your breath open, to remain detached while observing all of this occurring, and to realize that for those who are headed toward Terra, this could be considered the “booster rocket” for your journey in that direction. There is no one who will not FEEL this impact, but there are many ways of perceiving it. If you were strapped into the seat of a space shuttle and the rockets kicked in under you, you would feel that impact and acceleration, but you would know that it was taking you upward toward your destination and mission. You may choose the same response to this next shock on your perceptual screen, and it would be good if you can do that. Instead of viewing it as a disaster, many of you will be able to say, “Finally! We are under way.”

Many of you who are reading this have been “on your way” for a long time and have experienced many shifts in your understanding and perceptions. Now, however, the time of learning and processing will change from dealing with those things of the past toward dealing with those things that are now coming into your life. Many of you are still in the process of leaving old relationships and circumstances. That may continue for a while for some of you, but most of you will find the rate of change in your life to be exhilarating and experience more and more joy in the journey as you begin to experience the rush of freedom, as you let go of those things and people who hold you back.

You remember an old title — Inherit the Wind? You will inherit the wind. You will become accustomed to streaming like the wind, to be moving so fast it brings tears to your eyes, but they will be tears of joy that you are finally underway and can feel the movement as you stream toward your destination.

Others will be experiencing rapid change, also, but it will not bring them joy — in part because they will be losing a lot of what they are very attached to: pictures of reality that must change in the face of the events that will come now, ways of being that will no longer be possible. Many things taken for granted will pass away, and those who can move through these times with grace and surrender will experience wonder and awe at the unfolding. People will look at the ashes of their past and some will understand that it clears the way for a new beginning, while others will sort through the ashes, trying to recover something remembered to take with them — to take with them what no longer has life in an effort to hold onto that life which is gone.

It is easy to point fingers of blame, but as we have said before, when you get down to the core, you must blame the Creator who has created all that you see and feel. It is all “good” to the Creator because it fulfills the purpose of the Creation — to provide experiences for the Creator to enjoy through Its creations. This shock that comes is all part of the larger exit plan for the Creation. Nothing will be left of the old world when it is done. Everyone will be gone from the present planet, through one exit path or another. Everyone will experience continuity in their perceived reality, but this event will mark the time when not everyone experiences the SAME reality. If you could compare notes, you would discover that different people experience different things, and this will increase as you move through time to the finale of the drama of 3D Earth.

As things move forward, you will see your destination more and more clearly by virtue of its contrast with everything else that is going on. Likewise, other people with other destinations will perceive THOSE more clearly, so it will seem like everyone else that does not share one’s particular views is mistaken, but this movement will accommodate them all, in one way or another.

So, for example, if you hear that a large planet or comet is coming that will result in a pole shift or cataclysms in 2003, that is a perception that belongs to a particular exit path, and you simply allow those people who perceive that to do so. That path is not “yours,” and it does not lead to Terra, so all you need to be concerned with is the path that IS “yours” and to follow what presents in your life that will lead you further in that direction.

There has been much talk in the past of many scenarios that have not manifested — mass landings, the Photon Belt, etc. However, now the many paths that are being “seen” by those who can “see” in that way have a greater likelihood of coming to pass. Even the scenarios that are put forth by the deceivers will come to pass for some people in some way, because thought creates and if enough people believe in a particular outcome, their combined thoughts will manifest that reality. That is why we are sharing these Messages with you — so that those who are coded to respond and can feel that response will add their energies with others of like mind and heart and will manifest that which we speak of to you.

It is a paradox that Terra already exists and yet you have to align with it for it to manifest for you.
It is a paradox that Terra already exists and yet you have to align with it for it to manifest for you.

It is a paradox that Terra already exists and yet you have to align with it for it to manifest for you. It is a reciprocal relationship, like a mirror of sorts. Terra calls to you, and you seek Terra. In the aligning with the vision, it is a little like a “lock” in a missile guidance system. In reading these Messages, you “lock” onto the “target” of Terra, and Terra attracts you by her presence in your perceptual field.

Not everyone is this way, and though it might seem like you are alone in your perceptions when compared with those around you, consider that there are nearly 6 million of you altogether and you will have a LOT of company once you are all together again. You have been together before, in groupings of various sizes and at various historical times and places, but now the time is coming when you will all be together at once, in one place again, before you are complete and depart for your other journeys on the way back to Source and your final dissolution as a separate being.

Those of you who are going to Terra will be there long enough to establish the colonies and bear your children, and then you will be off to other adventures in the cosmos. For the next century plus [some years], your focus will be Terra, but then you will be through with that and will move on. That is the nature of things. One exploration leads to the next, and that next one leads to the next one after that, infinitely.

Terra calls you now, and she is your safe harbor from the storm that now comes.
Terra calls you now, and she is your safe harbor from the storm that now comes.

Terra calls you now, and she is your safe harbor from the storm that now comes. Remember that. The storms that come now are the booster rockets lifting you toward your dream of a world without storms, without wars, without death, and if you miss the thunder and lightning, you will be able to travel to wilder places to visit with that, too, but Terra and her peace will be your home for the rest of your present incarnation. When it is time to leave, you will simply change form and move on. No pain. No death. No sorrow again, ever. Now THAT will be a welcome thing, won’t it? We look forward to having you amongst us again.

We leave you now, in peace and honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

NOTE: For the Hosts, their relationship to time is not the same as for people experiencing linear time on 3D Earth. When they said, “The events that have preceded this forthcoming shock were relatively mild compared to what comes now and what will follow it in relatively rapid succession,” we can look back at events that have occurred since “Shock and Awe” began on March 20, 2003, and begin to understand what “relatively rapid succession” means to the Hosts.

The massive earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia on December 26, 2004 and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in the US in 2005 were clearly not “mild” events, and the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season was catastrophic, with 17 named storms, 10 hurricanes and 6 major hurricanes. In addition, it was by far the costliest season on record, with a total of at least $282.16 billion (USD) in damages, about $100 billion higher than the total of the previous record holder — the 2005 season. Essentially all of the season’s damage was due to three of the season’s major hurricanes — Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Now we can see the world steadily heading toward financial collapse and massive social disruption.

Our interpretation of “relatively rapid” seems to be much faster than that of the Hosts, who remind us elsewhere in the Messages that a few years now is but a very brief moment when one is considering a cycle of 4.5 billion years.

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