April 6, 2001

Well, now. Our representative on Earth has asked us to give you some information regarding the experiences you are each having as the cleansing proceeds and you are being lifted free from the underpinnings of that life that you have been experiencing while you have been under the illusion of being physical beings, walking around on the surface of the planet, just like everyone else you see around you. And yet, you have not ever FELT like everyone else around you, have you? You have always felt a little different, although here and there you met up with someone who was like you, only to have them disappear from your life as mysteriously as they had arrived.

We are here to tell you today that you are NOT just a physical body, and that you are different in some very significant ways from everyone else around you — or at least the majority of those around you, because now some of you are partnered with others with whom you share this common heritage.

“What heritage?” you may ask. Ahhh. Now it comes down to our revealing one of our “secrets.” You see, you are one of us. You are one of those who came together in the beginning to form an alliance, out of which this world that you now walk upon was created. You have felt this special relationship to this planet because she is in reality to you as a child to a parent. She is your creation and you love her with all of your being, and it pains you to see what is being done to her, especially now, as the final days of greed and self-interest seek to take every last scrap that can be taken before it is all gone.

hands holding the planet
In reality, YOU are the Earth’s parent.

Dear ones, you are one of us. You speak of the Earth as your mother, but in reality, YOU are the parent, and you have a responsibility to your creation — to see her through her birthing onto the next platform of her existence, in the long spiral upward toward Source.

When she is safely established in her new reality and the new stewards for her journey have “arrived” and taken over the reins, we will all be complete with our arrangement and go on to other creative endeavors in the vast fields of possibilities that are available. We will sever our alliance as co-creators of THIS reality and go on to form other alliances for other purposes, and to fulfill other desires in the search for experiences on behalf of the Creator of us all.

Now, then, how does all of this relate to what you are experiencing now? How does it relate to the feelings you are having and the body changes you are experiencing? Well, we ask you to let us tell you a little story of sorts, a kind of metaphor to use to understand what exactly is going on.

You are not the body you occupy. You are a vast field of intelligent energy that has projected yourself down through all of what you refer to as “dimensions” (that is not an accurate term, but it is what you understand, so we will use that for now) and poured all of that into a very tiny container, the size of a thimble trying to contain an ocean. There even is a children’s story called “Thumbelina,” which tries to address the experience of being so very tiny in a very vast and enormous world.

Let us tell you then the story of Thimble, the very tiny container that you are, and the ocean of consciousness that you are trying to navigate from the perspective of a thimble, floating at sea in a vast ocean of experience.

Thimble is the name we will give you as the central character in our story. We will make Thimble feminine, but that is only to balance all the stories that had masculine central characters. Remember that this is a parable and the meaning is only understood intuitively and not to be taken literally. Let us begin our story:


One day, Thimble woke up. She had been sleeping a long time, rocked to sleep by the eternal movement of the waves on which she floated, a tiny object floating on the vast ocean, far from any shore or sign of land. In her sleep, she was not aware of anything but her dreams, but now that she had awakened, she was aware of being so small and so far away from anything but the vast stretches of ocean that she saw all around her. She had no means of navigation and felt lost and helpless as she perceived her situation. “Where are all the other thimbles?” she wondered. “Surely I can’t be the only one like myself. How can I find the others? Am I destined to only float about on this ocean? Is there nothing more?”

Thimble was distressed. She had been so content in her dreams, in which she lived a full life, surrounded by many like herself, able to be just who she was and to have everyone and everything around her be just who they were. It had all been so harmonious, but now what was she to do? Now she appeared to be all alone. Where were the others she had dreamed about and how could she find her way back into that world of her dreams? How had she come to be here, alone on this vast ocean, with no one to speak to, no one with whom she could share the world of her dreams?

Thimble was now very unhappy, but she was also determined to find her way out of the situation in which she found herself. She was determined to find the others and to find her way back to the world of her dreams. But how could she do that? How could she navigate this vast sea and where would she go? There was certainly no sign of land anywhere and no means of getting there, even if she could have seen some. So Thimble prayed. She was self-aware and she knew there was a Thimble-maker somewhere, or she wouldn’t have existed at all. “Great Thimble-maker, please help me. I am alone and lost on this vast sea and I want to be back in the world of my dreams. Please send me the means to get there.”

a beautiful white bird
The Great Thimble-maker sent a beautiful white bird to pick her up and carry her to the world of her dreams.

So Thimble sent up her prayer and the Great Thimble-maker heard her and sent a beautiful white bird to pick her up and carry her to the world of her dreams, which lay beyond her ability to see it from where she was. Then Thimble was rejoined with those of her kind and she lived happily ever after, awake and aware and surrounded by all the beauty that she loved.

So, my dear ones, I have heard your call and I will send my beautiful white birds to pick you up and take you to the world of your dreams, where you can live happily ever after, awake and aware and surrounded by the beauty that you love.

I now speak to you in the singular because I am the only one here. I am the Thimble-maker AND the Thimble. I am the Hosts of Heaven and so are you. This idea of there being anything else is something I made up, and it has served me well, for otherwise what else was there for me to do? I have been pretending that I am different parts, interacting with other parts, but now it is time for Thimble to wake up to her connection with the Thimble-maker, and so it is necessary to shed all of those parts of herself that are not in keeping with that truth: she and the Thimble-maker are one.

Does that ring a bell? Someone else said something like that around 2,000 years ago, and it was not understood then by very many. Only those who had the same experience of oneness that he had could understand what he really meant when he said that, and there were not many of those around at that time. Indeed, there are not many of those around right now, but that is about to change. By the way, if you do happen to hear of someone claiming to have already ascended, do not believe it. While there are several individuals who have attained the direct experience of oneness, they do not make such claims. They rely on the perceptions of those around them to discern their true estate. It can be felt.

There are deceivers in your midst that use words to say some very intriguing things, but you cannot FEEL their connection with Source the way you can with those who are really in that state. Trust what you FEEL. Your feelings are a better indicator of truth than your minds, which can be led off in many directions, pursuing this theory or that, but which are disconnected from the direct EXPERIENCE of truth.

We began our discussion today with the statement that we would address the experiences you are having as the cleansing proceeds. We told you our little story to give these next remarks a proper context. Please bear with us if we are unusually long-winded today, for this is not an easy thing to convey.

Each of you has been like Thimble, feeling lost and alone in the vast world around you, and wanting to get back to the world of your dreams without knowing how to get there. Eventually, you began to reach out to the Great Thimble-maker and ask for Its help. Your request has been heard, and now you are being lifted — not by a beautiful white bird (although that is a common symbol for Spirit), but by a vibrational shift.

cleaning off the seaweed, barnacles and slime
Cleaning off the seaweed, barnacles and slime

Picture for a moment a large, sea-going vessel. It has been sailing the ocean for a long time, and its bottom is covered with seaweed and barnacles and slime. Now the vessel has been taken up into drydock and all of the things that were clinging to its underside are being cleaned off, in preparation for another voyage in another sea. This is what is happening to you.

All of the things that have become attached to you are being cleaned off. You are shedding the emotional charges that have been accumulated through the entire course of your embodied journey through the history of this planet, so you are re-experiencing many emotions that have been dormant in your cellular memory and are now rising to the surface.

You are having the barnacles removed from your eyes, and you are beginning to see with more clarity. You are experiencing completions with those whom you have traveled with, so that you will be totally free of all attachments that would keep you from being your essential self. You are not yet aware of just how those attachments have bound you to this Earth, but as they pass from your life and you begin to be free of them, you will realize the subtle hold they had on you and how they limited you in your expression of your true essence.

All of these things are now passing out of you and out of your lives, including the IDEAS you had about what was true, about what your “true nature” looks like. You are probably feeling LESS tolerant of what you see around you, in spite of your “pictures” of what a “light worker” is supposed to be like. You are increasing in your ability to forgive and to have compassion at the very same time you are feeling more judgmental and critical of the abuses of power you see all around you, but remember that those in power got there through the collective consent of all who contributed to their being there.

Now that the door is closed on the probabilities and the course is set, many are waking up to the painful realization that there are consequences to all actions — both those that do things and those that do not do things. Those who sat by, content to let others do their thinking for them, are having an unpleasant awakening to the consequences of that action. INACTION is also action, you see. The entire process that is unfolding now on the planet will expose the underbelly of the “ship of state,” as it were, and the “creatures” that have been hidden on that underbelly will be seen more and more openly as the days proceed toward the conclusion.

This is all part of the process of the planet completing with this level of her being, and because she is like your own child, you feel anger, rage, and perhaps impotence at what you see going on. Those of you who don’t like feeling impotent are feeling either desperation or determination to DO SOMETHING, depending on the degree of powerlessness or empowerment you have achieved, but it all comes down to the same thing.

the final desecration
The final desecration WILL play out.

This final desecration WILL play out, and it has as its purpose the experience of the desecration and the suffering that will result from it. It is easy to blame the Creator and be angry about the suffering, but how else can the “lesson” be taught? The greater mass of people will not get the “lesson” with less drastic means. They would rather stay asleep and let someone else do their thinking for them, so they need a “rude awakening,” not unlike Thimble in our story.

The purpose of the awakening is to set one’s heart and mind toward seeking in the right direction — toward the Great Thimble-maker — for solutions. The cause of everything you see that is “wrong” with the way people conduct themselves on the planet — including their reproductive behavior — is a lack of connection with Source. To make the connection with Source, one must first perceive the need for that connection. As long as one’s material needs are the primary object, one is not very inclined to seek a higher Source. So the material underpinnings will be stripped away from the many and placed in the hands of the few, and the suffering of the many will increase. In fact, that is already well along in the process.

You who are reading this are the pioneers. You have begun your awakening a little ahead of the rest. You have begun reaching toward Source a little sooner than the great mass of humanity, and you will come back to lead to safety those who have needed their lessons from what lies ahead for this planet and everything upon it.

The animals, plants, and other “innocents” in this drama will go on to live on other planets, and you suffer when you see their suffering because of your great love for this planet and all of her life forms — including the rocks, the rivers, the skies, the air, and the plants and animals who have been so impacted by human actions.

You are going to return to the land of your dreams, and you are being cleansed of everything that would keep you bound to this plane and level of reality. You are acting like lightning rods to ground the higher Light into the atomic structure of the planet, and your bodies are going through many changes as a result of this function that you perform, not all of which are pleasant and some of which can be quite frightening because you do not feel in control.

the best medicine is to increase your depth of surrender
The best medicine is to increase your depth of surrender.

The best “medicine” we can prescribe for all the “ills” of these changes is to increase your depth of SURRENDER. Turn all of these things over to God (however you conceive of It) and deepen your connection to Source. Deepen your trust in the journey and surrender up all resistance to what you see going on around you and within you. Surrender up your fears, also.

When you do not feel in control, fear rises to your awareness. Let the fear come, and then sit with it. Let it percolate through you and move out of you and observe it. Observe that the fear can be within you and you are not obliterated by it. Observe that you do not have to be controlled by your fear. If you feel yourself “losing it” and becoming paralyzed by your fear, remember your connection to Source and use that as the thing that you cling to, rather than your attachment to a particular outcome. All of your fears, all of your suffering and pain has some measure of attachment to a particular outcome or course of events. It all is a form of resistance to the movement of life, especially now, in these accelerated times.

man letting go and letting God handle the details
Let go and let God handle the details.

We have said it before and we will say it again: “Let go and let God handle the details.” You are shedding all of the debris you have acquired during your many lives on the face of this planet. It is not comfortable at times, but remember that you are losing only that which is not part of your essential self. You are being cleaned of all the barnacles and slime that you have taken on in your voyage through this ocean and will be lifted into “drydock” to complete the process. Then you will be all clean and shiny and new, and will embark on other journeys in other seas, for this Earth and this sea will have passed away and be there no more.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven. We love you. We are with you. You are one OF us and you are one WITH us, and you are awakening to that truth now. We leave you now, in peace and honor and blessing. We shall speak to you again.

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