April 14, 2001
Well, now. In our last conversation, we spoke to you about the oneness that you will experience on Terra. This will be your constant experience, and you will KNOW yourself as being part of everything you perceive — be it infinitesimally small or as vast as an entire universe. Therefore, the primary reason for the 3D human sexual behavior will not be present. 

What IS the primary reason for your sexual behavior? When analyzed down to its root, it is primarily an attempt to escape the prison of being contained in one body, of seeking to somehow breach that boundary of skin and to attempt to merge with another. Now, we are aware that many times the sexual act is not used to JOIN two people, so much as it is the inflicting of one’s power over another, but that is a distortion and misappropriation of the sexual energy, as you will soon see. 

Rather than condemn the present patterns, we wish to first draw a picture for you of how it will be on Terra — not only for the human species, but for all life forms that have the ability to join in sexual ways. Then, by contrast, you will be able to gain a sense of how your present experience does not satisfy and provides only temporary relief from your isolation and separation from all things. You will also see how those practices that seek to escape from the sexual function, such as celibacy and monasticism, are an evasion of life in its fullest expression. That is not to say that there is nothing to be gained by them, but we prefer to put before you what life is like when you are in full consciousness and not struggling to repress your natural, God-given faculties in order to transcend them.
So, let us begin this discussion by reminding you that on Terra, you will be in total oneness with all of Creation. You will be immersed in a sea of consciousness that from your present perspective would appear to be surreal and dreamlike — not unlike some of the states one experiences on certain drugs, such as opium and its relatives. However, it will be your constant state, and therefore one simply adapts to it as being the norm and picks up from there.

On Terra, all things are in total balance with the whole, and reproduction occurs within that context. No flower blooms, no animal is born, without there being a clear and necessary “reason” for its coming into being, with regard to the whole. All things that reproduce by the combining of gametes (sperm and ova in their various forms) only do so when the whole demands it of them, in order to perpetuate and maintain the balance. It sounds very complicated, but we assure you that it is the only truly natural way for it to be. What you see in your present reality is so distorted from what is natural that you cannot imagine what “natural” (i.e. in keeping with the inherent NATURE of things) is really like.    

On Terra, reproduction is one function and it is separate from the sexual function. In your present reality, they are so intertwined and so out of balance with Nature and what is natural that they are often confused for one another. In many of your religions, both desire and sexuality are feared and held in mistrust. You are taught that they are something “sinful” or “wild” or “uncivilized” that has to be controlled in one way or another. 

However, when a natural function is repressed, just like when the flow of a stream is blocked, it WILL seek another outlet, and that is exactly what you see in your present world. The natural functions have become twisted and distorted and grossly misunderstood in every aspect of your present civilization, regardless of geography or so-called “enlightened” approaches to the problem, which is really a symptom of the experience of separation.    

On Terra, you will be one with everyone and everything, all the way out into the far reaches of the cosmos. You will live on a world in which everything is in total balance and shares in the existence and consciousness of everything else. If you are already in full union with everything, where does desire fit into the picture? 

Desire is the engine behind all creativity, be it to create a painting, a piece of music, an elegant mathematical equation, or to create another life. Desire is what drives the evolution of the cosmos. The Creator’s desire to experience everything is what leads It to CREATE everything!

At its root, your desire is the outpicturing of the Creator’s desire to experience everything, through the mechanism of the interaction of all the parts of Its Creation. This interaction is most acutely experienced through the faculty of touch. 

You can look at something and interact with it visually. You can share your thoughts and feelings with another, either verbally or telepathically. You can experience through your physical senses of hearing and smell, but none of these communicates experience as fully as the sense of touch. You can use your imagination to create an experience that approaches what it would be like to touch something, but there really is no substitute for the actual touching. 

In order to progress to the higher levels of being, one must complete with the levels below it. Although you are the embodied aspects of the elohim and have DESCENDED into matter, you still can only imagine the “next step” on the journey back to Source in terms of your present experience — that of a human being, clothed in skin, and seeking to break out of the prison of separation consciousness. Therefore, you can only imagine a “next step,” and that is how we will frame this. In a future discussion, we will talk about how you aren’t really “going” anywhere, but for now, let us continue the exploration of our topic today.
The sense of touch is where you, as human beings, are most starved. And yet, if you seek to touch from that place of hunger and not from a place of already being filled with love, you only perpetuate your distress, and you get caught up in either having to seek again or remain in the loneliness and isolation of your prison cell — your physical body, your container — the thimble that you wear around the fingertip of your Oversoul that is inserted into your present time-space locus. 

Let that sink in for a moment, and let that awareness of all the lives in which you sought to fill your emptiness and were unfulfilled in your seeking come back to you now. Let it sink in, and let it go. That is all coming to an end for you now. 

On Terra, every life form that reproduces by sexual means is mated. Every life form in that category is paired with its twin — its counterpart — what we call the dyad. Each Oversoul is complete within itself, just as the Creator is complete within Itself. There is no division into parts or genders, but in Its desire to experience everything, the Creator divided Itself into many parts that could then seek to unify back together again, and then — having accomplished that — would be divided up into an entirely new Creation — what could be viewed as the exhale and the inhale of the Creator’s breath. 

First the exhalation — the breathing out into form, and then the inhalation — the coalescing of form back into the formlessness that gave rise to it in the first place. The dyad is really the first level of the Creator (the monad) dividing itself into parts. This happens at all levels of the Creation, but for now we will keep our focus on the most apparent form of that — the twin, the counterpart that is the “other part” that each part seeks to find and unify with. We will call this part the “mate” of the other.    

Mating is not just for reproduction. Mating is the act of unifying with one’s mate, and reproduction is reserved for those times when a new being or unit is required for the balance of the whole. Population levels on Terra will remain fairly stable, once the colonization is complete. It will take some time to accomplish that, but once it is complete, those forms that leave Terra in one way or another will be replaced by others, and thereby maintain the balance of the whole. 

As humans, you will have very long lifespans and be capable of reproducing throughout your entire adult existence. Therefore, in order to maintain the proper reproductive rate, gametes (sperms and ova) will only be produced when there is the complete set of circumstances present that require the creation of another life form. That is “birth control” in its natural form, at the highest level of knowing. We will address the issue of birthing in another conversation, but for now let us return to our topic for today.    

The bodies you now occupy are not the bodies you will have on Terra. The bodies you now occupy will transform into the kind of body that you would consider one of a god or goddess, because of its physical perfection and beauty. The physical senses you now have are very crude compared to those you will have then. 

Just as you cannot make a fine drawing with a pencil that is shaped like a log, you cannot experience the fineness of sensuality that will be available to you on Terra with the coarseness of your present physical senses. Note the relationship between sensuality and senses. Just as sexuality is the expression of the sexual function, sensuality is the expression of the sensual (pertaining to the senses) function. Sensuality is intertwined with sexuality because sexuality involves the senses for its proper expression. 

All of the senses are engaged in the sexual function, both the physical ones and the ones you would call “subtle” — your intuitive, mental, and emotional ones. Those of you who have been fortunate enough to have a glimpse of a full sexual experience know this, but unfortunately that is the exception rather than the rule, and just as your cultures have labeled sexuality as something to be feared and controlled, sensuality has likewise been condemned to repression and condemnation. 

On Terra, you will be freed of all constraints — especially economic ones — and you will be in full consciousness, blessed with lives measured in the hundreds of years, so you will be able to allow yourself the full expression of all of your senses and your sexuality, in a mated relationship, without any reproductive consequences.    

You won’t need techniques. You won’t need anything but the full acceptance of your freedom to endlessly explore the full range of your sensuality — ALL of your senses — and your desire will be finally free to explore creativity of all kinds of things, without being confined by “rules” as to what is acceptable and what is not. In full consciousness at all times, you will KNOW and intuitively seek only those expressions that support and celebrate life and support and celebrate the whole of life, in its myriad of forms and expressions. 

Ecstasy is your natural estate, difficult as that might be to comprehend from your present frame of reference, and the sexual function — employing the full range of all of your senses as it does — will give you the greatest fulfillment of that ecstasy, and so it will occupy your attention a great deal of the time. 

When you are in continuous communication with all of Creation, and in particular with your mate — the other side of your dyadic unit — it will be like “making love” all of the time. Even when you are not in physical proximity, you will be making love with each other. The flow is constant between you, like a dance that never ends, and it will be so for the rest of your journey in this Creation.
You were born together in the mind of the Creator, you are joined together in the mind of the Creator, and you will eternally be together in the mind of the Creator until the inhale is complete and you dissolve your beingness into that of the Creator Itself, ready to be born again into beingness with the next outbreath of Creation. You have much ahead to enjoy, and enjoy it you will, of that we have no doubt. It is time, dear ones, for you to come home — to yourself, to Terra, to the entire spectrum of experience of which you are capable. And is THAT not an idea worth waiting for! WE think so, and know you will agree. 

We will leave you now in peace and honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven. We shall speak to you again.
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