October 9, 2001
All right, now. Everything we said was coming has now arrived at your door, but there is so much more to the picture than you see at this moment in time. There are things arriving into your reality that are beyond your wildest imagination — of both kinds. Side by side, now, you will witness — literally — the “greatest show on Earth.” You will see things occur of unspeakable majesty and beauty and you will see things of unspeakable horror and tragedy. Both will occur side by side.

The human species has the capability for both of these extremes — ecstasy and agony. It has the ability to create them and to experience them. And indeed, throughout the human journey on Earth, it has done both, over and over again. But now, as the final years dwindle away, it is time for the grand finale — the last “act” of the human drama on this planet, at this density, for a very, very long time.
And so we would ask you to take a last look around before it is gone. Take a look at the world around you, as it is right now, for it will soon pass away altogether. Take a look at it as if you were suddenly told that you had but a few years to live, for in fact, that is the truth. You have only a few years left before this entire stage will be swept bare and none of what you can see will remain. But even before THAT, the world as you have known it — as you have taken it for granted would always be there — will be radically changed. 

The wars that are beginning now are just the beginning of the changes. Everything in the human experience will be revisited in some way, if not at a global level, then at a personal and individual level. All of your “personal histories,” across all of the lives that were created throughout time, will be summed up now, and you will find that any remnants of old patterns will come flying back in your face to be balanced and cleared so that you can finally move beyond them — beyond this world and all of its experiences, altogether.    

So how would you feel if you were told you had, say, 18 months to live? What would your priorities be? How important would it be to plan a “next career,” or to plan anything, for that matter? What would you want to do most if you had only 18 months left? Who would you talk to? What would you say? Where would you want to live? What would you want to do? Is there some unfinished business left in your life? What do you need to do now to finish it? 

We suggest that you begin to think in these ways now, as there is not much more time than that left for you to do those sorts of things. That is not to say that there will be a Pole Shift in 18 months, but we are saying that the world will be so different by then that the time will be over for these kinds of questions for you.

We are not saying that there is an urgency or emergency about this. What we are saying is that you should treasure these last days of relative normalcy as they are fast disappearing and will never be seen again. Despite the wars that are beginning, it will be a while before they extend to the entire world. It will be a while before the food supplies are gone for much of the world’s populations. It will be a while before the technology is in place that will create a global surveillance system. It will be a while, but it will not be much longer.
So take a last look around you. Savor all that it is to be a human being. Spend some time reflecting on your memories before you pack them away forever. Take some extra time with your loved ones, and consider what is really important to you now. Savor the seasons and their moods. Savor the good things of life, without being extravagant. Find balance. 

Be good to yourself in ways that are truly nourishing — good food, good friends, and “quality time” with those you care about. Say “no” to the pressures that keep you on the treadmill of doing and start spending more time being. The things that fill you are the simple ones — a hand held, a sunset, the passage of a flight of birds through the sky. Feel your connection to the planet. Feel your connection to the stars. Feel your connection to the entire span of the human drama, in all of its forms, in all of its ages, and in all of its color and richness and moods.

Look at the animals around you and give them more love, too. Give your trees a hug. Give your plants a special treat — perhaps some fresh soil or a new pot. Show your appreciation for all of life and it will appreciate you in return.    

How often do you take time to appreciate yourself? In your habits, in your conditioning, there is so much criticism to offer — of others, of yourself, of the way the world is run. How much time do you take to appreciate your world? Do it now. Do it more often. Make it a new habit.
When you sit down to a meal, do you take a moment to appreciate it? Or is it something that is taken for granted? There are many in the world who will not have a meal tonight, or the next night, or the night after that. Appreciate your meal. Appreciate the life that was given by the plants and the animals so that you could have that meal. Appreciate the work that was done by the growers, the pickers, and the preparers so that you could have that meal. If you have good health, appreciate that. If you have pain, appreciate that. Appreciate your ability to feel, to see, to hear, to draw breath. There are many who cannot do even that.    

Celebrate life in a quiet way. Soften your walk, soften your talk. Be good to yourself and to others. If you buy something, appreciate it enough to make it a worthwhile purchase. Instead of “making do,” make it special. That does not mean it has to be costly. It means you have to take the time and attention to ask yourself what it is you would really enjoy. 

Live your life with conscious attention. Consider the invisible web that binds you to others through everything you do in every day. When you turn on the water at the sink, someone else made that possible for you to do. When you lie down in your bed at night, someone else made that possible for you to do. Someone made the bed. Someone made the sheets. Someone delivered it to the store where it was bought. Someone built the room in which you lie. Maybe it was you, but then you used materials that someone else made available.
Take a last look around and see how everything there is was made possible in so many ways by so many people around the world. There already is a global economy and no part exists in isolation from the others. You already are part of a global society, and what happens in one part of the world affects every other part. There is no movement made, no breath drawn, anywhere in the world that does not affect every other part in the world, whether you are aware of it or not. 

Appreciate your connection to everything else. It is there. You can feel it. FEEL it! Don’t think about it so much. Feel it. Feel how you are part of the intricate web of life, of the flow of life and even of death. Appreciate these days and appreciate all that you are in these days, for you are changing, too.

We have talked about a homecoming, but there is also a home-leaving. You are all going to be going to somewhere else very soon, so appreciate your life and your world now as if you are seeing it for the first time, so you will be complete with it when it is time to go. You are going to be off on a grand adventure, one that will take you beyond all things that you know now, but to complete with THIS world with grace and ease, take time to take that last look around, knowing that you will be leaving soon. 

When we say “soon,” that is relative, but even within the span of your present time, it will be soon enough. Soon enough for you to leave while you can still remember this world as it is now. Long enough for you to be glad to move on to another world with no backward glances or things undone. It is time, now, to face these things. It is time, now, to do these things. It is time, now.
We have said before to allow all things. We say now to embrace all things. We have said before to let go of your attachments, to receive the lifting. We say now to hold out your hand, your heart, and your soul to receive the richness of your life now. Be grateful for all things, large and small. Be in an “attitude of gratitude” and you will feel yourself blessed beyond counting. In the midst of the wars, you can have peace, you can have joy, and you can share love. 

The wars will go on ’till it’s over, but you can live fully and joyfully in their midst. We do not say this lightly. You hold the template of a new tomorrow and as the dying proceeds, so does the birthing. Just as in life things pass away in their time, so too, does new life come and bring the promise of a new day. Yesterday and tomorrow meet in the ever-present NOW. Yesterday and tomorrow are defined by the present moment, the bead on the string that moves steadily toward its destiny. You are the dawn-bringers and after the twilight fades and the world is engulfed in darkness, you will come again with the light, to wipe away the tears and bring peace. 

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven. We leave you now in peace and honor and blessing and shall speak with you again.
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