October 17, 2001

All right, now. We have asked to speak to you today to give you our perspective on the process of ascension, as it is being experienced in your space/time reality. We have qualified our remarks by that last phrase — as it is being experienced in your space/time reality. The process you are undergoing and experiencing now is different in several ways from what has been described in the “literature” that has reached you regarding this process/event.

This process has never before occurred on your planet on a mass scale, and not only is a portion of the human species ascending now, but the planet and everything on her is being subjected to the same process of rising through the vibrational layers. In your historical past, there have been isolated individuals who have walked this path and there have been some isolated groups of people who have also made this journey, but this has never before happened on a global scale, and most certainly not for the planet itself.

Therefore, the descriptions of this process that have reached you have been vague and lacking in detail. The most explicit writings that have survived have described an apparent “event,” as if ascension took place in an instant. In some rare cases, the process did indeed appear to come to a head rather suddenly, as if a threshold was crossed and things changed rather markedly, but even if this is what happened then, this is NOT what is happening now.

For you who are bound for Terra, your ascension is ongoing and will be a process that continues long after the Earth itself has ascended to her glorified form, as Terra. We want to go into some detail today about how that is occurring and what to expect as the process proceeds.

The process of ascension involves a change in frequency of vibration and a change in consciousness.
The process of ascension involves a change in frequency of vibration and a change in consciousness.

Let us begin with some basics, to summarize some of the ground we have already covered in our prior communications with you. The process of ascension involves a change in frequency of vibration and a change in consciousness that carries with it some other phenomena and abilities. You are engaged in this process now, and you are already experiencing some of the changes in perception that go with this change. That will continue and grow more evident as things progress through linear time. It has ALREADY happened, when viewed from outside of time, but since your focus of attention is presently located from within the experience of linear time, we are describing things from your present view, rather than ours.

Most (if not all) of you reading this have been experiencing many of the symptoms of this process. We have mentioned before the bodily changes that are involved, and the clearings that take place as each successive frequency band is traversed. You are by now quite familiar with some of this, and as things proceed, those things will continue, as well. Your preferences in foods, in music — in every aspect of your life — will shift with the ongoing change in your consciousness.

Your energy levels will fluctuate greatly as you withdraw from those things that used to fascinate you and begin to move more inward. You will find your need for rest increasing, as your energy becomes more involved with integrating the ongoing cellular activity and your bodies prepare for your new forms to occur. You may become more sensitive to stresses in the Earth’s crust, to disturbances in the electromagnetic spectrum, and to some of the technologies being employed by the power elite. You can support your transition in many ways, but the key word here is self-nourishment.

Do those things that make YOU more comfortable. Because you are of the STO-polarity orientation, it is natural for you to want to turn your energies outward toward serving others, but it is at this time that you need to prepare yourself for your subsequent service, which requires that you take care of your own needs first at this time. If you take the longer view, all of the care that you give to yourself and those close to you now will be an “investment” in the treasure that you will make available to others when the time comes for you to do that.

man using a ratchet to work on a car engine
After each turn forward, the ratchet pulls back and powers up for the next turn forward. (Man using a ratchet to work on a car engine)

Think of it this way: You have a tool you call a ratchet. It is used to turn things like screws and bolts in a forward direction and makes use of the leverage of torque. After each turn forward, the ratchet pulls back and powers up for the next turn forward. The screws and the bolts are constructed with spiral tracks on them that cause them to move forward by being turned or cycled by the tool that turns them. The ratchet provides forward motion by dropping back to power up for the next thrust forward.

The spiral is the shape of evolution, and each turn on the spiral is a movement forward as well as outward or inward. By withdrawing and turning your energies toward your own process and comfort now, you are powering up your next turn on the spiral, your next movement forward and outward, and you are becoming the agent for service beyond that which you are capable of now. So look at this time of withdrawal as being the ratchet, gathering energy for the next movement forward and outward. You will be in center stage soon enough, but this is your process now, in preparation for that next movement in your lives.

So this process of ascension involves a withdrawal from the world around you. Many (if not most) of you are feeling this now, and some of you are not knowing how to be with that experience. We have talked much about the necessity of withdrawing and detaching from the drama around you. We want to emphasize how necessary this is to your process now. The world around you will get along without your needing to feed it with your energy now. It is on a crash course with oblivion and will pass away within the next few years.

You are not needed in this world now. Your task now is to prepare for your service at the end of this world and to blaze the pathway to the next reality that will follow. There is nothing for you to do with regard to stopping what is playing out in the amphitheater, the drama you see on the world’s perceptual screen. You are playing in a different play now, and that dying world is supposed to die.

All of the symptoms of past human experience are coming up to view as they exit this plane.
All of the symptoms of past human experience are coming up to view as they exit this plane.

All of the symptoms of past human experience are leaving the planet, are coming up to view as they exit this plane. It is all being flushed to the surface in a grand cleansing of all that has gone before and it is a purification for the planet and everything on her. It is not helped by resistance on your part. It is helped by your allowing the process to unfold, to accept the process for what it is, and for you to stop giving it your energy and attention.

All attempts to stop what is going on are forms of resistance and only make things more intense. Every particle of resistance requires a matching energy to overcome it, so if you can “let go and let God” take care of the process, you will be doing the highest and best thing you can for the smoothest transition for all.

Ascension is a process, not an event. There is a threshold that is crossed at some point in the process when the veil has fallen away and one can see fully. But that is only one minute step in a long journey. Ascension does not end when the veil falls. The journey continues forever, with the inbreath back into the Godhead, the dissolving away of separate identity, and the emergence again as a separate identity with the next outbreath from the Godhead.

It is all just the Creator, breathing Itself out into expression, inhaling Itself back into Itself, and breathing Itself out into expression again. This process never ends and the journey of experience never ends, so it will be helpful to your process if you can accept that there is no “ending” in sight for you. You will go on, eternally, also, for you are the expression of the Creator and that never ends — for you or for the Creator.

So those of you who might be expecting an “event” need to readjust your thinking a bit. Think of a movie you have seen. Each frame of the movie exists as a separate “event,” but they all blend together seamlessly in an event flow that is experienced more like a process than as separate events.

a roll of movie film
Each frame of the movie exists separately but they all blend together in an event flow that is more like a process than separate events.

Each breath you take is an “event,” but you take for granted the process that occurs when you breathe. The air enters you, the oxygen moves into your bloodstream and enters your cells, and from there, each atom of oxygen participates in different chemical processes. Then those atoms combine with other atoms and new compounds are made, energy is produced, and end products such as carbon dioxide are passed out into the bloodstream to be carried to your lungs and exhaled.

Think of it! All of this is going on in your body with every breath you take! All of this is going on in your body with every breath you exhale. Every breath is an event, but each breath — each event — is part of a larger process, through which your body functions, you experience life through all of your senses, and the whole complexity of life as you know it proceeds.

So it is with this ascension process. It is made up of many “events,” strung together in a process that is complex and experienced through all of your senses. There are cycles in this process and there is a movement forward and upward, followed by a time of integration. This integration process requires energy. It requires energy that would normally be given to other activities.

When you fix your attention on the drama, you are taking away energy from your ascension and giving it to the drama. You are not supporting your ascension as fully as you might, so we would ask you to give your ascension the priority over the drama, if you are not already doing so.

If you are heading toward Terra, your life will be more difficult for you if you do not align fully with your ascension. Your resistance will require that life provides a force in your life that is sufficient to overcome your resistance, so that you can fulfill your life’s goal.

Your life has a plan to it — a built-in direction in which you must go — and your thoughts and impulses arise from the Oversoul that creates you as an expression of itself. Your Oversoul has made you the way you are, down to the color of your eyelashes and your preference for a certain type of food. However, you are not an island, floating in the emptiness of space.

You live in a rich matrix of experience, and being sensitive, you can easily get caught up in the swirl of emotions that are flooding your experiential field from so many sources. Your media play on those emotions as a way of getting you to do things, such as buy certain products or engage in certain behaviors. Your political machine plays on those emotions to further that agenda. Your power elite play on those emotions to get you to go in the direction they want you to go.

woman sitting alone near river
If you want to be free, you need to detach from the drama.

If you want to be free, if you want to be sovereign, you need to detach from the drama. You need to find ways of being “in the world,” but not “of it.” If you work for a living, you need to find a way of continuing to do that without getting caught up in the emotions that are swirling around you. You don’t have to tune them out altogether. That would probably be impossible to maintain, anyway.

What you have to learn to do is become TRANSPARENT to them — to let them pass without engaging with them in a similar fashion. If someone around you is upset, you don’t have to join them in being upset. If someone near you is angry, you don’t have to engage with them from that kind of energy. You can be calm in the midst of the chaos, and it will be much better for you if you do so.

The process of ascension is already underway. It is unstoppable at this point and the cleansing is unstoppable also. Your only meaningful response is to step back and create an island of calm in yourself. Create that space within you, and if you find yourself getting caught up in the drama, bring yourself gently back to that space of calm as soon as you become aware that you have left it.

That is why meditation is such good training for this process. In meditation, inevitably your mind wanders and thoughts come. It is a discipline to bring your mind gently back to the breath or whatever it is you are focusing on in your meditation. It is a discipline to bring yourself back to your center and calm whenever you find yourself getting caught up in the drama. By cultivating this habit of remaining calm and centered in the midst of the chaos, you will be a great force — collectively speaking — for calm in the midst of chaos in the world.

You hold a template within yourself, and these Messages are an attunement device that is energizing that template through more and more people all over the world. You are widely separated from each other because you must cover the globe and there are so few of you to do this task now. As each person finds their way to this material and comes into resonance with it, a field effect is created that is so powerful, you would have trouble comprehending it. You are like a growing wave, enveloping the planet — bringing in the higher light and grounding it into the planet, radiating out the new pattern of energy and shattering the existing paradigm by your holding forth this way of being in the midst of the chaos.

You are peaceful warriors — warriors for truth, warriors for peace and love and joy. Your “mission” is to simply BE where you are, holding forth what you are, holding the vision and promise of Terra, holding your place in the world, letting things unfold and holding steady in the midst of it all.

The interesting thing about this is that when you do this, you create that reality that you want to live in, right where you are. You CREATE a little bit of Terra, right now, where you are. You CREATE peace by being at peace. You CREATE love by resting in love. You CREATE joy by allowing your joy to exist in the midst of so much sorrow.

Life has beauty that you can perceive. Focus on beauty, and you will become beautiful. Your inner radiance will bless all who come in contact with you, and you will birth beauty in the midst of the horror.

All your life, you felt out of step with the rest of the world. Well, you are STILL out of step with the rest of the world and now you know why. The rest of the world is passing away and you are the bringers of the new dawn on the horizon. You are stepping forth in your role as co-creators of a new reality, and your path runs counter to that of the rest of the world. You have been out of step because you are paving a new road, a road that leads to freedom.

going in a different direction
You are not going in the same direction as the rest of the world.

You are not going in the same direction as the rest of the world, and so you are diverging more and more each day from the direction they are taking. You must do exactly what others are not willing or able to do. You must be what you came to be and do what you came to do. It is a solitary thing for you for now, but a day is coming when you will be rejoined with the others and there is a gathering taking place even now. You are being gathered onto your road, that road that goes to Terra, and you are leaving behind the other roads that lead to other destinations.

Follow your calling. Follow that inner voice that leads you, step by step, in the direction of your destiny. Step out onto that untraveled road that unfurls before you now. You are creating it with every step you take and we are with you, supporting each and every step, so it is a collective undertaking.

We are a team — those of us in the higher realms, and those of you who are walking this road on the ground. We shall speak more on this subject, but for now we leave you in peace and honor and blessing. We love you and are with you at all times, and you are well on your way home. It is not much further now. You can do this. It is what you came to do.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

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