March 26, 2001
All right, now. We have asked to speak with you today because of certain concepts that are lacking in your awareness that are important for you to understand before proceeding much further in your transformation. We would say that you can transform without this understanding, but we feel it is easier for you to cooperate with the changes if you understand them ahead of time, so when things begin to occur, you can say, “Oh, so that’s what that is!” and that will make it easier for you to release into the experience, because the known is never as frightening as the unknown.

So, now, where are you in the process? Where are you with all these pronouncements of dates and shifts and gates and the like? If you choose to focus on these phenomena, you will miss what’s important. What’s important is what’s going on beneath the surface, tucked away from prying eyes and safely hidden within the deepest levels of your self. It is there, in your secret temple, that you can meet with your Creator, undisturbed and uninterrupted and face-to-face. We would like you to cultivate that as your primary place of meeting.    

To be sure, it is helpful when one is going through so many changes, especially ones that one doesn’t understand — it is natural and understandable that you would reach out to others, to see if you are the only one that is experiencing these things, and when you find out that you are in good company, then you can relax and say, “Ah, it isn’t just me.” However, as we have said before, there really is only ONE Being that is doing all this experiencing, and it is part of your shift into the consciousness of Terra for you to begin to experience this — not as a concept, but as a felt and real thing within yourself.

Have you noticed a certain sense of unreality these days? Have you seen with a different perception? Do things look a little unreal to you? Good. Then everything is just as it should be. You are beginning to see things as the projections that they are. Let us back up to the hologram that we spoke of some time ago. A hologram is created by two beams of coherent light. One is called the reference beam and is constant. The other is called the “working beam” and it plays out different patterns on the reference beam. 

The INTERACTION between these two beams creates patterns of light and dark that are a result of the beams either adding to each other (in phase) or subtracting from one another (out of phase), to one degree or another. If the two beams are completely in phase, there is an amplification of the light and if the two beams are completely out of phase, there is a cancellation of the light. Relationships in between those two extremes result in light of different strengths, or what you might refer to as shadows.
The Source of all Creation is the reference beam. It is constant and is the only Absolute that there is. Everything else is RELATIVE to that reference beam and interacts with it to create the patterns of form that you perceive with your senses. The Creator projects the “other,” which is still part of the Creator, but provides the mechanism to interact with the reference beam so that all the variations can be experienced. 

To the degree that one is aligned with the Creator (the reference beam), to that degree the interference patterns of light and shadow are diminished until the working beam and the reference beam are totally in phase and all there is is light. The extreme opposite would be an energy or force or entity that is totally out of phase with the Creator and the result would be the cancellation of the light, or the total absence of light — what you refer to as darkness. There is very little to be found in your present reality that is pure light or pure absence of light. Most things are somewhere in between.    

You are in the process of becoming totally aligned with the Creator. That is why Terra will be as it will be — everything on it will be in total oneness with the Creator. Every particle of matter will be in oneness with the Creator. There will be no experience of separation and there will only be the Will of the Creator manifesting in perfection. 

This is why your cellular memory is gradually being purged — so that you can release all your attachments to your experience of being separate in any way from anyone or anything else. All the “shadows” within you are being flooded with light from the highest source, and all that is not in alignment with the Creator is being flushed out as the amount of light increases within your bodies. 

These emissions from your sun are one mechanism for adding to the quantity of light contained in the matter that makes up Earth and its inhabitants. The sun acts as a lens to step down the higher Light and acts to store the energy for a time until it reaches a threshold and then a burst occurs, sending a new impulse of light toward the planet and driving it deep within the atomic structure of all forms that exist upon and around the planet. This absorption of energy within the atoms will eventually lead to what is called a quantum leap — the electrons will jump orbits and release photons and the matter will be transformed into a higher frequency band of reality.    

On the way to this glorious explosion, all that is not in alignment with the Creator will be purged. The final stages of the Earth’s transformation will not allow present life forms to exist upon her, so they will either be physically lifted or will be removed in other ways, such as through the portal of physical death (dropping the physical body) or through the mechanism of parallel worlds. Those who are not going to Terra and who are not destined to die at this time will experience other things on other parallel “Earths,” and it is not necessary for you to know about all these other paths. It is only necessary that you accept your own transformation and the change in consciousness that will accompany it.
Now we want to give you a glimpse of what that will be like, so that you can begin to relate everything else to the change you are making — from a being that experiences separation to a being that is totally at one with all of Creation. Imagine a thick liquid, one that has no form of its own, but which has enough substance to pile up in thick heaps if contained. Now think of an infinitely large container, spread out in all directions as far as you can perceive. You cannot see the far edges of the container, only that it is vast. Now imagine this thick liquid as being able to take on any form that can be imagined, solely through the act of imagining it. That will begin to give you a sense of how the Creator creates.    

The Creator exists as a thick matrix that interpenetrates and underlies all form. Your physical senses and instruments cannot measure it or perceive it directly, but when you are in your new consciousness, you will experience yourself as WEARING it, like you would a large bowl of thick fluid, out of which YOU emerge as a similarly fluid being.
Your metaphysical teachings say that as one goes higher up on the frequency scale, material substance becomes finer and finer, and that is true. However, there is also a SPIRITUAL mass involved that is in an inverse relationship to the material mass. As material mass DECREASES, spiritual mass INCREASES. At the level of the Creator, there is nothing EXCEPT spirit or intelligent energy and there is “no thing” else. 

You are perhaps familiar with the equation for converting mass to energy (E=MC2). It shows that there is an enormous amount of energy contained in a given unit of material mass. However, when we are comparing SPIRITUAL mass to material mass, there is a virtual OCEAN of energy available for every minute particle of material form, because it is all connected and any single point of reference is but a particle floating in the ocean of consciousness that contains and surrounds ALL form. There are no discontinuities in that ocean, so the entire ocean is available to any given point within it, at all times. 

On Terra, you will experience yourself AND the entire ocean, all at the same time. You have begun to experience this in some ways — perhaps in your meditations or reveries, perhaps if you ingested certain chemicals that affected the filters in your brain so that you could perceive beyond the limitations of your physical senses. You will be in total oneness with the reference beam, and you will only exist as that beam plays on your perceptual screen. It is that way now, to a certain extent, but there it will be total, conscious (instead of unconscious or dimly perceived), and a permanent state of being.    

Everything will be very fluid and gel-like. There will be flow, but no “hard edges.” Boundaries that you rely upon now will not exist. You have no idea how much you rely on edges and lines and other demarcations to be able to tell what is where and how to relate to it. 

You define yourself as a container bounded by your skin. You look in the mirror and define yourself by what you see, and if you don’t, the image makes no sense to you. You regard things like shapeshifting with awe, discomfort, or fear because you rely so much on the illusion of a fixed reality. Your physical senses fool you into thinking that if you can’t touch it and feel it with your hand, it isn’t real. Your culture controls you and keeps you in a box by ridiculing the subtle senses as being “only your imagination” or even worse, labeling it as a pathological condition — a “disease” that has to be cured by cutting it out (lobotomy), shutting it down (drugs and sedatives), or isolating it (institutionalization) — all means of suppression and denial of what is your natural way of being.    

We are here to say to you that the world you will inherit is the natural estate of a fully God-conscious entity, whether it is a rock, a tree, a bird, a flower, or a human being. You have been taught that other forms are “lower,” that they have no souls or awareness. We are saying just the opposite. ALL form is “informed” by Spirit, by the matrix of the Creator’s Mind. All form is conscious and exists within the ocean of consciousness that is the Mind of the Creator. 

Everything is conscious and everything is exploring life, only in different ways and at different rates. The lifespan of a rock is very long and its processes are comparatively slow. The lifespan of a tree is shorter and the lifespan of a human is shorter still. But each of these things is conscious and each of them has a plan for its existence. The entire Creation interacts with itself, dancing with all the parts like mirrors reflecting the light back and forth between them. It is this dance and the reflections that cause the different patterns of light and shadow, that manifest the expression of all the potentials, so that all paths, all possibilities within a given set of parameters are explored.
So now you are being prepared to go to the next level, where your veils will be dropped and you will experience yourself in your true nature — as conscious projections of the Mind of God, as conscious extensions of the Will of God, and as joyous participants in the dance of Creation, totally aligned with God, and totally of the light. No more “shadow play” on the illusory screen of material reality! 

You are going “home” to your true estate and you will feast on the riches of the kingdom: peace, joy and love are your true inheritance and you shall have those things and more, in unlimited abundance. As you proceed through the next steps of your transformation, your awareness will begin to shift even more than it has now. Trust that process and do not take it as something that has to be “fixed.” 

You are moving out of a “fixed” reality into a fluid reality, where all potentials exist simultaneously, so you will have to let go and surrender more and more as things proceed. Think of yourself as a cork floating in an ocean of consciousness, bathed in love and light and grace-filled. Let yourself go into this release and feel the peace and the bliss that accompanies the letting go. Let yourself be lifted and carried and let yourself melt and be like a clear stream of the purest water. Ask not where your journey takes you, but just become the flow and it will all unfold perfectly, for you and for all. Go with the flow!

We leave you now in peace and honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven. We shall speak with you again.
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