September 27, 2001
All right, now. We have asked to speak to you today to broaden your understanding of what is unfolding on your perceptual screen. There is a complexity involved that is quite frankly beyond that which your conscious mind can grasp. And so we ask that, as you read these words, that you also open yourself to receive a deeper knowing, a deeper trust of the process that has begun and will continue until it is totally complete.    

To retrace our steps a bit, we would return to the idea we gave you about the Mind of the Creator, as a matrix that contains all things that have been and will be. Each thing or event that emerges from that matrix contains within itself all of the elements for its completion — all the events that will play out within the container or envelope of that event are anticipated and come forth from the Creator Itself. Each event can be viewed as a “thought” of the Creator, thinking to Itself and exploring all of the possibilities that are available to It. These possibilities are essentially infinite, and it is easy to get lost in trying to contemplate the infinitely branching tree that makes up the Mind of the Creator, what we will call the Tree of Mind.
In the Tree of Mind, every possible branch is explored through the mechanism of parallel realities. Each time there is a decision point reached, a branch is created to accommodate all possible decisions that can be experienced within that situation. Within a given Creation, there are some parameters that govern that particular Creation, and the possibilities that are available within that Creation are limited to the constraints of those parameters, which we have called Universal Laws. This much we have said before.

So, how does this relate to what you are experiencing? It works something like this: In your present experience of the Creation, there are many event envelopes overlapping each other and seeming to occupy the same space. As you look around you with your physical senses, you think that you are seeing the same thing as everyone else does, and in fact to some extent you do. But there is another mechanism operating also, which we have referred to before — the splitting off or separating out of all of the parallel “futures” that will emerge from your one shared reality — the planet you call Earth. 

All of these different event envelopes are heading in different directions and those of you who are in the “Terra” envelope are heading in that direction, while those who are in other envelopes are heading in other directions. Where it gets complex is when one tries to grasp how it all fits together — or even how it all comes apart!    

We cannot even begin to address the complexity involved, it is so vast, so we will confine ourselves to discussing the path to Terra and one other world — Terra’s mirror world, the destination that is equal to Terra, but of the opposite polarity. There are many other paths that are also occurring, but far too many for us to explore, and they do not illuminate your path as well as the contrast afforded by this one other, which shall remain unnamed.
You will recall that we have said that the polarization on the planet will increase as things move forward in time, and you see that happening now. It will continue to proceed toward even more polarization, so things will intensify along all of the paths being traversed, but these two paths — to Terra and its polar opposite — will experience this polarization at its most extreme. All of the other paths lead to other worlds, for further exploration of other themes and experiences. 

These two worlds are the only ones that will be purely 4D in their vibration and expression, and since Terra is one of these two worlds, the timeline that leads to Terra contains the mirrored expression of the other world, at least for a time. By the time you are lifted off of the planet, those two paths will have split off from one another, but while you are still involved in the lifting — even if you leave and come back — you will be witnessing the mirror provided by this other world and path. And we should also mention that many people will not be going to Terra, but to their own “home systems,” for a period of rest, recovery and exploration that does not involve either of these two worlds at all. And some of THOSE worlds are “higher” in frequency than Terra, so it really is a very complex process, indeed! 

All this being said, as the Earth ascends toward her destiny of becoming Terra, those who are on these two timelines — the one to Terra and the one to her opposite — will be in each other’s view for awhile. Being that you are the “caring kind” of people, it could be difficult for you to witness the playing out of the most extreme forms of the negative-polarity behaviors by those who are seeking to graduate to that other world. If you can see their actions as that — that they are having their “final exams” also — you might be able to comprehend the force that drives them to their goal — the world of THEIR dreams — just as you can comprehend your own passion to achieve your goal of Terra — the world of YOUR dreams. 

To you, their dreams are a waking nightmare, but you actually have much more in common than you might think. You both seek a global form of government, a common set of values, and a way to live within the available resources. However, the MEANS of achieving those goals is where you differ. You emphasize the empowerment of everyone, and they emphasize their own empowerment at the expense of everyone else. STO and STS, pure and simple.
This is the Creator’s dream, and the Creator wants to experience everything, from every possible perspective. The Creator wants to experience all of the possibilities and gets to experience them through Its creations and their interaction with each other. The Creator does not JUDGE Its creations as “good” and “bad.” The Creator expresses through Its creations, and having created them, considers them ALL “good.” They all exist to satisfy the Creator’s desire to know Itself through Its infinite possible manifestations. When it says in the Bible that God looked at Its creation and was pleased, this is how the Creator views Its creations. It is “pleased” by ALL of its creations, not just the ones you would prefer to experience. 

You are the Creator-in-expression, seeking a particular pole of expression. There are others who are seeking the opposite pole, and from the Creator’s perspective, they are just as “good” as you are. You are repelled by those things that are not like you. That helps to define your experience and propel you in the direction of your seeking. It is just as true of these others of the opposite pole. They have contempt for and are repelled by those who are not like THEM and that helps propel THEM in the direction of THEIR seeking. At the core of it, it is ALL just the Creator, playing with Itself through all the possibilities made available by all Its creations.    

So, from the Creator’s point of view, both Terra and its opposite — this all-negative-polarity world — are equally good, because they provide the Creator with the opportunity to fully explore those two opposite poles. All of the OTHER worlds that emerge from this one shared reality that you call “Earth” will be spread across the spectrum BETWEEN those two poles and have varying proportions of that mixture of STO and STS. 

There will be worlds that are primarily inclining toward STO, and as they progress, some of those people will incarnate on Terra as babies born to those who are already there. There will be worlds that will be primarily STS and they will progress to the world that is Terra’s opposite and incarnate there. And there will be still other worlds that remain somewhat mixed and be rich environments in which to explore both poles, and they will progress in that way for many thousands of years until another grand cycle is completed and another opportunity presents for a harvest to one pole or the other. The unfolding of the Creator’s dream is endless, and the paths of possibilities branch and branch and branch again, over and over and over, throughout eternity. There is no end to the dream.
So, in your experience now, you will be seeing an intensification of the two polarities of behaviors. The “in-between” will fade from your view. You can best see and understand yourself and your path in two ways: by reflecting off of its mirror opposite and by finding others like yourself with whom you can share your own views, your own feelings, your own experiences. We have said that if you engage with “us and them” thinking, you risk being caught up in the morass, the downward spiral into darkness and more confusion. It is all right to witness the opposite pole, as it helps you to understand what you are NOT, but it is imperative that you detach from IDENTIFYING with it. 

It helps to remind you of who you are, but it does not DEFINE who you are. To the extent that you can tune out the horrors that are coming, you will preserve yourself and your self-identity. This does not mean that you should close your heart. Just the opposite! What we are saying is that you must disconnect from feeling RESPONSIBLE for what is appearing on your perceptual screen. 

What is appearing on your perceptual screen is sourcing from the Creator. Each person is simply being who they came to be, according to the plan for their life. Each person is perfectly situated to make their contribution to the rich mix of experiences playing out now, and there are no “bad” creations. Each “evil” is part of the “good.” Each player is needed for the entire experience to be complete. 

Each event envelope contains all the elements for its completion and the entire “set” of elements is interwoven and interacting in ways that you simply cannot grasp with your mind. But your SOUL and your HEART can FEEL the truth of this, and this understanding can allow you to unlock your own potential for love. You will do best to cultivate compassion when you encounter suffering, to let yourself be deepened and hollowed out by your compassion, to keep your hearts open and tender and vulnerable and at the same time be deepened until all that you are is love. 

You are not responsible for what you are seeing. You did not create it. You do not have to beat yourself about the head and shoulders in penance for some sin you committed. Everything you are, everything you have done, is all within the plan for your life. The place you CAN be responsible is for your own RESPONSES to the situation. Your own responses are your own process of working out who you are, why you are here, and where you are going. 

You are one aspect of the Creator, providing the Creator with a particular experience through the locus of your perception as an individualized aspect of the Creator. If you must “blame” anyone, you must blame the Creator. If you must be angry, you must be angry at the Creator. Everywhere you look, everything you see, is the Creator-in-expression. The people who die are the Creator. The people who kill them are the Creator. If you can just “get” this, you will have peace, you will transcend the phenomenal reality, and you will be that much closer to “home.”
We leave you now, in peace and honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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