September 15, 2002

We have asked to speak with you today because a threshold has been reached and it is now time to begin the Harvest. We will begin the Harvest with a relatively small group of you and then will return for still more. This will go on for the next few months until all of you who have not committed to staying on the ground will be lifted into another level and then some of you will come and go from that place for the time remaining until the Pole Shift.

another frequency band
This “holding zone” is on another frequency band, where you can be facilitated in the completion of your own transformation.

This “holding zone” is not a place on or inside of the planet, but another place, on another frequency band, where you can be worked with more directly and facilitated in the completion of your own transformation. Our beloved messenger will be included in this first group, but will be one of the ones who comes and goes until all is complete, so you do not need to be concerned about her availability.

The “Booster Rocket” event will occur later this year [see NOTE below], but some of you will be lifted even before then. There is a scheduled time for each and every one of you, and when it comes your turn, you will know it with absolute clarity and certainty. You will not have to tell anyone anything, for if you need to inform anyone, we will give you that ability when the time comes. You see, there is no need to anticipate any of this. Just trust in the flow of your life and all will unfold perfectly, without harm to anyone.

We have the ability to take people and return them to nearly the same moment in which they disappeared. When your transformation is complete, you will have the ability to change form to suit the circumstances, so if you need to look like you look at present, you will look like that. If it serves the greater good for you to look like something or someone else, you will look like that. You will all be very adapted to your circumstances, and as they flow and change, so you will also flow and change.

This communication will be the last one for Volume Two. There will be a hiatus in these Messages while this Harvest project proceeds, but Volume Three will be given when it is time for that. It will be different in content, tone, and information than these first two, and that is all we will say about that for now. So please do not be asking for the next Message. There will be a time of no Messages for a while, as that is part of the Plan.

In the interim, many things will be playing out on the planetary surface, and it is precisely for that reason that we will be silent for a while. Those on the surface have to experience those times in certain ways, in keeping with the plan for their life, and they must do so unaided by us in order to have the fullest possible experience for themselves. It would only diminish the intensity and richness of those times if we were there, commenting on every development.

These two volumes will be available, for those who have “eyes to see” and “ears to hear.” They will suffice to give the roadmap for those times. Then, when things have played out to a certain degree, we will again be heard from, in order to prepare people for the final stages of the drama and its conclusion. Our counsel to you would be to listen within at all times, during all activities in which you find yourself.

llama closeup
Some animals have the ability to point their ears in different directions independently.

Some animals have the ability to point their ears in different directions independently. We suggest you do the same. Point one ear outward, to receive the data from your environment, and point one ear inward, constantly listening to the whisperings of your intuition and “knowing.” That inner voice is quiet and subtle most of the time. It is not like it is shouting at you. It is more gentle than that, so you must be able to hear it above the noise that surrounds you.

When your time comes, you will know it. Some of you know that you will be on the ground through the years ahead because your particular part in the drama requires that. Do not feel either more or less special because of that. Everyone is totally equal in their importance with regard to the Plan. No voice will carry more weight than any other. No life is more or less important than any other. To think or feel otherwise is a matter of the separated self or ego.

Some of you still are wrestling with your self-worth issues, and need to make these kinds of comparisons, but in the end, you are who you came to be, and the best thing is to be the best expression of that intention that you can.

So now, all things will be coming to a head and moving toward the eventual conclusion. The acceleration is upon you already and will become even more intense as time passes and the tasks surface for completion. You might imagine a person with a clipboard, studiously marking off each “task” in a list of things that have to occur. Each thing must take place, and each thing WILL take place in its perfect time and sequence.

a person with a clipboard, studiously marking off each “task” in a list of things that have to occur
Imagine a person with a clipboard, studiously marking off each “task” in a list of things that have to occur.

We feel a certain excitement in contemplating that this day has arrived. The measures have been taken and each one of you has been “fitted” with the necessary “equipment” to complete the rest of your journey through the remaining years of 3D Earth and beyond. All of the resources — both inner and outer — that you will require are now stored up and available to be used.

A vast amount of preparation has gone into this effort, spanning thousands of years. You have experienced many lives in order to be perfectly equipped for this one and what now comes. It is truly a “grand finale,” and great opportunity for the richness and complexity of all of the themes and threads that will be playing out from now on. Regardless of where your life leads you, we promise you one thing: it will not be boring! This is an incredible time to be in a body on planet Earth, and you will have much to reflect upon when it has all drawn to a close.

So in a sense, today we are saying “farewell for a while.” We promise you that we will be back when it is time for us to do so. For those of you who are moving on to complete your transformation, it will be a time when you find yourselves actually among us, face to face. For those who remain on the ground, you will be assisted directly by those who complete their transformation and come and go from that point on.

They will appear in your midst at the needed times and will disappear when that assistance is no longer needed. It will be impossible to know from day to day what to expect, as there will be many surprises on many fronts. We assure you that each and every person will have the experiences they are supposed to have, as chosen by their Oversoul. There are no accidents, and there are no real losses, only change.

There is absolute certainty that each and every one of you will reach the destination chosen by your Oversoul, and will do so perfectly — in the right time, in the right way. None of you will be left alone, regardless of the form your assistance and support team takes. You will meet others like yourself, and you will gradually form small clusters of like-minded people.

It will happen naturally. There is no need to create predesigned and preconceived communities. Follow the flow of your life. Remain rooted in the present. Deal fully with what presents to you in the moment. Remember that a moment is a unit of experience, not a unit of time. Live in the moment, moment by passing moment, and you will find yourself in exactly the right place at the right time.

In saying farewell for now, know that we are always with you, waking and sleeping, and we look forward to the time when you are ALL back with us once again.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

We are always with you, waking and sleeping, and we look forward to the time when you are ALL back with us once again.
We are always with you, waking and sleeping, and we look forward to the time when you are ALL back with us once again.

NOTE: “Booster Rocket Time” (the “Shock and Awe” military action against Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq) was originally scheduled to take place in September of 2002, but the preparations took longer than expected, so it didn’t begin until March 20, 2003, at the end of the astrological year in which this prediction was made, not during its calendar year.

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