December 7, 2006
All right, now. We have asked to speak to you today because there are a number of things on the horizon that we wished to prepare you for. The first of these is a change in our relationship with you.    

As you probably know by now, we are working closely with you at all times. There is not one of you who is part of the “op” who is not being worked with. This includes the third wave, who is being prepared to receive us and who will need to go through the “wake-up call” of the events that lie just ahead. They are not aware of us in the same way you are, so we work with them quietly, behind the scenes of their everyday life. By the time you will be involved in the evacuation itself, they will be ready to receive your help and be taken onto the ships — something that would frighten them now if they were presented with that option without this extensive preparation. 

Because it is necessary for you to become more fully a part of the working team, we will not be giving you the kinds of discourses we have given you in the past. We acknowledge that you have found hearing from us comforting and helpful in solidifying your feeling about the purpose and direction of your life. However, now it is time for you to move more fully into sourcing from within yourselves for your “knowing,” so we will not be giving you the kind of reassurances we have given in the past. It is very important for you to work on feeling into the rightness or wrongness of each potential action, as this will train you in the ways you will know what to do from here on in.
There is no one who can’t do this. All it requires is to create a habit of feeling into a situation when it presents, take a moment to center yourself, and feel what your body is telling you. Trust the feelings you get in your body. You can always tell when you are repelled by some potential action or when you are relaxing into it. A feeling of tightening or pressure is a “no.” A feeling of expansion or release is a “yes.” 

All of your decisions can be felt into and distilled into a simple “No, this is not the best choice at this moment” or “Yes, this is the right choice in this moment” kind of answer. You don’t need to know anything more than what to do in the moment that is presenting. What you need to work at is to remember to not proceed until you have felt into what to do.

If you are upset by something, then be sure to wait until you are calm before deciding how to proceed. As we have said, there is very little that can’t wait until you have clarity as to how to proceed. It is so very important to always wait until you are calm within, even if that takes a while. Most decisions are not so difficult, but it is so important that you practice this behavior in everything you do so that it becomes almost instinctive to treat everything in your life this way.
Much of the “op” is going to go “underground” now. We will not be announcing our moves publicly, but each of you will be guided perfectly as to where to go, who to meet with, etc. as things unfold. Your only communication with us will be from within. You have provided yourself with all of the abilities you need to get through this time without relying on us in the ways you have relied on us before. 

We will still be with you, and we will continue to work with you until you are also on board the ships and finished with your transformation. However, there will not be many more things for us to say to you about how to live your lives. We have given you a solid foundation, and now it is up to you to live by those principles. The principles will get you through. They are far more important than any dates or predictions we can give you now. Live the principles and you will do just fine.    

There are many things ahead in 2007 and beyond, some of which will require you to make changes in how — and possibly where — you will be living. We encourage you to simplify your life as much as possible. There will come a time when you may be required to make rapid changes in your circumstances, so if you have done all you can to clean out the clutter from your life and made your completions with the past, these changes will be much easier to make and respond to when the time arrives.    

We recognize that most of you are still widely scattered, all over the planet, and without face-to-face contact with any of the others from the first two waves or the special forces. This has served a purpose and it still serves a purpose for now. This relative isolation will serve to strengthen your self-reliance and require you to be more attentive to the signals that present in each moment as to what you should do and when to do it. 

Without regular reinforcement from us, you will have to become resourceful in the ways you find to sustain yourself on the rest of this journey through 3D. However, it won’t be that way much longer because, very soon, you will complete the passage out of 3D consciousness and anchor yourself in 4D awareness. When this happens, you will have the full awareness of everyone else — of us, and of the rest of your team on the ground. You will not need printed materials or the Internet to communicate with any of us. You will be totally aware of all of the parts and how they are serving the whole.    

This will be a radically different way of operation for you in some ways, but by the time it arrives, you will not notice that it is so different from what you have been approaching all along. If you will take this seriously enough to practice the principles we have given you, no matter where you may find yourselves and no matter what is surrounding you, you will do just fine. You do carry the ability to “know” in each moment what the right course of action is, and you can make use of the resources that are available to you right now in terms of the “op.” 

The key task you have right now is to make a habit out of living the principles we have given you and to use the techniques of quieting yourself that we have given you, so that you can listen within. Your body always “knows,” if you can turn off the chatter of your mind and listen from a place of calmness within yourself.    

The time of cellular clearing and untangling is nearly complete. There will still be some “bumps in the road” for awhile, but not forever. As you encounter the last bits of clearing you will notice that there is a feeling of spaciousness opening up within you — the places where you used to carry the emotional baggage that have been cleared out. You will begin to feel a more expansive definition of yourself, and to feel it more often, if you choose to let yourself feel that. Even in the midst of a noisy crowd, it is possible — if you are detached enough — to feel as expanded and calm as if you were standing in a broad landscape in total isolation from others.
Listen to the sound of silence within you. Keep your breath deep and slow. Recognize that what others around you may be feeling is not “your” but “theirs.” Become a witness to what plays out around you, but do not get caught up in the emotions that take you out of your calm center. Whenever you are aware that you are NOT responding from your calm center, STOP! Take whatever time you need to become calm again. Close your eyes if necessary to shut out the external stimulus. Make a practice of living your life from a place of calm, no matter what is going on around you.

No one can MAKE you react. If you are mindful and have practiced this skill well, you can remain calm no matter what is going on around you. When the clearing of the cellular memory is complete, there will be very little that will be capable of triggering you unless you choose to engage with it emotionally within present time. Remain detached and sovereign. If you are still engaging with the 3D drama, we suggest you discontinue that behavior.
The world around you is dying. The things that will be happening around you will be the result of desperation and fear. Do not engage with them. The world around you is in a precarious state right now. It took a long time to get that way, and there are cracks appearing in the veneer that covers over the depth of what is going wrong, but the power elite are doing everything they can to make things appear “normal” and just as they always have been. 

Do not be deceived. The foundations are crumbling and soon the whole thing will come tumbling down into a time of chaos, confusion, and irrational behaviors on the part of those who are afraid and desperate to find something to cling to for support. There will be a lot of angry people, too, as they realize the extent that they have been betrayed in placing their trust in their leaders, who cannot lead them out of the mess that has been collectively created and must be dealt with now.    

It will not be a pretty sight, and there will be a lot of shouting, demands for action, and “acting out” when frustration levels get too high. The simple fact is that things have gone too far to be corrected in “normal” ways, and so a major “course correction” will come about as each thing gets so far out of balance that it triggers another thing to go over a critical threshold and also begin to spin out of control.
You have an expression called “the domino effect.” It refers to how the rectangular tiles used to play a game called Dominoes can be stood on edge and placed in a line in such a way that if one piece falls over, it knocks over the piece that is next to it in the line, which then knocks over the piece next to it in the line, and so on, until all of the pieces have fallen over. This happens in a smooth, wavelike motion, and happens in a sequence determined by the relative position of each piece with respect to the whole line of pieces and the interrelationships and connections with every other piece in the line. Just so with the world around you.

What is about to occur could not have occurred before. There were certain kinds of connections that had to line up, in order for all of the pieces to cause the other pieces to fall. Things had to proceed slowly at first, so that all of the pieces would line up, but there is a certain point when everything is lined up and waiting until the one critical piece falls, and then the whole thing falls down in rapid succession. 

When this occurs, it will still take time to play out, but for those with “eyes to see” and who can FEEL the energy of things, it will be obvious when that critical point has arrived. This is when we will go into “high gear” with the “op” and this is when you must be ready to respond to changes and to respond to them quickly and without hesitation.

You have had a long time to prepare. We have been providing these Messages over a period of years, and we have been asking you to do certain things that some of you have been doing and some of you haven’t. Now the time is very short, so if you have not made living these principles a priority before now, we strongly suggest that you do so now. For those of you who HAVE been following our instructions, keep on doing that and strengthen your new habits so that they become automatic no mater what is going on in your life.

You are close to a time of massive change, and we have given you all of the instructions you need to cope with these changes in an effective and beneficial way. If you will re-read what we have given you already, you will discover it is all there and that it only awaits your using it in your life — every moment of every day.    

We may still speak to you from time to time, but it will only be to give you brief announcements of temporal value, ones that will not tell you what to do or how to be, but rather just to tell you about something that is about to occur. There will not be many of these announcements, so this will be the last of the formal Messages for Volume Three. The rest of the information will be provided through our messenger and her efforts to communicate with the rest of you through the medium of the Internet. However, even if you do not have access to the Internet at times, you can always get your moment-to-moment information and “news” within yourself.    

Once you have fully crossed over and anchored your awareness in 4D, even these brief notices will not be necessary. You will have full awareness of everything that is going on, and will have no need of notices within the 3D envelope. In the meantime, we hope you will take our advice and finish the work you still have to do in order to make that crossing. 

You are here to do a job, and everything you are doing now is still preparation for that job. It has all been preparation until now, and the preparation has been going on for centuries of your time. However, the time is coming when the preparation will be behind you and it will be time to go to work on the evacuation itself. That will be the culmination of what you have come to do within the 3D envelope and that will complete the focus of your 3D life. 

However, just beyond that ending is a new beginning for you. A door will swing open on an entirely new set of possibilities and only peace, joy, and love will remain.
We leave you now, in peace, honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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