September 17, 2006
We have asked to speak with you today because you have reached a certain threshold point in the journey back to the next density. If you were to label your starting point as density 3.0 and your emergence point as density 4.0, you are now at density 3.8. Since all movement takes place as a form of oscillation — that is, a wave that moves back and forth between two points, above and below the line that describes the forward movement — you may have noticed that you have been having times when you feel more like you are in fourth density and times that you feel more like you are still in third density. Well, since you have now reached density 3.8, that will result in your awareness “peeking” into 4.0 density more and more. This could get a little confusing at times, so we thought it would be helpful for us to offer some explanations about the process as it is being experienced now. 
Some of you are already noticing these things, and some of you have either not begun to experience them or won’t experience them at all. For those of the “special forces,” your job requires you to remain fairly close to density 3.0, so the most you will experience until after the evacuation is an oscillation around density 3.2. This is because your task requires you to interface with those who are oscillating around 3.0 most of the time. They will rise slightly as a result of your interaction with them, but all of you will remain closely tied to third density for now.    

Those of the third wave are being prepared on the inner planes to receive these teachings and vision but they are not yet conscious of this, as for them, the world is very much the way it has been most of their lives — perhaps a bit more uncertain right now, but otherwise very much “business as usual.” They still have to go through what you might term “a rude awakening,” and it is precisely the shocking nature of what they have to register that will awaken them to how much the world is changing and how quickly “business as usual” will disappear. It will seem like almost an overnight thing when it all comes to a head, but of course this has been going on in this direction for centuries.    

The first and second waves are the ones to whom we are primarily addressing these remarks today. You number in the thousands. The special forces number in the thousands, and the third wave contains around 6 million individuals, more or less. We don’t concern ourselves with precise numbers at this time. That will not come into play until other things have occurred and the lists of specific tasks have to be made and followed. It is still a little early for that, but we are already very aware of what is coming and how best to prepare for those times.
So, now, for those of the first and second waves, you may have already begun to notice a heightening of your physical senses and periodic moments in which you are content to simply stop and “be.” This is part of your “peeking” into fourth density. Perhaps you have already had moments in which you aren’t sure exactly where you are. You can still look around yourself and see the same objects and people, but there is a sense of being further away somehow, like you are seeing through a telescope or some kind of mechanism that allows you to peer in from another location, although you are not quite sure where that might be. This is very normal and typical of your present level of vibration.    

You might also find yourself less motivated by the things that used to motivate you. Fear is a great motivator, and as you move through your fears and your cellular memory is purged, fear ceases to motivate you. Instead you feel a certain confidence building within you. Your trust in the process is greatly increased because you have had so much recent evidence of the changes that you are going through it becomes harder to doubt. In fact, you could say that you are feeling progressively more relaxed and at ease, when compared to those around you. There is a loss of identification with what you used to define yourself by, and that may leave you feeling somewhat undefined at times. Get used to it.    

When you are fully in fourth density consciousness and awareness, you will always be creating in the present moment, with no thought to what you have done and no thought to what will follow. This is difficult for you to comprehend right now, as you are still not quite “in” that way of being. However, now that you have reached this threshold, you will experience fourth density ways more often and for longer periods of time. 

You may remember that a long time ago we told you that when the moment came to fully enter fourth density, it would only be another small step of many already taken. Perhaps now you can begin to appreciate that statement. The process is entirely natural and does not require arduous studies, methods or “cures.” Everything you need is being provided and it is perhaps more difficult to accept that all you need to do is RECEIVE it than it would be to be told you had a lot you had to do.
In third density, everything is built around striving and doing. When one goal or achievement is reached, there is a brief time of respite and content and then you are back to “doing” again. Then there comes a time when life winds down and one prepares to die. Well, you are already dying to who you were and the ways you followed to bring you this far in the journey. 

So what to do now? We have said it so often. Relax and enjoy the ride. Go with the flow. Don’t push. Breathe. Remain in the present. Listen within. Simple directions, simple choices, but they must be repeated over and over again. It is a little like the practice of meditation. At the beginning, one’s mind wanders and one has to make a conscious choice to bring the mind back to the intended focus. One has to make this choice over and over again, until it becomes a new habit. 

In this journey to Terra, you have had to learn some new habits, such as “let go and let God” handle the details. You have had to become more aware of when you are tense and when you are in fear. You have had to learn to allow your emotions to surface and push away much of your social conditioning. You have had to have a lot of courage to differ from those around you, and you have all done beautifully on these things. 

Now it’s time to take all of these practices that you have been practicing and make them a part of the way you are, all of the time. The “old patterns” will continue to surface to a certain degree until all has been cleared. Remember that you are clearing 4.5 billion years of experiences from many planes and locations of existence, so what is going on is a monumental task when focused through such a small “lens” as a single individual, especially when one is still in veiled consciousness, so we applaud you for your commitment and persistence on your path. You have done well, and the time for joy is getting closer and closer. 

As you move upward into fourth density, everything that is not compatible with that way of being and that form of consciousness has to drop away. You have made many completions already, and those that are left sweep across many lifetimes as themes you have explored. If you are going to be in full consciousness and fully in communion with All That Is, any residue that has not been cleared would be shared with everyone and everything, and that would multiply the discomfort enormously. It would be like every thought and emotion was magnified tremendously, multiplied by an almost inconceivable number — not just millions or billions, but almost beyond being countable. The fact that you are being taken up slowly and the reason the process has taken so long is a form of protection — for you, and for everyone you would come in contact with. 

This process is a gradual one for several reasons. One is that if it went any faster, you might not be able to handle it and it is intended that you arrive intact. Another reason is so that you can integrate the changes and remain relatively balanced and functional. In some societies and cultures, there are provisions for people who are in full consciousness so that they do not need to be working at jobs, but are taken care of through the donations of those who value their state of being. You are widely scattered across the planet, and you inhabit many different cultures, so it is necessary for you to remain functional, you might say, all the way to the “top.” You have now passed this critical threshold, and although there will be still some clearings, it will become much easier now.
You have made a long upward climb, and it has been difficult much of the way, but now you have passed a certain “milestone,” and things will get easier and easier for you to complete the rest of the process. Your outer circumstances may remain much the same, but it is in your inner places that the ease comes. Almost without realizing it, you are already vastly different than you were when we began delivering these Messages 7 years ago. Look back to the previous year and you can see how much has changed within you since then. Take a moment to appreciate how far you have already come, and then be comforted that there is not much further to go.

During this last part of the movement into fourth density, it will become easier for you to accept the changes that come with that. Your bodies are going to be somewhat “undependable” as you move back and forth between these two vibratory rates and states of being. Your senses may be greatly heightened one day and be greatly dampened the next. You may be in excruciating pain, and then inexplicably feel a great deal of relief and even bliss. 

Your bodies are being greatly challenged to keep up with the changes, so this is a time to be very good to yourself. Take things slowly and don’t overdo. Simplify and take time to enjoy where you are. Appreciate what you have and let go of the endless striving for “more.” Look at “needs” versus “wants,” and also recognize how many of your “wants” are simply habit. They are driven by the mass consciousness, and there is a paradox for you now: as you “progress” on your path more, you will also experience yourself as falling behind those who are in the mass consciousness and stampeding over the cliff like so many herd animals. You are slowing your progress in the direction they are taking and you are beginning to swing around to take another direction entirely. 

In your sciences, there is something called inertia. What this means is that an object that is in motion tends to remain in motion until and unless another force occurs to impede or redirect that motion. (It is also true that when an object is at rest, it requires the application of some kind of force to get it moving, but we want to follow the first thread of this conversation, namely to look at the inertia or momentum of objects in motion.) 

You have all been part of the society in which you live. There is a certain momentum and inertia to overcome in order to go in a different direction than the mass of people is following. These Messages have been one way of redirecting you to take a different trajectory or course than those around you. In fact many of the suggestions we have given you run totally contrary to all of your social conditioning. That is another reason why this process has of necessity taken so long.
But now a certain threshold has been crossed, and the change of direction has built up its own momentum. The movement will be quicker and easier than before, and soon it will seem like you almost slip effortlessly into your new state of being and find yourselves in another place altogether. This will be a literal perception of being somewhere else when your oscillations have taken you across the threshold and you are vibrating wholly above the 4.0 density point. In the meantime, you will experience more and more of the fourth density ways and perceptions, so please do not think you are losing your sanity. This is totally normal in this process and we are watching over you and working with you constantly, to make sure the pace is perfect for you.

This is not something you can do for yourself. It is not something you can buy in a bottle or read in a book. It is something that is being given to you, and all you have to do is receive the gift. It is not because you are more “deserving” than others. It is because your Oversoul has chosen it to be this way for you, and we are simply “following orders” that come down from the very highest sources in the spiritual hierarchy. If you could see the amount of activity that is really going on “behind the scenes,” you would be in awe. And we are only speaking about the part that involves you! Just imagine that similar activity is taking place on every other timeline, for those who are heading toward other destinations. It truly can’t be grasped with the linear mind.    

And so, beloveds, we are truly filled with joy at your having attained this important milestone. It has taken much work at both ends of the equation. You have been great “soldiers” in the struggles that have warred within you and the choices you have had to make over and over again. The process will be much easier for you now, and if you can just remember to continue to release resistance, remain over your feet (don’t get ahead of yourself), and listen within, that’s all you have to do. We will supply the rest.

We leave you now, in peace, honor, and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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