November 10, 2006
All right, now. We have asked to speak to you from the perspective of the “long view.” For us, the things that are in motion are those that have been in motion since this reality was formed. Think about that for a moment. When the “idea” of a new life emerges from the Mind of God, it does so fully complete with all of the elements present that will be required for its desired “dance,” and also for its completion and resolution back into the Mind of God, from which it came. 
Just so, now. When this portion of reality was “conceived” in the Mind of God, that “conception” or “idea” included everything that has played out for the past 4.5 billion years and everything that will complete that arc of experience until it resolves back into the Mind of God. This is how the “God Game” works. Everything is already present, but does not reveal itself all at once. Rather it plays out within linear time, and reveals all of its contents in a sequence of actions and steps.    

Everything that you will be witnessing now is part of the completion that was seeded at the inception of the “idea” that resulted in this portion of reality. When the elohim came together to precipitate this reality out of their beingness, they did so according to the template brought forth from the Mind of God. They were co-creators, not THE Creator, and they did the work OF the Creator, in service TO the Creator. 

So it is with you. None of you are separate from the Creator, and none of you are working against the plan of the Creator. Even those who provide the stimulus for your experience — those of the “loyal opposition” as well as those of your team and everyone else — are working within the plan of the Creator. It could not be otherwise, because that’s how the Creation works.

When we asked you to detach from the drama, we really meant that. The stimulus level is increasing daily, and if you don’t detach from the drama, you will get caught up in the swirling waters and get sucked down into the chaos. You speak of the Age of Aquarius, the water bearer, who is often portrayed tipping a container of water over its shoulder so that the water flows out of the container in a great stream — what you might term a flood. 

The “tipping point” came decades ago, and the flood — from your perspective — has been heading toward you for quite a long time. From outside of time, it is just another “moment” — another bead on the string of experience — no more and no less important or significant than all that preceded it and all that will follow it. It is all just experience to satisfy the Creator’s desire to experience Itself through Its creations. So we feel it would be beneficial for you to detach from the drama, step back, and let the flood sweep by you entirely.

The workings of the power elite will be surfacing more and more with each passing day, with each passing year. However that is only half of the picture. You see, we have been working, too, and we have our own “power plays,” also. We seek to empower you to reclaim your essence and true nature, because out of you a whole new set of possibilities will emerge, as part of a wholly new creation. 

While the power elite (and those who will initially oppose them) focus on the phenomena of 3D, we are quietly working away, hidden in the background and invisible to those who cannot see us or what we do because they are blind to whatever does not exist within themselves. Even those of the negative polarity at the higher densities are not all-seeing or omniscient. They can only recognize what their experience and models allow them to recognize. Although we all have access to similar technologies, they cannot recognize the essence and vibration of love. 

While they seek to dominate nature, we work WITH nature, including the human nature. We both seek to eliminate resistance, but we do it in opposite ways. We encourage; they discourage. Each side in the polarity game pursues methods in keeping with that polarity. Precisely because they cannot see or understand our ways, we are able to carry out our activities in a totally hidden way, safe from those who might wish to intrude on or prevent what it is that we are doing.
No matter what you might see taking place in the events playing out in the physical realm, there are also events taking place in the non-physical realm. Each of you that is part of the “op” carries hidden codes and programs in your DNA — not just the portion of the DNA that is visible to your scientists with their physical instruments, but also the many layers of non-physical information that is also coded within you. We play on those codes like a musician plays music. Each “note” is struck at a particular time in the overall song. We set off tones from our side of things and your built-in codes are set in motion (through the principle of resonance) in response to the tones we sound at precise moments in the entire process. 

We have spoken before of our use of the technologies of sound and light to accomplish the task of restoring you to your full estate. The other side is also using technologies of sound and light for their purposes and will continue to do so. However, resonance works in both directions. If you DON’T resonate with a tone, nothing happens inside of you. It doesn’t matter what your intellect “believes.” This is all taking place below the level of your conscious knowledge, in secret and in a very protected way.
So we are speaking to you today to ask you to trust in our methods, to listen within, and to allow the drama to play out in front of you without fearing it or engaging with it. There is nothing to fix and nothing to stop. There is no one to warn, and no one to write letters of protest to. There is nothing to be gained by engaging in debate with those who don’t have this perspective or understanding. All we ask you to do is release your resistance, release your pain, release everything that is not part of your essence. 

We can’t overcome your resistance. That is a choice you have to make for yourself. We don’t force ourselves or our methods on anyone, and neither does anyone who is a positive-polarity being. If you happen to read about predictions of takeovers, demonstrations, or other kinds of “public education,” recognize that those are either the workings of the deceivers or projections from the very human minds that feel they have to “do something” to change things from the course they are slated to take.

It is sad to see the end of a dream. The “American dream” has come and gone and is over now, for all intents and purposes. However, we hope that the vision of Terra will present a much higher and better dream to attain, and we hope to empower you to reach for it, for it is your destiny and destination. Even those who have come to serve the “op” and then depart for other areas of service have been drawn to the vision of Terra and lent their efforts to help it come to fruition. 

This is a very big event for a relatively small planet, and many hands are tending to the birth, not all of whom will remain to see the new life grow. There is a very complex weaving together of some of the energies at the same time we are untangling others in the ways we have spoken of before. Therefore, we ask you to trust in the “long view,” do your part, let us do ours, and leave everything else behind.

No one is going to rescue anyone from doing the inner work. This is a team effort. No one will stop you from achieving your destination and destiny, either. Each of us is one player in the larger drama. We have our script, too. Everyone has their script, and we can’t tell you details about your individual scripts. All we can tell you is that we are with you and working on you around the clock to enable you to make the rest of the journey successfully. 

The drama that is playing out will become even more dramatic in the days, months, and years ahead. Observe it if you feel to, but allow it to play out without resistance from your end or contributing to it by becoming involved in it. It is going to play out, no matter how you respond to it. It isn’t going to be stopped, and it isn’t supposed to be stopped. Everyone is playing their individual part perfectly. This is the grand summing up of the human experience on 3D planet Earth. Some of it will continue on other future Earths, which have no connection to you or your individual journey.
You are going to be heading into 4D and leaving the drama of 3D Earth behind you. Now is a good time to begin doing that. Leave this drama where it belongs. Do not engage with it or you can get caught up in it, and that will interfere with the work we are doing with you. There was a song that was popular during the “flower children” era that had a refrain that seems appropriate to recall now: “Let it be. Let it be.” In fact we think that is such a good idea that we will title this Message that way: “Let it be.” 

When we asked you to “let go and let God” (handle the details), that was another way of saying, “Let it be.” By not resisting what is playing out, it will simply slide by you as you slip out another door and leave it behind. “Let it be,” and you will free yourself to move on to something else entirely. We would like you to slip out of that other door and come to be with us where we are. In order to do that, you must be willing to let everything else play out as it needs to in order to fulfill all of the other scripts, too, so “let it be” what it is supposed to be and go another way entirely. Let it be what it is supposed to be and let yourself be what you are supposed to be, too.
Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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