June 7, 2006
All right, now. We have asked to speak with you to inaugurate the movement into the final 3D phase of Operation Terra. Today we will only speak in generalities of what lies ahead, but it is our intention to guide you through the final phase in more detail as things proceed across the planet.

To begin with, many changes have occurred during the time we have been silent, requiring adjustments in our plans beyond the last “change in plans” that we announced. However, now we are so close to the ending of all of this that there will be specifics that might be altered, but the overall movement must complete without further delay. 
You stand on the threshold of profound change for the entire planet, but most especially for its human population. Things are leading to a crisis point that should be clearly visible to those who have “eyes to see.” We remind you that your safety lies within, and we encourage you to strengthen your ability to quiet yourself and listen to your inner wisdom, despite what might be going on around you. 

There will be many putting forth their solutions to the “problem,” but remain calm and ignore the predictable chaos that will ensue. The world’s leaders have been trying to maintain the status quo for a very long time, and don’t want to have people panicking until it is unavoidable. We urge you to not panic at any time, for clear thinking and reasoned action are what is called for during chaotic times such as those which lie just ahead. You will make your journey easier if you can remember this, and you will also serve as a model for those around you who might otherwise give in to their fear.

Those of you who have been reading these Messages and applying their principles in your lives will be of great help to those who are just beginning to realize that things are not quite right in the world and are worsening on a daily basis. The movement into chaos is well under way, but it is being kept hidden for as long as possible by those in power and who stand to benefit by doing so.

In one of our earliest Messages, we spoke about the last grab for resources that would be taking place. You have seen some of that in some of the actions taken by the US government, but other governments are doing the same thing to the best of their ability. Those who have the necessary information to sense the magnitude of what is about to transpire have been taking actions for quite awhile that will give them the most power when things begin to come apart. It is all rather like a game, but in this case, not everyone is an equal player. Many have nothing to play with at all, so it will be a contest among the “haves,” as the “have nots” do not have the resources to do anything but survive as best as they can. It will not be a pretty sight as the awareness dawns on the many just how dire things really are.

We do not say these things to alarm you. We only wish to prepare you for what is coming and to direct you in the ways that will be in keeping with your life’s purpose and plan. Each person who is incarnated now is here because of a decision made by their Oversoul. Each one has a part to play in the larger drama that is unfolding. Some have more visibility than others, but each one is equally important in the context of the whole. 

Each one of you reading this Message is a “player” in this drama — not because you have great material resources, but because you have great spiritual resources within you. You think that your material world is what is “real” because you can verify its presence with your physical senses, but what is truly real is invisible and inaccessible by the physical senses. It is the Creator’s presence that is the only thing that is real, and you are an individualized aspect of the Creator-in-expression. 

We are embedded within the matrix of the Creator as much as you are. All of us source from the Mind of the Creator, and as you make your journey into greater mindfulness and awareness of what is real, you will also be more aware of the Mind of the Creator as it generates you, speaks through you, thinks through you, and moves through you. All of the clearings you have been going through have one aim: to make you as clear as possible so that the Mind of the Creator can work through you with as little distortion as possible.
As long as you identify with your body as who and what you are, you will be living from an illusory sense of reality. As you are able to surrender your personal preferences and become more detached and neutral, you will be able to align more perfectly with the Mind of the Creator. 

The Creator is dispassionate toward Its creations. This is in direct conflict with the belief in a personal “God,” one that puts some of its creations above others. To the Creator, all of Its creations are equal, and serve equally to fulfill the Creator’s desire to experience all possibilities. 

To those who feel that their way is the only way to God, we would say that they are laboring under an illusion. The Creator is present within all of Its creations, so there is nothing that is outside of the Creator, and there is nothing that is separate from the Creator. These ideological wars that lead to people killing each other are not based in any kind of truth other than what people believe to be true. That does not make it true, despite the power of the individual mind. Only the Mind of the Creator can truly create anything.

Then where do these mistaken ideas come from? They arise from the interactions of individuals with their environment, which includes other individuals with whom they interact. But where do these interactions source from? From the Oversoul that creates each projection that thinks it’s a separate individual. So it all comes back to the Oversouls as the source of the interactions and what could be taken as mistaken ideas. However, if one examines the fruit of such things, it all comes back to the Creator’s desire to experience all things, without preference for some things over others. 

So what you as an individual might prefer is not right for everyone. It is only right for you. Therefore, as you see things playing out in chaotic ways, what you need to discern is what is right for you. It will not be exactly the same for anyone else. It will be challenging to not get swept up in other people’s ideas of what should happen or how things ought to be done, but remain sovereign, and listen to your inner wisdom. This is something that must be applied constantly. There is little time left to learn “lessons” as there is little time left to do things over again. The best way through these times is to listen within and tune out anything that is not in keeping with your own inner wisdom. There will be much to tune out.
Pay attention to how things FEEL within you. Be selective in what you eat, what you expose yourself to in the form of entertainment, and how you spend your time. Be selective in where you go when you have a choice and make choices that enhance your sense of inner peace and quiet. 

If you don’t know how to still the chatter in your mind, find ways to do that. Meditate regularly if that helps you to do that. Take warm baths. Play soothing music. Spend time in nature if possible. Get rid of clutter in every way you can. If you haven’t already done so, review your possessions and get rid of everything that you are not actively using. Pass them on to others if they no longer serve you. The details will be different for each of you, but the goal is the same. Do whatever you need to in order to remain calm in a time of chaos. This is of vital importance.
Pay attention to the little clues that appear in your life. Do not hesitate to break out of your habitual patterns if it feels right to do so. No one else can live your life for you, so do not let anyone else’s opinions dictate how you live and the choices you make. Your inner wisdom will be your own best friend. We are always with you, and we often do things to get your attention and make you aware of our presence. We are all part of the same team, with the same goal — namely to prepare the way for the new world of Terra. To this end, you have all been doing your part in clearing energies that would impede the planet’s progress upward, and you have also been rising in frequency yourselves.    

Look back to the time when we last spoke to you. It was just a little over a year ago, around 13 months to be more exact. Has anything changed in your life? Do you perceive things differently? How do you feel about yourself now as compared to then? The changes are not just going on in the phenomenal world of material reality. There are even greater changes taking place within. They are affecting everyone and every thing on the planet — the animals, the plants, the very air you breathe. Nothing is unaffected by these changes, and the changes will continue to accelerate from here on in. 

Do you doubt that you are changing? When you look in the mirror, there is not so much that is different, but inside is a different story. Ideas that used to excite you somehow have lost their flavor. Everything looks pretty much the same, but your relationship to it has changed a great deal. 

Many, if not most, people on the planet have not changed a great deal in this past year, but those of you who are part of Operation Terra have been going through an accelerated transformation — one that has required a great deal of you at times. Well, it is only going to go faster from here on in, so the best way to be comfortable with this journey is to remain surrendered at all times. Whenever you become aware of resistance to or avoidance of anything, surrender that resistance and open up to receive what must be received in that situation. 

To align with what’s real, you must surrender up your previous ideas of “how it is,” ideas you learned from others who learned from still others, all of whom were in veiled consciousness and therefore not qualified to teach those ideas to anyone else as truth. Become a Truth seeker. There is only the Creator in expression. That is the only truth. That is what is real. 

Work with that idea. When you feel an emotional charge rise up within you, do not resist it, but do not feed it either. Let it flow through you without acting from it. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions, but recognize them as the passing things they are. It is only in the quiet space within you, when you are not being affected by your passing emotions, that you can know and receive Truth. There is a lot of noise in the world, and it keeps people from truly hearing what is going on within themselves. You can choose what you listen to. Listen within.
We will have more to say to you, but this is all we would say to you now. We leave you in peace, honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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