July 3, 2006
If you are uncertain as to where to go and what to do, what is the best approach to take? Listen within. Wait for clarity. Refuse to act until you are certain that that is what you are supposed to do. Certainty is not easy when there are so many voices clamoring in your head for attention to their particular point of view. What do you do about that? Wait for clarity. Wait until the clamor dies down and only a single quiet voice remains. Wait for clarity. Do not act without clarity about it being the TIME to act, as well. Everything has its perfect timing in the larger scheme of things.
So, now, why do we repeatedly emphasize these basic principles? Because they are your compass through the uncharted waters that lie just ahead. If you are setting out on a journey without a map and only the sense that you must cross an ocean to reach a shore that is not visible to you, you will have to keep your attention fixed on that far horizon until you reach it. You must set your course, and then follow it. Your guidance systems must have a “fix” on your destination. 

You carry this information within you. It is coded into the very cells and DNA of the body you walk around in. Your journey IS already mapped out, but because of the necessity of making this journey in a state of veiled consciousness, you have to "pretend" you don’t know where you are going. It is all part of the illusion about who and what and where you are.    

The "real you" is nonlocal. By that, we mean it is not limited to a particular space/time location. If you have had an extensive out-of-body experience or a near-death experience, you might have realized that once you were free of your body, you could see in all directions at once. However, that still provided the experience of perceiving through a particular and fixed location. As an expression of the Creator, you exist everywhere at once. You exist in everything you perceive, and just as the Creator experiences Itself through Its creations, you also experience yourself through all of the creation that you intersect with from your individualized point of awareness.
This will not change when you are in full consciousness again, but what WILL change will be how you perceive everything you observe and interact with. You will EXPERIENCE being part of everything that exists. You will directly "know" the meaning of the phrase, "I am that." Are you familiar with that term? It has appeared in many of your languages. 

In the Hebrew language, it is "Ayeh Esher Ayeh" ["I am that I am," spelled phonetically]. In the Mayan language, it is "In Lakesh" ["I am another yourself," spelled phonetically]. This is a very old understanding. In the traditions that emphasize something you call self-realization or enlightenment, the attainment of those states brings you to the direct experience. "You" are everywhere and in everything you perceive. The meaning of these terms come down to that simple fact. You are intimately interwoven with everything that exists and everything that exists has its counterpart in you. 

Why do we emphasize this point? Because in order to move out of separation consciousness, you have to realize this for yourself — not just as an intellectual concept, but as an inherent feature of your experience of life. In point of fact, this is absolutely true, but until your veils are thinned to the point you can actually FEEL the reciprocity of the dance of the illusion you are mired in, you will never be able to move past enemy-patterning into oneness with All That Is.    

Your life is bringing you closer to this realization every day. Your life is giving you opportunities to see and know that everything and everyone you come in contact with mirrors something of yourself back to you, so you can come to see yourself EVERYWHERE and IN EVERYTHING. You will come to realize that everywhere you look, there you are.
One of the terms you have for the Creator is "All That Is." The Creator permeates all of Its Creations. It is the matrix, the foundation, the ground of all that exists. As an individualized aspect of the Creator, YOU also exist in All That Is. YOU also are part of the matrix, the foundation, the ground of all that exists. But that does not mean that "you" ARE "the Creator." Let us give you an example from your experience with food. 

Let’s say you are going to make a soup or a stew or a gelatin salad. Any of those dishes contain individual ingredients. In the gelatin salad, for example, there may be sliced vegetables or small pieces of fruit or nuts or any number of ingredients. What interconnects all of these individual pieces is the gelatin that forms the whole. Likewise, in a soup or stew, all of the individual pieces are swimming in the broth. The Creator is the gelatin or the broth, interpenetrating all of the pieces of ingredients.
However, the Creator is ALSO present in the pieces themselves, unlike the gelatin or broth. This is very difficult to grasp with the intellect alone, but if you can — even for a moment — get your intellect to step back so you can use your intuition to directly experience the reality BEHIND the apparent reality in which you move and have your focus, you might just catch an intuitive sense that what is REALLY going on is not perceivable with your physical senses.    

Why is this important to mention at all right now? Because very soon, things are going to get very intense in many aspects of your planetary civilization, and unless you can somehow manage to remain in a state of unity with everything that unfolds, the experience of separation from Source will be greatly magnified and you will feel very threatened and very much at risk. 

This in turn will cause you to contract in fear, and when you are in fear, you cannot be in a state of acceptance or love. Your energies will congeal instead of flowing, and you will be unable to respond appropriately to the enormous amount of change going on. You will get "stuck" and instead of moving with grace through these changes, you could get mired down in the muck and literally drown.
Now, each of you carries within you the codes that make up your personality as it was designed by your Oversoul. You have "designer genes" (pardon our pun) and you are designed to make the appropriate choices to make it through the times that lie just ahead. Nonetheless, for reasons that you will understand better once you HAVE attained full consciousness again, it is necessary for you to again learn to be in unity with everything around you and it is necessary for you to have lots of practice in disengaging and detaching from the drama. You have all made this trip before, long ago, when you first incarnated into a body of flesh. Before that, you were vastly expanded consciousnesses, unembodied and much less limited.

You have already made it "up the scale" through the various densities of experience, and from the higher densities, you responded to a call for your participation in the present drama. Then you came down again, accepted the partial amnesia that accompanied your "fall" down through the levels to arrive in a body on 3D Earth, and now you are finding you way back up to where you were before. By the end of this entire process, those of you who are our soul family will find yourselves back in the experience of being vastly expanded consciousnesses again. Some of you actually sustain entire creations. But before that occurs, you have a certain job to perform and that is to re-attain that state of unity with all things and from that platform of higher consciousness, carry out your tasks for the evacuation and the colonization of Terra. 

Your consciousness has already been moving in that direction for quite awhile. Many of you have become even more sensitive than you have been most of your life because of the clearings of your cellular memory, and that can present quite a challenge when trying to operate and survive within such a dense field of consciousness as that which exists on 3D Earth at this time. However, you were created with all of the inner resources to not just survive in this density, but ultimately to thrive in it. You might have to revise your definitions of what constitutes "thriving," as so many pictures of the "good life" seem to include a lot of material possessions and large properties in which to house them.

From OUR perspective, a life is "good" based on how you FEEL about living it! Have you ever heard about a person who seemed to have everything possible and who committed suicide or was hospitalized for depression? THINGS can’t make you happy. Your inner satisfaction is what makes you happy. You can rejoice in your ability to FEEL emotions, TASTE flavors, SMELL fresh air or the fragrance of a flower, and SEE the tenderness between a parent and its child. You can take satisfaction in your aliveness. If you have done as we advised and simplified your life, you might be astonished to discover how simple your needs actually are. You might also be astonished by how many things you are encouraged to buy aren’t really necessary for a "good life," one that pleases you.
When you are back in full consciousness and can directly manifest everything you desire, you won’t have closets full of clothes, cabinets full of dishes or movies or equipment or tools. You will be totally free of all of those things and totally free of the need for a house to contain them and organize them. Can you even imagine that kind of freedom from THINGS? Try it. Try living that way now. Try finding pleasure in what is there in front of you, whether it’s a sound, a sight, a feeling, or a flavor. Savor your life. Live fully NOW. Begin moving in the direction of having everything you want or desire, right where you are and right where you find yourself in each and every moment of your life. 

We will have much more to say on these subjects as things unfold, but we felt it was time to at least introduce these concepts and reinforce the ones we have already given you. We will speak with you again. In the meantime, we send you our love and shelter you with our peace. Every day brings us closer to being together again.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
COMMENTARY: Usually, when the Hosts have a new Message to give me, they sound a tone in my right ear, accompanied by a pressure shift, and I know to get ready to receive the Message. I know the Message has started when I hear the words, “All right, now ...” However, this Message was different. They notified me in the morning that there would be a new Message, but said I should wait until after I had showered, dressed and eaten. 

When I was ready, I waited for the familiar words, but they did not come. When the first paragraph came in, I wasn’t sure if they were part of the Message or a personal communication with me because I was a little confused by the change in the usual procedure. However, by the time the flow was established and I had reached the second paragraph, I knew this was the Message and that the first paragraph had been a prelude to the real “meat” of the Message, which began in the third paragraph.

As I received the rest of the Message, I was aware that there was a greater degree of layering and complexity, and that things were being taken to a new level of frequency through the light codes that accompanied the words. There were many "double meanings" throughout and I realized that more than one level of perception was being addressed. In addition, I and others experienced a new round of clearing following the arrival of the Message and my subsequent posting of it on the online Forums. 

It took 3 days for this particular clearing to complete, and I was aware that it had to do with many lifetimes’ worth of experiences being neutralized around issues that had occurred repeatedly as themes in my expression. These particular themes directly related to things that were inconsistent with my archetypal expression/essence, so I knew this activation had to do with bringing me closer to the time when that would be all that was left.

This change in both the content and quality of energy was anticipated back in the last Message of Volume Two, “Farewell for Awhile,” and underscores that when the Hosts say something will happen, it often takes more time to manifest than we expect. While there have been dates or timeframes given for phenomena that did not arrive as soon as expected, it is clear that the phenomena themselves are occurring now. This Message has more to do with where we are being asked to go in our consciousness than focusing on where we are going with regard to outer phenomena. It follows logically upon the last Message, “Listen Within” and goes beyond that, beginning with the second paragraph.    

The IDEAS in this Message are not new, as the Hosts themselves point out. “Enlightenment” and “self-realization” have been around in human thought for centuries, if not millennia. However, the light codes contained in this Message are something new, something that is actively stimulating those of us who carry the matching codes within our DNA into resonating with the information streaming into us through this Message. The resonating in turn will shake loose the remaining debris in our cellular memory that would cloud the full expression of our essence and hinder our ability to fully align with our 4D identities. 

I feel this Message marks a significant step upward for those who are part of Operation Terra. If one carries the matching codes and can go beyond the words to FEEL what is going on inside of oneself, there should be noticeable changes from here on in. I expect that future Messages will continue this theme of moving into full awareness of one’s true identity and into conscious fusion and communion with the Creator as a permanent state of being.
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