July 20, 2006
All right, now. Things are definitely heating up on your planet, aren’t they! We would like to give you some gentle reminders and then move on to some topics that may be new for you.    

First of all, remember to detach from the drama that is unfolding all around you. Be sure to remind yourself that all of this was planned from the moment of Creation, and was a part of the Plan for the end of the present Creation when it was formed, so there is no point in becoming upset about what must come to pass. 

Deep breaths that emphasize the exhale are helpful in dispelling tension that might arise within you. Breathe deeply and often, as often as is necessary to remain calm. This is going to be a somewhat rough transition, because things were delayed as long as possible and now there is a store of unreleased energies that must be released over a shorter period of time. 

That being said, we want to remind you that you are not alone. Not only are there many of you scattered across the surface of the planet, there are so many more of us grouped around each of you — watching you, tending to you, and working with you at all times, but especially while you sleep. If you have issues that need to be cleared, the time has arrived to complete with that process, for the time is short before you will need to be finished with that part of your movement into 4D and beyond. This may be a very intense period for you, but we wish to assure you that it is only a phase, not a permanent state, and it will pass, as everything that is not eternal also passes.    

Now, then. How about a new topic to entertain your minds? What would you most like to know? Of course, there are the perennial “when” and “how” and “where” questions, and we decline to answer them, simply because it’s part of your process to discover this for yourself, and we won’t infringe on your process in those ways.

A number of you have been wondering about the symptoms of the clearings and some of the sensations and emotions that have been coming up for you during this time. We can’t do anything but speak in generalities, as the process is so individual that each one of you will have a slightly different experience. However, we can talk about some of the broader phenomena that will likely be common to all of you at some point in your process. 
First of all, wherever you have energetic blockages in your body, those places are going to be totally cleared of all restraints to free energy flow. This will require the blockages to be cleared and released, so whatever is causing the blockage will also have to be cleared and released. Most of the blockages are held in the emotional body, so much of the clearing will involve clearing of emotions. 

Some of the blockages also are held in the subtle body that you sometimes refer to as the etheric or astral body. These result from residue left over from other lives lived and carried as vestiges of those experiences in the Oversoul, which collected and received those experiences through the individual soul connected to each individual life. Those “memories” from other lives lived are also being cleared, so you may be having dreams in which you recall these other lives, and you may also be briefly meeting or connecting with individuals who were participants in those other lives and with whom you interacted at that time.
This matter of other lives gets a little confusing. When we say “you,” it might refer to the locus of awareness that is reading this Message, or it might refer to “you” in the more generalized sense — an Oversoul that is an individualized expression of the Creator, the “projector” of the projection that you presently identify with as being who you are. We have said before that there is no “re-incarnation,” only “incarnation.” By this, we mean that the particular body and personality you currently occupy only gets created once.

The Oversoul normally creates several bodies or projections simultaneously. The word incarnation means to be in a “carnal” (fleshly) body. So an incarnation is really a projection of a portion of the Oversoul into a carnal or fleshly (physical) body. Any given incarnation/body only is created once for a particular space/time nexus (intersection). It never is created at any other time, but shares in a common Oversoul with other incarnations created/projected by that same Oversoul. 

None of you is really your body, and it is not your body that is what is important. The body is just the vehicle for gathering experiences from interactions with everything else in its environment. What is important is the awareness of the experience — the “charge” that the experience carries and that is communicated to the Oversoul as part of the memories it stores — and the essence of the experience itself. 

The reason the experience is created in the first place is to satisfy the Creator’s desire to experience Itself through Its creations. All experiences have this in common, no matter what the individual details of the experience may be. The degree of emotional charge is associated with how much of that experience is remembered, both at the physical and cellular levels and at the Oversoul level. The greater the charge, the greater the impact on the storage systems, and the greater attention that experience draws to itself.
Consider that this current Creation is approximately 4.5 billion years old. That means that each Oversoul has been collecting experiences from its created projections for 4.5 billion years also. The memories that have the greatest impact are the ones with the greatest emotional charge, so it is logical to conclude that those are the ones that will surface and draw your attention during this time of DIScharging (eliminating the charge) all of the emotional charge that has been collected over the 4.5 billion years.
This is one of the reasons you are witnessing a buildup of emotional charge in present time. These dramas that are being enacted now are actually symptoms of the purging of the collective cellular memory, both on an individual and global basis. The planet herself has served as a repository for the collective charge stored over the time of her existence, and she is purging herself now, also.

So what does this translate into, in terms of your individual and collective experience? Since the emotions of fear, hate, rage, pain, hunger, and anger have been far more prevalent and carried more charge than the gentler emotions of peacefulness, love, joy, and content, these more extreme emotions will dominate the scene as the discharging takes place. However, for those of you who are not in resistance to letting things move through and out of you, in the wake of these discharges, there will be a growing sense of inner peace and calm between the waves of clearing. Resistance only blocks the flow, so where there is resistance, heat and pressure will build up until the necessary release is achieved.

Everything will be cleansed from the planet, and every thing that is on her will also be cleansed in one way or another. For most of the lifeforms on a given timeline, this will result in physical death. However, through the mechanism of multiple timelines, many who appear to die on one timeline will persist and be alive on another timeline. Nonetheless, due to the massive numbers of people present on the planet and the greatly reduced numbers of people on the future Earths residing on the different timelines, many points of awareness will remain “between lives” for a very long time, until an incarnational opportunity presents for their Oversoul to manifest a new projection. 

All of this is totally “normal” in the normal life cycle of a Creation. If you look back over the history of planet Earth, it is only in recent times that population levels became so massive. Most of the Earth’s history didn’t even contain people, and in the earliest phases of human population, the numbers of people were very small and highly localized, as compared with today. There are too many people on the planet that are living in unsustainable ways, and that is one of the imbalances that will be corrected in the times that lie just ahead.
This is the time that has been referred to as “the Great Purification” in some of your cultures. Yes, everything will be purified and returned to its essence. However, you must also remember that not everything is on the same “side” as you are. Those whom you have labeled as your enemies or “evil” will be returning to more of their essence also, so there will be an intensification of polarity. Those who are of mixed polarity and do not polarize sufficiently to energetically qualify for either the purely STO or STS polarities will be created as projections onto other 3D versions of planets and continue to explore experiences that eventually lead to sufficient polarization to graduate into 4D or higher levels of existence. 

So what you will witness is an intensification of identification with “one’s own,” the gathering into groups that share the same destination, and an intensification of polarity on both sides of the polarity table. Remember, too, that everyone and every thing is an expression of the Creator, so in the end, you will have to come to embrace that as your truth. 

It IS the truth. No one and no thing exists separate from the Creator, because everything is an expression of and stems from the Creator. If you despise someone or some thing, you are despising the Creator, and you are not in wholeness or acceptance of what IS. In order to re-attain your former state of mastery, you will have to release all personal preferences and all attitudes that maintain separation. One can’t experience a permanent state of unity with All That Is and also maintain separation — separation from the Creator and all of Its expressions through Its creations. 

This is a natural process and progression, proceeding forth from within. It may seem like things are being forced upon others from outside of themselves, but in fact, each person is a player, created for a particular part and role in the larger drama, and they are simply playing their part as it was “scripted” for them by their Oversoul within the context of the whole. 

The only difference between how it is now and how it will be for you when you are back in full consciousness will be how AWARE you are of how all of the parts fit within the larger whole. The only thing that will change at a fundamental level is your degree of conscious awareness of the workings of the whole. With full awareness, everything “makes sense” and there is nothing that is natural to resist. Right now, all of your learned responses, from across all the “lessons” in the past 4.5 billion years, cloud your awareness so that you can’t “see” clearly, but that is one of the things that is being changed through the process of clearing that is going on now.    

Do not judge other people’s actions or choices. They are serving their role and part in the larger drama just as much as you are. If you were fully aware and conscious of everything and how it fits together with all of the other parts, this would be easy for you. However, until you ARE in full consciousness, one of the ways you define yourself is through your differences from others, and one of the ways you emphasize those differences is either by judging the others or by judging yourself as “less than” or “lower than.” 

No part is less important than any other part. Every thing and everyone is equally important to the whole. So as various actions play out on the planetary surface, remain centered in yourself, listen within in each moment that presents in your life, and choose only for yourself. The question you must ask is, “What is this moment asking of me?” Notice that the emphasis is on what YOU are being asked, not what the moment is asking of anyone else.    

The only “job” you have right now is to support your own process and take full responsibility for your choices and responses to what presents in your life. Right now, the highest and best use of your time and energy, beyond that which is required for your survival needs, is to pay attention to the things that are “up” for clearing within yourself and to give yourself over to moving through them. This will assist you in moving through your completions with the experiences contained within your Oversoul, and those completions will prepare you for the “next act” — the new Creation that is nearly upon you now. 

4.5 billion years is a long time from a human perspective, so it is totally logical that you would have a lot of clearing to do. However, since several lives are often linked by common themes, when you clear the charge for one of those lives, you clear the charge associated with that theme across all of the lives that contain that theme, on both sides of the equation. 

This is all we have to say today, but we will be speaking to you again. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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