August 15, 2006
All right, now. We have asked to speak with you because of events that have occurred on the inner planes since we last spoke with you. First of all, you will be glad to hear that you are over the worst part of the clearings we mentioned before. However, that will present a new challenge for you and that is what we want to address today.

You see, if you can appreciate the fact that all of these “clouds” that have obscured your light also kept YOU from seeing clearly, then as the clearings do their work, you might encounter some difficulties with having your vision made more clear. By “vision,” we speak metaphorically. We are not talking about your physical sight itself, but rather how you perceive things in the world around you. We are also talking about the vision you carry within you, the vision of the world you want to create, so we will call this Message, “About ‘Vision’.”
Seeing more clearly can be uncomfortable at times, for what you could ignore in the past, you can no longer ignore now. It is a little like coming out of a dream and waking up to a world that is not quite as comfortable for you as the dream state was. This is why many people in the world refer to this process as “awakening.” However, we would say you are awakening from a dream that is an illusion and waking up to the dream that you have always carried within you, throughout all the lives that your Oversoul has created.    

Think back, if you can, to 4.5 billion years ago, when you joined with others to dream this dream together. You have all been dreaming and now you are awakening and there is a certain discomfort with what you are seeing as you awaken. It is a world that is clearly out of balance and not in keeping with the dream of what you had hoped her to become.
You have a saying about there being good news and bad news. The good news is that you are much closer to realizing the original dream than ever before. That dream will culminate with the manifestation and realization of Terra, the new world where all of your dreams will manifest as reality for you. We think you will be surprised at how much of yourself has already gone into the creation of Terra as an idea. It speaks to your heart’s deepest longings, now that you have had your fill of experiences on 3D Earth. 

You will appreciate Terra all the more for having been through everything you have been through, and once you have completed your transformation in form and consciousness and re-attained your former way of being, all of what you have traversed in the past will indeed seem like a dream, even though you still think of it as real right now. 

And now for the bad news. In the process of disassembling the present structures, energies that have been tangled together must be untangled. Think of a ball of yarn, only this yarn is not smooth and silky. It is rough, and has many pieces sticking out of the threads, like so many dry twigs, and those pieces get caught up in the other threads in the ball and the yarn is very tangled indeed.
In order for that which is “crooked” to be made “straight” a delicate process of untangling the energy must take place. It is far more demanding to do this without damaging the “yarn” itself than it is for one of your surgeons to do the most delicate neurosurgery on the very fine structures of the nervous system. What this will mean is that things will have to proceed somewhat slowly for awhile, while this untangling takes place, so that translates to a process that will require you to be present on the ground a bit longer yet, as much as you and we would like for you to be totally on the ships at the present time.

The untangling of energies is part of the process of sorting everyone and everything into their destination — the one chosen for them by their Oversoul. Most of you have Oversouls that have been creating projections into many of the time nodes involving human habitation of your planet. You have served the Creator’s desire to experience Itself through Its creations by offering the Creator a vast array of experiences. You have worn many costumes and played many roles, and you had your companions from the loyal opposition to keep the mix more flavorful across these various lives.
In classical drama, there are protagonists (heroes and heroines) and antagonists (villains). Both are needed to create the tensions and conflicts that propel the drama forward and advance the “story line.” Many of you have become entangled with those who did not have your best interests at heart, and these tangled energies are carried in the cellular memories of all of the entities that took part in “the dance” with each other. So, in clearing YOUR cellular memory, it is necessary to “untangle” the tangles you have carried inside of you.    

Some of you may be aware that you have these entanglements with others of the opposite polarity; most of you are not aware of them. While there are a few individuals who are clear enough in themselves to assist with this process, most of your “healers” have some work to do on themselves before they would be clear enough to do this kind of work on others. 

We would caution you to stay clear of techniques and methods that promise to restructure your DNA, clear your soul memories, erase your karma, align you with your soul’s purpose, and such. The techniques and methods that would be most beneficial are those that enable you to heal yourself. The inner work is the most valuable thing you can do for yourselves, and no one else can do what is yours to do for yourself.
We cannot recommend a particular course, as each of you is an individual, but we would recommend that if you seek healing, you do so within well-established and proven methods. If someone is promising you the “keys to the kingdom,” take a good look at whether they have attained “the kingdom” themselves. 

We are not talking about those who claim that their lives are better in some way. We are talking about those who say they have the “formula” that will result in your going ALL of the way. Those who have genuinely attained full consciousness will not be promoting themselves in seminars and Web sites. They will understand how the universe works to bring people together in synchronistic ways. They don’t need “press” for their “audience” to find them!    

There are many who are taking advantage of other people’s naiveté and gullibility, so as your vision improves, you will be seeing these things happening around you and it’s important you don’t get caught up in battles over these things. You aren’t going to “fix” anything, and it’s all you can do just to work on what you can work on for yourself. The ideas we speak about are difficult to embrace in your life precisely because they run counter to the consensus reality around you. They are almost counterintuitive, and yet that is precisely what you must do. 

You must go INTO your pain, INTO your fear, without resisting either of those. This is precisely the opposite of what your society has programmed into you. Seeking solutions outside of you is what keeps you from ever being satisfied with any of it. No outside authority — including us — is ever going to take away the necessity of you doing the part of the work that is yours alone to do.    

We are not speaking about treating medical conditions. We are not saying that if you break your arm, you should just leave it alone. We are speaking of the more subtle kinds of “healing” that isn’t healing at all. They are also a way to create more entanglements and confusion within yourself. Some of these people who really mean to heal are themselves serving entities they are not aware of. Those entities feed off the energies that are created in the interactions with people seeking healing. Those usually are the kind that perpetuate the condition of helplessness and needing help — a kind of dependency on outside sources that never leads to healing of the fundamental kind.    

The entire purpose of what is going on now is to “make straight” what is crooked, to untangle what is tangled. We are working with you around the clock, waking and especially when you are sleeping. We are pulsing you with energies that gently free up the tangles within you. We are straightening out that which is tangled, and this frees up the energies and the entities that are involved.    

Many of you have or have had “entities” with whom you have become entangled. This is just a common consequence of the many lives created by your Oversoul and the themes and dramas that have been part of those lives and their “scripts.” All of those experiences have been carried across lifetimes in what we refer to as your cellular memory — the cellular memory that is now being cleared. 

As you become clearer, you will also have memories or a certain awareness rise up within you, and you will “see” more of who you have been and who you are returning to being. (This may seem like we are talking in circles, but in dealing with time loops, circles are the path that you traverse.) You are waking up from one dream and moving into another dream. This is all we would say on this part of the “vision” topic (awakening), and would like to move on to the other part of the “vision” question — the vision of Terra.
Terra is the world of your dreams, and it is actually your creation just as much as this present planet is your creation. You are projections that can be traced back to the elohim themselves, who are the progenitors for this portion of the created reality. Terra is the culmination of your time together as elohim, of your agreement with each other, and of your time as an earthly human being. 

From the time you complete your ascension back to what you were before you entered the time loop, only a glorious future awaits you. It will be full of adventures and discoveries, to be sure, and it will also be full of the peace, joy, and love that you ache to have again. It will truly be a joyous time for all, and you will know exactly what it is that was missing while you were dreaming this other dream. 

Terra is there, awaiting you already. You can feel how much closer you are to her now than when you began to be aware of her as your destination. You can feel that she is just out of reach, and we are saying that that is NOT a “dream,” but rather an emerging reality. You can “see” her through the lens of your heart. You can feel her in your heart. You already “know” the joy that awaits you and you already know how much closer you are to that joy than you were before. 

A little more time is needed now, to untangle these tangled threads — to set each entity free of the others with which it was entangled, so all can go to their proper place. Those who have opposed you also have to be set free to go their way, and all of us are working toward that end result. There are some who do this consciously; there are others who are doing it unconsciously. The end result will be the same, with or without awareness. 

So if you don’t like what your “vision” shows you at this point in time, be patient. The mere fact that you can “see” it so much more clearly is a good sign. It means you are waking up from the dream — coming out of the trance you have been in — and are moving into full wakefulness, the realization of your other dream — the dream of Terra. So much good awaits you! And yet there is this time that must be traversed while everything is sorted out and made “straight” again. If you can continually release all resistance, this time will be much more comfortable for you. You really don’t have to do much else. Just work on releasing resistance whenever you become aware of it.
There are times when the energies are very uncomfortable. They can feel chaotic, or like an electrical current that is unpleasant — a sort of "buzz" that is unsettling. However, if you can remember to release resistance to what is not pleasant, it won’t be so unpleasant anymore. You do have a little choice about the relative smoothness of your journey. You will all "make it" to where you are destined to go. If you choose to focus on releasing resistance, things will go more smoothly, although they may not be what you would prefer. 

No matter the discomforts along the way, each of you is becoming clearer, more free to fully express your essence and archetype. Those who will not bend before the winds of change will break from their rigidity. Think of the grasses and how, after the winds pass, they spring back up again. Trees can only bend a little before they snap. Be like the grasses, bending in the wind. Remain flexible. Let the energy direct you. Don’t try to direct the energy.

We will speak to you again as things progress. We are speaking more often now because we feel you will have an easier time if we remind you of our presence in your lives. You are one of US. Even though you might not think of it that way, we do. You are OUR "family," just as we are YOUR "family." All of us are related to each other — some more closely than others, but all are connected and part of one big "soul family." It will bring us all great joy when we are back together again. We leave you now, in peace, honor, and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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