January 21, 2005
“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of shoes, and ships, and sealing-wax;
Of cabbages and kings.”

— The Walrus and the Carpenter, by Lewis Carroll
All right, now. The time has come to speak “of cabbages and kings.” In other words, to use your expression, to get down to the “nitty-gritty” of the “op.”

If you were to step back and see recent developments from a larger perspective — from a movement of ENERGIES rather than the details, the SYMPTOMS of the energies, you would see that all of this is an indication of further movement toward the poles of one’ s destiny/destination. In a sense, all of it was pre-ordained before embodiment took place, so each of these players is acting out of their “God-given” role. You have already seen this in “The God Game,” but now it is time to really LIVE that in your life.

You must — for your own sake and the sake of the “op” — detach, step back, and simply sing your note. Speak your truth when asked, but do not attach in any way to a particular outcome in any situation. In interacting with someone who does not have a clear focus, or is confused, or is conflicted, ask, “What do you want for yourself?” Not, “What is your alignment?” In pursuing what they desire, what they want, they will be homing in on their destiny within the larger whole. THEIR desire is an expression of the Creator’s desire. In order to experience everything, the Creator needs all of these different players in order to explore all possible choices.
Each person carries within them the compass that will direct their journey, and because they are “blindfolded” the seeking can appear clumsy at times, but even that clumsiness serves the timing of events within the context of the whole. Tiny movements, small choices, are amplified through intersection with other movements in the same general direction. To the extent a clear pattern emerges, the alignment with others becomes more coherent, and therefore more powerful. Each individual is NATURALLY drawn to what is “theirs” — in the perfect way and at the perfect time in keeping with the whole — and the wonder of it is that they experience this as a discovery, similar to putting your hand in your pocket for your keys and drawing out a large amount of money instead.

Each person carries within them everything needed to get to where they are going, and for all of the steps along the way. The “new song” was written before the world was formed. Each of you were aligned with each other then; each of you is coming into alignment with each other now. [Sara] was simply the person with the tuning fork. That’s all. She is not meant to LEAD you. She merely sounds the note you are waiting to hear and you begin humming in response because it is inherently YOUR note also.
You must understand that no one can change what they came to be, what they came to do, what they came to experience. Their life is ALREADY written, and the “author” is the Oversoul, in the employ of the Creator’s design and desire. Therefore, YOUR job is simply to continue sounding the note. If people do not “hear,” simply sound it again — and again and again and again.    

This note will evoke a response in everyone who comes in contact with it. For those whose inner tuning forks are set to the same note, they will be drawn into resonance with that note and begin vibrating with it, too — perhaps tentatively at times, but eventually with growing trust and confidence that it is THEIR note, too.    

We emphasize that this is simply the way it IS. No one can change their note. Some will hear your note and be drawn to it, thinking it MIGHT be theirs, and while it may be similar, their note is sufficiently different that eventually — because they DO NOT come into full resonance with it — because it does not vibrate through them and awaken THEIR song, their passion to sing, to open to that note and let it reverberate through them without resistance to it, they will move on according to the strength of their seeking. Some will be “lukewarm” and never find their note, precisely because that is also a valid experience, and the Plan for their life is that they DO NOT “find,” but must continue to seek, through other incarnations in other space/time environments.    

Now we come to the last point: the polar opposites. The more strongly a note is polarized to ONE polarity, the more it annoys or irritates someone of the opposite polarity. In other words, the more a note is opposite another, the more strongly they create discordance when coming into contact with each other. The response, though, is different in its expression.
If one is of a positive polarity, based in cooperation, the response would be to stand together, sing the common note with joy in the singing of it, and simply send the note — the song — out into the universe — freely given, freely sung, without resistance or attachment to effect. That is what you and “yours” (your kind) are created to do, and in so doing, your note — the note of peace, joy, and love — will resound and literally precipitate a WORLD into form that formerly existed only as a potential in the Mind of God.
However, the opposite polarity to yours — the negative polarity — is based in fear and competition — in “power over,” rather than pure power from within, and so its response is predictable from the perspective of THAT polarity: they MUST strive with you, to assert their power over you, to POSSESS your power, or to try to destroy you if there is no other option.

The more you sing your note, the more you bring forth “attacks” from those of the negative polarity. They are just being who THEY are; you are just being who YOU are. Everybody is doing and being what they are supposed to be and do through divine design. In the past, this has engendered bloody wars and imprinted the IDEA of war as a way of coping, a way of imposing one’s will on others, in order to suppress their song and eliminate it. 

The idea of forcing “freedom” on others through military means is an example of this. One cannot impose “freedom.” That is a contradiction in terms. One can only create and nurture freedom through cooperation in seeking mutually desirable circumstances and ALLOWING everyone to make their own choices without attachment to how they choose. Any imposition of one ideology over another is tyranny, not liberation, and there is no freedom in that.

This is just as true when the ideas seem to be “good” ones as when they seem to be “bad” values of greed and thirst for power. They all translate to an expression that says, “MY way is the right way, and anyone who does not share in my thinking is mistaken.”

No, they are not mistaken. They are simply resonating to a different song, a different note that has a different outcome. Those who think they are of the positive polarity and seek to impose their views on the rest of the world — who see through the rose-colored glasses of denial and say things they WISH were true, but for which there is no clear evidence of BEING true — they are not of EITHER polarity. They are simply in denial of what IS, “how it IS,” and therefore what must be.
“Wishing does not make it so.” But “wanting” is different than mere wishing. Wanting contains within it a seed of desire, a portion of the Creator’s desire to experience all things. Your “wants” are the fuel for your journey. They fuel your desire and propel you to the fulfillment of your desire. Wishing is a fantasy, an “if only …” thought that leads nowhere. But wanting leads to action, and action leads to results, which lead to further action, and so on. The sounding of one’s note is the spark that kindles the fire of desire, and the desire is fueled by the degree of passion the person carries within them for the fulfillment of their desire.

Not everyone carries the same amount of passion. According to where they are on the polarity continuum, the further one is toward the two extremes of positive and negative polarity, the greater and more intense the passion for expressing and manifesting the goals inherent in these polarities: cooperative achievement for one, and total “power over” for the other. To the degree that one moves AWAY from these extremes, the lower the amount of passion for attaining a goal. If the “heat of desire” is greatest at the poles, the center would be said to be “lukewarm” or tepid. No fire at all.
You who are part of Operation Terra are of the positive pole and the more you collectively join together in resounding your vision of Terra, the stronger your collective note resounds through the matrix of the Mind of God, creating standing waves that literally CREATE Terra from that matrix, in which all potentials exist. You are manifesting Terra by WHO you are, what you carry within you, and your willingness to join with others in singing the new song. This is why you are here. This is what you have come to do. “Baby Terra” has been “conceived,” and as the many come to join their voices with yours in singing this song, this note of Terra, the “glass ceiling” of 3D will be shattered, the barrier will be broken, and the energetic pathway will be anchored in place for those who are heading for Terra.    

In closing, we will also say to you that as things “heat up” in the world, your job is to simply stand together and continue to sound the note for Terra. We have placed a shield around you, but it is maintained by your commitment and dedication to this single task: sounding the note for Terra. If you do this, no matter how much gnashing of teeth it stirs up in those of the opposite polarity, you are safe and Terra is safe and none will prevent the birth of this new world. It is ordained and so it shall be.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.    
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