November 1, 2004

All right, now. We have asked to speak to you because of where you are in time with regard to what unfolds now. Today is the day before the US presidential elections. There is deep division in the world, and it will become even more evident beginning tomorrow and all the tomorrows that follow until it is all complete. We have spoken before of the increase in polarization taking place, and we wish to remind you that all of this was anticipated and is part of the overall Plan.

So, what can you expect in the near and farther term? First of all, the lifting proceeds and now that you are traversing the middle layers of the frequency shift, the cleansing will be more noticeable for everyone and everything inhabiting the planet. Those feelings and emotions that have lain buried or repressed are now bubbling up to the surface and felt and expressed.

Your bodies are cleansing themselves of toxins and you will find yourselves being forced to change some of your habits.
Your bodies are cleansing themselves of toxins and you will find yourselves being forced to change some of your habits.

Your bodies are cleansing themselves of toxins — toxic emotions, toxic thoughts, toxic substances, toxic relationships — and you will find yourselves being forced to change some of your habits that you have not yet dealt with. Addictions of all types will intensify, as a way of bringing attention to what has not been dealt with yet, so if you have any places within yourself where you have been in denial or suppressing feelings by distracting yourselves, you will find the internal pressure for change building up until it is expressed and dealt with in one way or another.

Those who carry a lot of unresolved pain will be forced to move through it or literally die. Many will be doing the latter, so when you read of their passing, know that they are finally out of their pain, and be relieved at their relief. Many who die will be young because it is mostly the young adults that are sent against one another in war, and there will be more and more war as the days, weeks, and months proceed. But they, too, will be beyond pain, and so their loved ones will grieve, but those who have crossed over will not be in pain anymore. Their wounds will be healed instantly, as the bodies they inhabit after they have crossed over will be whole again.

Each person who sheds a body now will find themselves in another, in another plane of existence, and will have much help in moving toward their next destination. Those of you who are going to be “on the ground” through to the end will see much of death and dying, but it is all just the means of moving on to the next step, the next phase of existence, which is a never-ending process.

each day brings you closer to the end of your “long walk” through time and closer to the remembering of your joy
Each day brings you closer to the end of your “long walk” through time and closer to the remembering of your joy.

But there is good news, also, for in the intensely accelerated times that follow, each day brings you closer to the end of your “long walk” through time and closer to the remembering of your joy. You will be coming into contact and proximity with more of your own kind as you naturally move in response to the pressures of change, and you will find that in the wake of having shed your more dysfunctional aspects, you will feel weary but also more whole.

For millennia, humans have been kept in darkness and separation, and that is coming to an end, also — or at least for those who are making the journey to Terra. The greatest number of people are heading toward other destinations, and so their journey will wear a different face, involve a different process, and emerge in a different place. But for those of you who are destined for Terra, your return to what you were before is at hand, and this will ask for more surrender on your part — surrender of your notions of who you really are, what is possible, and of limitation in general.

Now is a good time for you to begin to contemplate what it would be like to be totally whole again — what it would be like to be able to create anything you wanted to create, what it would be like to be totally free to be and to have anything you wanted to be or to have. What would you want to create? How would you want to be? What would you want to have? How would you want to live? Those ideas will naturally come from within what you know now, but over time, allow those ideas to change as you change — and you are ALL changing, whether you are aware of it or not.

Look back at how you were just two years ago. How did it feel back then? How different do you feel now? Don’t judge by what you see in a mirror. The important changes are within, hidden safely away from other eyes. You ARE changing — daily. We are helping you to change. Waking and sleeping, you are being “worked on.” Be glad that the change is so gradual that it is only noticeable after the passage of a great deal of time. Things are moving very quickly on the inner levels, as compared with movement outside of you, but everything is moving steadily toward the goal of completing this round of existence and preparing for another, totally new reality.

You may be impatient for it all to complete, but it would be much too much to bear all at once. The changes are happening steadily, but in small increments, so that integrity of mind, body, and emotions is preserved. There are many surprises in store for all of you, and those who align with these Messages will have much asked of them, but they have all of the natural abilities built within them to meet the challenges that lie ahead for all. We wish to reiterate the necessity of taking care of yourself during these times. That is not a selfish thing. It is the highest service you can perform.

You who are heading toward Terra all are “pregnant” with the seed from which a new civilization will come.
You who are heading toward Terra all are “pregnant” with the seed from which a new civilization will come.

You are pioneers, preparing to create a new world for others to be born into. Just as a pregnant woman must take special care of herself as her pregnancy proceeds, you must take special care of yourself as your “pregnancy” that will bring forth new life of a different kind also proceeds. It does not matter if you are old or young, male or female. You who are heading toward Terra are all “pregnant” with the seed from which a new civilization will come. This new life within you is YOUR new life, and you will all bear new lives — have children of your own as you near the end of your time on Terra. You are the progenitors of the next phase of human existence, returning to your former status as the carriers of the true Adamic seed.

This is a template for a form that was the original creation of the creator-gods — the elohim who were the first product of the First Thought of the Creator Itself. It is this template that is referred to as being “in the image” of the “gods.” Elohim is a plural word and [it] refers to those beings who were the first Creation of the Creator. They are not embodied beings, but rather vast fields of self-aware, intelligent energy, similar in many respects to the Creator Itself, but finite rather than infinite. That is the chief difference.

The true Adamic model is not what you are today, but it is what you will become — what you will physically manifest as the “gods” and “goddesses” you will become. This is the seed you carry within you, so take good care of yourself. You are precious vessels for the new race that will emerge as you emerge into your next body. You are all quite beautiful now, as we would see you, but you will all be quite beautiful then, as you will see yourselves, and it will not be just “inner vision” that will perceive this, as it is now.

Your first task was to come into the bodies you inhabit now and forget who you were. You took on the “veil” of forgetfulness, although many of you still had faint recall of what you knew and what you had been like before. You have done that very well! Your next task was to take on the many versions of pain on this planet.

Some of you have had more difficulty, more challenges than others, but there is not one of you who has not experienced some loss of one kind or another. For those who had an easier time, you simply came to the same understanding more easily than those who went through more challenging times. But in the end, you are the same in one important respect: you stand in the world with your eyes open. In fact, many of you cannot understand why the others around you do not SEE what you see. You cannot understand why they can’t see what is obvious to you, but all of that is as it should be.

Remember that the Creator wanted to experience EVERYTHING, so the Creator created everything with which to experience Itself through Its creations. Each of you is unique, and so is every other created thing. It is only through the uniqueness that everything is explored. Every possible combination is explored through the uniqueness of each created thing. No two snowflakes are identical. No two entities are identical. It is through these differences that the richness of experience occurs. So the fact that you “see” differently than others do is just because you ARE different than others ARE. It is all just the way it should be.

You may not think that how things play out are what you would have wanted, but it is all perfect, seen within the larger Plan. If indeed it is all to come down around you, then the people in power have to be the ones who will be capable of doing that. YOU would do it differently, of that we are sure! But it is also the reason that you are NOT in the seat of power, because you WOULD do it differently.

And you WILL do it differently, but not in THIS world, and not at THIS time. Your job is to simply BE HERE, holding the vision of something else. Through the principle of resonance, each one of you who is “ringing” with the tone of Terra, multiplies that effect and brings into being a template for a different kind of reality altogether.

You may ask why it has to be this way — why you had to come HERE to create the pathway to THERE, to THAT way of being and living. The answer is simple on the surface, but profound if you stop to consider the ramifications it implies. You are not being born into bodies on Terra. That is reserved for the next generation — the next group of elohim that will take over the reins from you. You have to be HERE because it is from within your present bodies that the Adamic human will emerge again.

We have said that you are lightning rods, grounding the higher Light into the planet, and that is true. However, you are also a BRIDGE between this world and the next, a living vessel of transformation, a crucible within which the dross is converted into gold.

a crucible within which the dross is converted into gold
You are a living vessel of transformation, a crucible within which the dross is converted into gold.

You are all the alchemist’s dream, but before a transformation can take place, there has to be some “dross” to transform. And that’s why you had to come here, take on the “imperfect” bodies you inhabit, take on the “imperfect” thoughts and emotions that you all took on in one way or another, so that they could then be transformed.

You see, you are both a bridge and a pathcutter — to borrow a phrase from Star Trek, you are going where no “man” has gone before. And by this, we are talking about the human species as it presently exists on your planet. Each of you came from another time, another plane of existence, to be here now. You came to embody these imperfections so that you could transform them into something else, and by doing that, you create a template — a model in the consciousness that others can fit themselves to, like a standard against which they can measure themselves and align to over time.

It will take generations for those who do not accompany you to Terra at this time to incarnate there, but they will eventually. Terra is the “next step” for those who are heading toward the positive polarity. There is another path, another “next step” for those who are heading toward the negative polarity, and you can see some of those who will be the bridges toward that destination in seats of power today. The real power brokers are behind the scenes, pulling the strings and playing off the ambitions of those who are more visible, but we will not dwell on that today. We want you to appreciate just who YOU are, why you are here, why it has to be this way, and what it is you have to do now.

Pay attention to all the places within you that need healing. These are the crude materials for your transformation. Each of you carries some part of the patterns of pain that have characterized the human race during most of its tenure on this planet. You don’t all carry the same parts or aspects because the entire body of work is a team effort. No one person needs to do it all, but collectively it all gets done.

Your job now is to transform those parts of you where you are wounded, to heal them, and to become whole. You don’t need to go running to seminars, buy potions, or spend a lot of money in pursuit of this. The greatest part will come naturally if you listen within yourself and are willing to be totally honest with yourself about your “failings.” Coming together with other people of like mind will also help, as you share the common goals and common journey; there is great support and comfort in knowing you are not alone, that you are not “the only one” who is experiencing what you are experiencing.

There may be appropriate practitioners to assist you, appropriate aids and tools to help you in this, but it is so important to quiet yourself enough to discern what is appropriate and what is not. You and only you can tell what is right for you.

There are many “wizards” who proclaim that they have “the answer.”
There are many “wizards” who proclaim that they have “the answer.”

There are many “wizards” who proclaim that they have “the answer.” Beware of them and stay clear of them. Only YOU have your answers. By that, we mean that only YOU can FEEL when something is right for you and when it is not. But you cannot feel any of this if you are filled with chatter or you are being run by your fear. This is why we have stressed going within, meditating regularly or doing whatever it is that allows you that space to listen clearly to what your body is telling you.

FEEL, feel, feel. Feeling is a physical thing, not an emotion. When something feels “off,” trust that and don’t try to convince yourself otherwise, no matter how persuasive someone else may sound. You are your own authority, and you are sovereign beings. You exist solely to be who YOU are, who and what you came to be, and there is no other person like you or who can know what is right for you.

When someone tries to convince you that their way is THE way, take the “highway” instead and leave!
When someone tries to convince you that their way is THE way, take the “highway” instead and leave!

When someone tries to convince you that their way is THE way, take the “highway” instead and leave! There will be more and more loud voices shouting in the din, but the only voice you need to listen to is the quiet one within you. Do what you need to do, go where you need to go, create what you need to create to be able to listen clearly within the quiet place inside of you. Make inner listening a constant practice. It will help you find your way through the tumult ahead. Listen and feel. Listen and feel. That is how you will chart your course — moment by moment, day by day.

We will have more to say on all of these topics, but for now, we leave you in peace, in honor, and with blessings for your willingness to do what you are doing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

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