December 30, 2004

All right, now. It is time for us to comment on the road that lies directly ahead. First of all, let us speak about energy packets. When enough people think something is true, it forms a “consensus reality” that takes on a life of its own. It really is an energy packet that possesses its own identity and self-awareness, just as you do.

geographical maps are a form of consensus reality
Your geographical maps are a form of consensus reality.

For example, your geographical maps are a form of consensus reality. You tend to agree that these imaginary lines called “boundaries” are real things and they are birthed into reality as an entity just as a baby is physically birthed and takes on an identity pattern that distinguishes it from every other baby that is born. Just so with the entities you call cities, counties, states, and countries. Each of these has a character that personalizes it and makes it different from the energy packet of every other comparable entity.

If you have ever traveled from one entity to another, perhaps you have noticed that as you cross this imaginary line, the quality of the energy changes. You can feel that Los Angeles feels different than New York, Chicago, or Kansas City. You can feel (if you have traveled more widely) that the US feels different than Europe or Japan. Each of these is an energy packet that is created through the “mind” of the consensus reality, and it is equally true with the entity of “time.”

Most of you who are reading this Message relate to the Gregorian calendar, although, as we have pointed out in the past, there are other calendar systems in operation. Each of these calendar systems mark out periods of time in just the same way that cities, counties, states and countries are marked out and defined by imaginary constructs of consensus reality. You call them seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years.

One of the main determinants of time measurements is the mechanism whereby one individual exchanges units of agreed upon value with another individual in the practice you refer to as commerce. This individual can be a single person interacting with another person, such as buying a watermelon at a roadside stand, or it can be as complex as whole trading systems that network the transactions of many individuals, such as your stock and commodities exchanges. Whole countries can exchange with other countries, also, through the authority given by the consensus reality to the respective government units involved.

Most people take all of this so much for granted that they do not even realize they are operating in a fictional world. It’s all made up, and the only reason it works is that everyone agrees to it being “the way it is.” It’s just a lot of energy packets, being maintained by the agreement of so many people that that is what’s real.

But there is also another mind at work — the Mind of the Creator — and THAT mind is the only one that is truly “real.” It creates energy packets, too, and as one aligns more and more with the Mind of the Creator and begins to work more in harmony with THAT instead of the consensus reality of people, then things change in many different ways.

As one aligns with the Mind of the Creator instead of the consensus reality, then things change in many different ways.
As one aligns with the Mind of the Creator instead of the consensus reality, then things change in many different ways.

The more one is aligned with the TRUE reality of the “real,” the more one falls away from seeing and experiencing the way one used to and this can be somewhat disorienting at first. However, as time proceeds and one becomes more acclimated to what is “real” (as opposed to fiction), then one begins to see with “different eyes.”

One begins to experience a shift in identity that can be quite confusing if one seeks to re-engage with the identity one has understood most of one’s life. You lose interest in the things that source outside of you and you begin to recognize and respond to those things that source from within you — the gifts of the Creator that you carry simply because you ARE the Creator-in-expression, not because you have earned them.

Fears come up because this is such a radical thing to do. It goes counter to the consensus reality, but it is the consensus reality that is “made up” and is not real. However, in your cellular and species memory, many of you have deep scars from incurring the wrath of the consensus reality when it is challenged and it does not wish to change. These energy packets (such as the consensus reality), being self-aware, can resist change as much as any embodied being can. You see this in your institutions, your governments, your armed forces … in every aspect of human endeavor, these energy packets strive to maintain themselves, much as your “ego” strives to maintain you in your present form.

You are pioneers in that you came to forge a path to a totally new world — not one that is a refurbished version of the present one, but something that has not existed at all, except in your memories of the “future.” The world you want to create runs totally counter to the present consensus reality and would be considered a “danger” to the present system — an “enemy of the [present] state [of affairs].” How can you REMEMBER something that has not yet been experienced? You can’t. You remember this because you ALREADY HAVE experienced this world! You have come here, embodied here, and carried that memory with you, and you are awakening from your amnesia now.

What this “looks like” is that you feel more and more alien to the world you perceive around you, and your longing grows to return to what you ALREADY know is “how it should be.” Every one of you who resonates with these Messages from deep within your core self has already “been there, done that” (to use your expression), but it is the energy packet of “home.”

You are on the present Earth as messengers (angel means “messenger”) and the message you carry, coded within your very cells, is the message of the “good news” of Terra — the world that lies ahead. By your being here, by your carrying this new tone, this energy packet within you, you are the seeds of that new world, and you carry within you all of the knowledge of how to live that energy packet, but it’s not something that you can give to anyone else.

You won’t GIVE this knowledge to anyone who does not already have it. You carry it within you, and collectively you sound a tone — a frequency pattern — that creates a new vibratory pattern. That pattern runs totally against the institutions and invested patterns of the consensus reality, so if it were possible, the consensus reality would try to keep that new pattern from existing.

It is not because the consensus reality is “evil” or wants to control you. It’s simply that it wants to perpetuate itself. That’s the job of that energy packet — to perpetuate and maintain itself — and to do so, it must defend itself against all challenges OR change and adapt and incorporate those changes into its new definition of self. But change is not easy when there is so much energy invested in what “has always been.” Just as people will resist change until there is much more to gain by changing than by continuing to resist change, the consensus reality will resist change until there is much more to be gained by adapting to new models of thought.

in a very short time, you will cross one of those boundaries that you agree upon, called a “year.”
In a very short time, you will cross one of those boundaries that you agree upon, called a “year.”

Why do we bring this up at this point in time? Because you are approaching one of those boundaries we spoke of in the beginning of this discussion. Depending on where you live, in a very short time, you will cross one of those boundaries that you agree upon, called a “year.” This time, the year we are referring to is the one used in the Gregorian calendar — the one that says 2005 is about to begin. We refer to THIS particular calendar because it is the one that is used for global commerce and it is the interests of global commerce that are the most rigorously defended among the possible competing interests and priorities within the consensus reality.

“Commerce is king” in the consensus reality, and all other values and goals are secondary to and dependent on that. Commerce is the engine that keeps the consensus reality ticking along, that keeps people willing to accept many things in order to maintain and improve their material position in a material world. All of that is about to change and change radically.

The year you refer to as 2005 is going to see many upheavals. The purpose of these upheavals is not a human one, but an energetic one. The planet has reached a place where it is actively throwing off the “thoughtforms” or energy packets of the past, particularly those energy packets that the human species has created through its consensus reality over time. These upheavals will directly challenge the consensus reality, and much chaos will ensue. At first, the response will be to try to hang on to what WAS — to preserve it at all costs. But the pressure for change is relentless now, and all things that will not bend and adapt will break instead. In the coming year, everything will undergo the first “contractions” associated with the birthing of this new world.

Keep in mind that everything we say is only relevant to the timeline that leads to Terra. All of the people passing from YOUR world continue on another timeline that is not perceptible to you, so the many thousands that just “died” did not die at all, but rather continue on another of the timelines. As they have disappeared from YOUR world, so YOU have disappeared from theirs. It’s all in divine order and part of the separating out of the other destiny paths.

These “contractions” will challenge the commerce of the world in many ways.
These “contractions” will challenge the commerce of the world in many ways.

These “contractions” will challenge the commerce of the world in many ways. There will be shortages of foods, disasters that outstrip the ability of treasuries to cope with them, and financial duress that has not been seen before, not even in the “Great Depression.” The consensus reality will be challenged on every front, but because everything is knit together by the global commerce system, everything that happens from now on will be a challenge to that commerce and no part of it will be unaffected. No country exists in isolation from all others, so all countries will be affected, although the details will be very individual, and each person will have a different story to tell.

Those of you who are destined to go to Terra have a very special job to do. You have to maintain yourselves in such a way that you continue to sound and expand on the frequency pattern of Terra. You carry Terra within you. You KNOW HER already. When someone describes Terra to you, you recognize her as the child of your own longing.

Your dream/vision of Terra is your dream/vision of “home,” and your job is to cultivate the reality of home within you for a time, until it is time to bring it with you and create it on the new planet that Earth will become. We will be giving you “Terra lessons” that you will recognize as being what is really “right” to do, but you need to understand that it runs counter to everything in the consensus reality — so much so that the consensus reality appears to have everything “backwards.” The priorities are all wrong, and you sense that and know that, but until now, not only did you not have an explanation for that, you also did not know what to do about it.

The next few Messages will have to do with very “radical” ideas — radical in that they counter the consensus reality. You must follow these teachings in private, within your own minds, hearts, and bodies. You must continue to live IN the world at the same time you are creating a new world within yourselves, so you must become skilled at “riding two horses” at the same time for a while.

You must continue to function in your world, to provide for yourselves, and at the same time make the time to begin creating your “garden” within yourselves. You will find this easiest if you can be in touch with others of the same inclination, but you can also find support within yourself if you have the courage to listen to your own inner voice and phase out of listening to the voices of everyone who would tell you to do otherwise.

Keep in mind that there will be a lot of resistance from those around you. They will cling to what they know as long as they can, and even argue with you about it and make you “wrong” for what you know, rather than consider what we are saying here. All meaningful change has been resisted at the time of its inception, and this time it is no different. It is the collective bonding between you, the collective sounding of the note of Terra that will blaze the path home.

This is not a rescue mission. This is the work of pioneers for a new world, and you are on Earth to embody and carry out this job. It has to be done on the ground, within the Earth’s aura/ionosphere. It cannot be done “from above.” You are the “ground crew” for blazing a path to somewhere else, but it has to be done from where you “are” to where you are “going,” a place that you already have been.

blazing a path to somewhere else, a place that you already have been
You are the “ground crew” for blazing a path to somewhere else, a place that you already have been.

We shall have more to say on this topic as we go along, but for now, we leave you now in peace, honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.

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