September 21, 2004
All right, now. We have asked to speak to you today because it is time to begin preparations for the final phase of things with regard to 3D Earth. Our silence for the last two years has accomplished much for those who have followed our prior instruction to go within, but now it is time for this third and final volume in this series of Messages to begin. We will time this last series of Messages so that they follow unfolding developments both on your planet and around her. There are many civilizations represented here, both within time and outside of it. Past, present, and future co-exist in the timeless NOW, and so do we and so do you, as well as everything created and uncreated. The whole potential is a rich sea or broth, containing everything within it. 

In the phenomenal world that you perceive with your physical and subtle senses, there is much turbulence at this time. Deep undercurrents swirl beneath the surface, and anger and pain bubble up despite all attempts to keep them at bay. The frozen emotions of times past are melting and thawing, and adding to the rich mix that is present now. Echoes of past themes explored are everywhere to be seen; although more recent memories are easier to recognize, virtually every historic period is being re-visited and even those you would label “pre-historic” are resurfacing at this time, particularly with regard to the experiences had at the hands of those you would refer to as reptilians. 
These are NOT the dinosaurs of your planet’s past, but those beings who visited your planet in a humanoid form that resembled the dinosaurs, particularly those of the Tyrannosaurus species. They came to exploit the planet’s rich resources, both animate and inanimate, to further their goals for domination throughout the galaxy. We wish to emphasize that these happenings occurred many millennia ago, but there is a cellular and species memory of that time carried within your present bodies, and some have incorrectly attributed that memory to the actions of beings currently inhabiting bodies on your planet. The memory and understanding is correct; attributing it to the present timeframe is not.

Those times were long ago, yet their effect on the present and the immediate future is unmistakable. There is a darkness gathering now. It is an outpicturing of those ancient times, held deeply within the memory core of your planet and species, and it must be re-experienced as it is flushed out during this time of personal and planetary cleansing. 

We have spoken before of a “last look around,” in which we counseled you to take a last look around at the world you were accustomed to living in. Now it will be a time for another “last look,” one that will be much more terrible to contemplate, for this species of reptilians live in a constant state of agony and rage, unable to find peace within themselves no matter what they do or accomplish. Their hunger for peace is insatiable, and yet they act in ways that destroy peace unceasingly, both for themselves and everything they touch upon.
What this means is that your planet, in flushing out these embedded memories, will witness and experience the outpicturing of that embedded agony and rage, and it will do so in ways that affect all of the creatures and lifeforms on the planet. Nothing will be spared as the clouds of war and geophysical events boil forth everywhere. Since everything on the planet is so interconnected, everything will be affected in some way and to some degree, especially economically, but in the end, it will all come to an end, and then we will be among you physically, tending to your wounds and taking you to places of shelter until our ships will come for you to take you to your next stop in the journey to Terra.    

This volume will help you chart your course through the dark days ahead, to give you encouragement to make it through those times, and to let you know that we are ever at your side, surrounding you with our love and our protection. Those of you who are destined for Terra (and everything else upon the planet, as well as the planet herself) are precious to us, but you are especially precious to us because you are truly our brothers and sisters, and share equally in our heritage and status in the larger Plan. It is primarily for you that we are here, and it is for you that we give these Messages now. 

Everyone else has a different destiny path, and everyone else has their own messengers to guide them to where they are going. Many are leaving now, just as many have always left at all times, but those who leave now and who will leave later on will not return to THIS planet. Incarnational patterns will be fulfilled according to the destiny chosen by the Oversouls, and each will continue to explore along one of the lines of destiny that will present at the"quantum leap" into the new Creation.    

The final days are now here. They are no longer in the "future." You are living in them — now. Take a moment to register this. Reflect on it. Treasure this moment of relative quiet that hangs heavy over you, because soon you will hear the thuds and screams of war, echoing all over the planet. It will begin in the Middle East, but in the end, no nation will be protected or isolated or exempt. 

It will be a terrible time, as measured in human emotions, but it will also be a time of endings so that a new beginning can emerge. Those who pass from their bodies will be free of pain and suffering, and those who remain would do well to remember this. There is no way to stop the cleansing. It is ordained from the highest levels so that the planet can complete her cleansing from the past she has hosted and take her rightful place in the heavens as the jewel she is — clean, sparkling, shining with light — and the dark clouds of war banished forever from her surface.
These wars that are coming originated with the agony of the reptilians who planted those seeds in the emerging species that they created through their manipulation of the genetic structures with which they worked. They enslaved many of their own kind to this end, and there are females among you who have cellular memories as “breeders” for their genetic experiments. Although these experiments occurred in the distant past, they left their mark and their wounds, and there is not a one of you who read these lines that has not been affected by those times and everything that sprang forth from them. 

So, as terrible as the wars will appear, they are really the cleansing of those wounds from so long ago, and for you who go to Terra, all that will be left in their wake is blissful surrender and peace, joy, and love. You will be beyond all of the suffering then, and it will have been worth it to go through these terrible times to get there, but they are still to be endured.
Soon, your newscasters will not have to scramble for things to report on. The weather of this year will be tame compared to what is coming later on. The wars have begun, albeit on a small scale, and while politicians make noises and grunts about the state of things, you will notice that no one is really doing anything but making noises and grunts about the state of things. No one is coming to terms with the real issues, and while slogans and simplistic summaries abound, nothing is said about the real causes and even less about solutions to them.    

You see, everything is just as it should be. The long experiment of the last 4.5 billion years is nearly over, and there really is not much new occurring now. All of it has been explored and allowed, but the novelty is running out. Apart from some scientific advances, there has not been anything new in many years, and the old institutions of government and law have nearly died of suffocation under the accumulation of so much human debris over the centuries. 

Every generation, in seeking to correct the “errors” of the past, has compounded them with new errors. It is true that some people have been able to see past the dust of the stampeding masses, but most are blind and will remain that way, because they are not supposed to be any other way. Everything and everyone is just as they are supposed to be, so that every niche — every part of the drama — is fulfilled.

Look at your habitation patterns. If everyone had the same tastes, everyone on the planet would be crowded into just one location, and the rest of the planet would be devoid of human life. Yet, each of you has certain places that naturally appeal to you more than others, and if you find yourself in a place that you don’t like, you can pick up and move to another, if you want to strongly enough. So, in like manner, there is a distribution across destinations and “futures” to live. 

Not everyone is going to the same place, and every niche will be filled, but not overfilled. No one is better or higher. Everyone exists so the Creator can experience all of the experiences that are possible within the parameters of a Creation. Even though stars are always being formed and planets being birthed, the parameters for this Creation have been fully explored, and so it is time for an entirely new Creation. Consciousness will be seeded across an entirely new landscape, but nothing of the old can be taken into the new except essence, so the effects that have been absorbed across the millennia must be neutralized and erased, and that is what is taking place now.
For the human species, the agony implanted here so long ago by the reptilians must be expunged and it will be expunged by re-visiting it and re-living it. It is for this reason that we have emphasized the necessity of detaching from the drama, seeking the quiet and peace of deep ocean, and maintaining a place of peace within yourselves, no matter what is going on around you. We are with you at every step, every turn in the road, but you must do your part in this also. 

We suggest that you seek out others of like mind and interact with them as much as possible to reinforce what must be done in the face of the calamitous events that are bearing down upon your world. You can be sources of comfort for each other, and if you can quiet yourself enough to feel us, you can seek our assistance also. Simply ask for our presence in your lives and we will be there. Ask to able to feel our presence, and we will do what we can to help you feel our presence. 

We are ALWAYS with you, but some of you are not doing enough with your feeling sense to know we are there, so if this is true for you, it will help you if you do some work to increase your sensitivity to our presence. Remember, this is not a spoken communication that you are seeking, but rather an increased sense of presence. If you seek to hear words, there are many who might be happy to respond to your request, but it might not be us! Be content with feeling our presence and let your interaction with words be directed to others of like mind upon your planet.
We shall have more to say on this topic as we go along, but for now, we leave you now in peace, honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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