July 5, 1999 
Today we will speak to you of some of the experiences you will be having as you journey back to full consciousness and your “homecoming.” You are indeed now moving back to your true home, your true Self, and as these higher realities open to you, you will begin to have strange experiences that you can’t explain to others. They will feel natural to you, but your social conditioning would label them as “strange,” so you might begin to experience some fear around this issue. We have spoken of the necessity to move beyond fear into love, so we offer these comments today to reassure you that there is nothing to fear here. You are simply returning to the way you were before you took on these “garments” of flesh.

In the beginning, all was a sort of cosmic “soup.” Everything was liquid and without defined form. Your scientists have approached this “soup” when they are able to create a plasma by using electromagnetic fields. It is a field or substrate of intelligent energy, but has no form of its own. Out of this intelligent “soup,” all form emerged, self aware to the extent that it knew it existed, but not able to reflect upon itself. That would appear later in the scheme of things. 

In this soup, all things are contained in potential. You cannot see any of them, because they exist only as a potential — a possibility out of many possibilities. We mentioned fractals yesterday. If you think of a decision point — something simple like “What will I have for breakfast?” — you will be able to follow what we are talking about here. You can have many things for breakfast. You could use something that you already have in the house, you could go to the store and buy something else, or you could go to a restaurant and choose from their menu. Even breakfast offers a multitude of possibilities. 

These are decision points. They offer many possibilities, not just the two or three of “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe.” Each decision leads to other decision points. Let’s say you decide to have eggs for breakfast, as part of your “breakfast” decision. Now you are faced with other decision points: How will you make your eggs? Scrambled? Poached? Fried? Boiled? And then from THAT decision, you will have other decisions to make. What will you have with your eggs? What “goes” with the eggs depends in part on how you decided to prepare the eggs. Scrambled eggs might call for the addition of some milk or onion. Boiled eggs might call for some mayonnaise or salt and pepper.

We use this simple example to show you how one set of possible decisions leads to other possible decisions. Computer programmers would call these “logic branches.” You can go this way (scrambled) or this way (poached) or this way (boiled), and so on. Then once one has chosen to travel through one “gate” to the exclusion of the other ones, other “branches” present [themselves]. 

In a fractal design, one can see this represented graphically. The origin point produces branches infinitely, as long as the values stay within certain limits. One can “explore” fractals endlessly as long as one stays within those limits. This is the way the Creation unfolds itself from within that cosmic “soup.” It begins to branch immediately by expressing a “set” of possibilities or potentials. Every time a “decision” is made to choose one possibility over the others, that decision point or branch becomes the starting place for a new set of possibilities, as we showed in the breakfast example. But that’s how the whole thing began — with a set of possibilities — so we have just recapitulated the starting point. This is called an “iteration.” An iteration is a cycle through a certain formula. Mathematicians use iterations to solve complex equations.

So this is how the Creation unfurls — through a series of iterations (cycles) of a complex formula that allows for an infinite number of decision points or branches to be explored. But what of the other points or branches? Well, the Creator explores them, too. But how can you have both poached eggs and fried eggs and boiled eggs and scrambled eggs? You probably wouldn’t want to have all of them at the same time. The Creator solves this dilemma by creating separate realities to accommodate all of the possible choices. If one expression of “you” chooses the poached eggs, there will be other expressions of “you” to make the other choices, and they will all go on, branching and branching and branching.    

If you look at the fractal design at the bottom of this page, you will see what we are talking about. This is how the Creation unfolds. Each branch leads to other branches. There are as many realities as there are points of awareness to experience them. There are as many expressions of “you” as are required to explore all the possibilities. 

You are an expression of the Creator. You could say you ARE the Creator-in-expression. The Creator (being THE Creator), wants to experience (or “explore”) ALL of the branches, which are essentially infinite in number, within certain limits or parameters. Those limits we call “Universal Laws.” They are not like the laws that are passed by your governments. They apply to all created realities, on all levels of being. There are subsets of these laws that apply to specific frequency bands (densities or “dimensions,” as some people call them — density is the more correct term), but the truly “universal” laws apply to all of Creation. 

Your scientists are forever searching for the theories that unify other theories into a simpler, more inclusive whole. Universal laws are the reduction of all subsets of “rules” to the Grand Unified Law (or blueprint) for all of Creation. They are encoded in all of material matter and can be accessed by a properly attuned mind.

You — as you currently experience yourself — appear to be a “bag of skin.” But there is so much more to you than that. The real “you” is expressing simultaneously on all the logic branches that arose as potentials when your soul was created, or “split off” from the Creator’s identification with Itself. Your soul is a projection of the Creator. It IS the Creator, as it contains all aspects of the Creator, but it also experiences itself as slightly different from the Creator. It is a more individuated or “specialized” aspect of the Creator. It is an “expert” or “specialist” in certain themes, which are sometimes called archetypes. However, even within this individuation, there are an infinite number of potentials to be explored, within the parameters of Universal Laws. 

So you all have been quite busy at the soul level, creating many parallel versions of “lives,” through which you can explore many realities. In fact, you gave yourselves billions of years in which to explore those realities, but now that cycle is coming to an end. It is almost time to hit the “refresh” button on the Creation, to clear out all the fragments on the experiential screen that are left over from previous experiments — to re-draw the creation anew [just as the Refresh button on your Web browser re-loads and re-draws the page you are looking at].

We shall leave the discussion of the cycles involved for another time. For now, just know that all the explorations available within this “set” of possibilities have been nearly exhausted; it is nearly time to bring those “lives” to an end and to close the “set” so another one can be used to replace it. In your theatrical productions, you “strike the set” when the drama is over, when the play closes down. It is just that way on the “stage” now. The “set” will close down and be replaced by another. This means that all of the parallel realities that you have been exploring will terminate and be replaced by a new insertion point into a whole other “set” of possibilities. 

There is always a single “seed” point that marks the beginning of some process. There is also a logical end point to the process. You have called these the “Alpha” (beginning) and the “Omega” (end). You are nearly at the Omega point and will soon experience a new Alpha point. In between, there is a Null Point in which nothing exists.    

You may be surprised to know that you don’t exist all of the time now. You are actually blinking on and off many times a second. Your movies are made up of discrete snapshots, or “frames,” none of which are “moving,” but when they are projected onto a screen in your movie theaters, they flash on and off so fast that the retention of the image [from one frame to the next] makes them appear to be moving smoothly and without interruption. 

Those people who make animations for the Web know that their animations actually contain several different “frames” or still pictures that appear to move when exhibited on the screen for an appropriately short period of time. Your reality, which appears to you to be continuous and solid, is actually made up of static images — holograms — which flash on and off several times a second, quickly enough that you don’t perceive the “off” times but instead experience a “continuous” reality. It is anything but continuous, so the Null Point that we mention is nothing “new,” but it IS significant because of what it represents. 

Instead of a simple movement from one frame to another — say your head nods downward a tiny fraction of an inch and you hand moves upward a similarly small increment toward your nose, which has started to itch — this Null Point will be what is called a “quantum moment,” a gigantic leap onto a whole other experience of reality. The Creation will literally come to an end and be RE-created in the next “frame.” It will be re-seeded with a whole new “set” of possibilities. In the moment in-between the Omega Point and the Alpha Point, there will literally be “no thing” — there will be no manifest reality anywhere. There will only be the Creator, in a perfect state of rest, but containing all things in potential. 

The “you” that you experience now is really only a point of awareness within the All That Is, the expressed portion of the Creator. There are an infinite number of such points, according to the branches that have been explored. But there is only going to be ONE “you” — the “seed” of the new “set” that is about to be created on the other side of the Omega Point. 

So what happens to all the other “you”s that have been out there exploring all the other realities? They will be folded back into your soul and merged with it, just as happens each and every time a “life” is ended. But the “you” that is reading this [message] is the one that is going to “go across” into the new reality, so you will begin “seeing” through the eyes of your soul. You will begin to see more and more of the other realities that these other portions or aspects of “you” have been exploring. From the perspective of the “you” that is reading this message, it will seem as though those other realities are “merging with” or “coming into” your own.

There is nothing in your mass culture or literature to explain this to you. That is one of the reasons that we are giving this series of messages to you, to explain to you what is happening now, and to reassure you that you are not “going crazy.” You remember we told you to become aware of your breath? Notice what your breath is doing now. Take a deep breath now. Feel the difference.

This information is bound to set up a “but, but, but” response from the level of your ego or personality. It will protest mightily against the magnitude of what we are saying here. Your ego is designed to keep “body and soul” together, so if it hears that it is going to “end,” that causes the ego to clamp down into “protection mode,” which is experienced as fear. The breath shortens and becomes shallow, as all systems go on “red alert” until the perceived danger is identified and assessed.

When you become aware of your breath being short and shallow, will yourself to take a deep breath and give your body and ego the message that you are safe. This is very important. You must begin to develop your own ability to create a sense of safety for yourself, because otherwise you will react from a place of fear — from your ego rather than your higher knowing — and make bad decisions. You will not respond appropriately to the changes that present to you as this cycle of Creation completes. 

The parallel realities will merge. They have been doing so gradually for some time now, but now this process will accelerate. This is all leading to the Omega point and the crossing through the Null Point into the Alpha point. It is all being sourced and guided from the higher levels, and you do not have to “figure it out.” You are passengers on this trip, not the pilot. 

Breathe. Meditate. Accept. Relax into it. You are on the most wonderful “magical mystery tour” of all time! Enjoy it. Become like a little child in front of a big department store, peering in through the plate glass window at all the wonders inside. Develop your sense of wonder. Allow your mental “analyst” to take a rest. Just relax, breathe, and sink into this experience of multiple realities. It is part of your preparation to accept the “new you,” that multidimensional being that will emerge on the other side of the Null Point.

This is why we have told you to give your spiritual practice the highest importance now. It is of the utmost value at this time to create as much “quiet time” as you can. You will need it to calm yourself, to integrate the many new experiences and insights that begin to flood into you as your light fibers are reconnected. A great deal of your transformation will take place now, on this side of the Null Point. All of these separate “you”s will be merged with your soul, and you will begin to access their awareness and experience. Your apparently solid reality will appear to be melting and you will begin to exist more and more in an “altered state” of consciousness. You will need these periods of quiet to integrate all of this.

It is no small thing that is happening here, and we want you to know that there is a tremendous amount of support that is available from the higher realms, but we cannot give it unless you ask for our assistance. We cannot infringe on your free will. In the chatter of ego mind, there is a lot of “static” on the line, a lot of churning of emotions, all of which obscure and distort the “still, small voice” within you. You need these quiet times to be able hear us and feel us. You need to give this to yourself if you wish to have as smooth a transition as possible.    

In closing, we wish to assure you that — outside of time — you have already gotten “there.” You will not “miss the boat.” You cannot “blow it.” Your soul will guide you perfectly. But you will have a much easier time of it if you can follow our suggestions and relax, breathe, meditate, and simplify your lives so you have more and more quiet time. We leave you now in peace and honor and blessing. 

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
Copyright Celestial Way, 1999-2015, All Rights Reserved
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