July 7, 1999
In today’s Message, we want to speak about probabilities. You know how many are going about these days proclaiming that they know what is going to happen, that it will be such and such, and they are very sure that it will be as they say. However, NO ONE knows what is really going to happen, not even us, because there are only indications of what will “probably be” the case. We can say, with a reasonable degree of certainty, that such and such will probably be the outcome of certain observed trends, but no one can really be certain.

The Creator is playing hide-and-seek with Itself and apparently even It likes to be surprised. It’s what keeps the game interesting. If one could predict with absolute certainty everything that would happen, one would scarcely have to “get up in the morning.” It would make for a very dull existence, indeed. 

The whole reason the Creation was created was so that the Creator could experiment with all of the different possibilities (within certain parameters, called Universal Laws), so It could get to hide from Itself and so discover Itself in an unending mystery unfolding. The Creator “likes” to be surprised, because the reality game is Its only entertainment. Think about it: here you are, All That Is. Everything is contained within you, and you are everywhere at once. There is no place to “go” because you are already “there.” So what do you do for entertainment? You surprise yourself. 

(You are a “chip off the old block,” so to speak — a projection from an individuated portion of the Creator — so you show glimpses of the Creator’s nature. It is not so “off” to project “human” traits onto the Creator, because one can glimpse the Creator through Its creations. The true human is the crown of material reality; it comes the closest to the nature of the Creator, so we can gets some idea of what “makes the Creator tick” by observing true humans.

You, in your present state, are not true humans, as we have said, but hybrids. In the transformation you are undergoing right now, you will be returning to your true human status. Viewed from your present state of affairs, you will be as “gods,” but that is our point. Even though you are not yet returned to your fully conscious state, you still have enough of the human quality in you to glimpse what you will be like in your fully conscious state. And from that, you can impute what the Creator is like, and can attribute human qualities to the Creator.)    

So, the Creator likes surprises. It always has something up Its sleeve, so to speak. And here we are, sailing along in a particular direction, expecting such and such to happen, and then Wham! Out of the blue. A surprise. It could not be anticipated, not even by us. Something or someone shows up that was wholly unplanned for, and it spins things into a totally unexpected direction. However, for a surprise to really be a surprise, you cannot even see an inkling of it coming. Those are the ones the Creator REALLY likes! 

Here we are, going along, doing our best to carry out our service, trying to anticipate what we will have to prepare for, and then Boom! Along comes a surprise and it’s back to the drawing boards. And if WE — given the level we operate at — can’t make solid plans and expect them to last, just imagine how unclear the picture is for those in your state of consciousness who claim to “know” the future! That’s why you never find anyone “batting 1000.” No channel, no seer, no prophet of any shape or size, can know the future with any degree of certainty. And this is both a source of frustration and a great comfort at the same time.    

We have spoken of the need to trust in the Creator, as a component of our definition of love. We have to trust in the Creator, too. Now we get to the heart of the matter. In these most uncertain of times, there are many things that are hidden from us as well as you. All we — or anyone — can do is try to put our efforts behind the most likely outcomes and try to take advantage of the momentum in that direction. We are dealing with a set of probabilities, i.e. that there is a certain degree of likelihood that such and such will happen. We put all of our best efforts into trying to maximize that potential in a direction that would please us, but as you know from your own lives, sometimes things change.    

We began the preparation for the transition to Terra many centuries ago, as counted within your years. We had high hopes of a huge harvest for Terra. The probability was — say 80% — that that might be the case, so we threw all of our best efforts into sowing seeds that would make it possible to happen. But as you know from the story about casting seeds, some do not fall on good soil. Some begin to grow, but encounter conditions that do not allow them to finish growing. We are not omniscient, so we could not know in advance how all the Oversouls would play the game. No one was showing their cards to anyone else. It’s made to be that way, for the reasons that we stated earlier.
Now, however, we are at the “end game” stage. There are certain geometries that occur in the movements of the planets, stars, galaxies, and indeed the entire system of created universes. They each have their own period, much like the gears in a clockworks. Each turns at different rates, and every so often, they align with other gears (planets, stars, and galaxies) in particular geometries that make certain potentials available. There is a “window of opportunity” available that permits or supports certain things that cannot occur at any other time. This is what is behind the system of divination you call astrology. 

When certain aspects or alignments occur, it has been noticed that certain other phenomena are associated with them. This is true, because the “working beam” (holographic terminology) is altered in its orientation to the “reference beam” (the Absolute) so that a different “picture” (outpicturing) occurs in the hologram that constitutes your perceived reality. We shall have more to say on the subject of holograms later. The point of this is that if you picture all the “gears” to have a mark on them and that all the marks were lined up at the “beginning” of the Creation, they are all approaching that same alignment again. It is a window of opportunity for a new beginning, a wholly new Creation.    

We have known that this opportunity was coming, and we wished to assist in ways that would maximize the harvest for Terra. There are other destinations for those who will not be going to Terra, but Terra is our “project,” you might say, and that is where we put our energy. We knew that there was a great deal of inertia to overcome, due to the workings of the interlopers, but we put our shoulders to the wheel, so to speak, and put everything we had to work with toward the aim of maximizing the harvest for Terra. We knew the greatest probability was that the harvest would be small, so we put our efforts into that “marginal” area — toward reaching as many as possible who were on the margins — to try to get as many as we could to go over the line and “make the grade,” so to speak, who would not otherwise do so without our help.

You may have noticed that there were many predictions for Earth changes and such that simply did not manifest. Even now, the world has become a little more violent, the weather is definitely not “as usual,” but little else seems to have changed. Things seem pretty much “business as usual.” But there is this clockworks to contend with. Events cannot be delayed indefinitely. 

The Earth changes are a necessary part of the planet’s preparation to become manifest as Terra. They are the way she will rid herself of the negativity and confusion that she has absorbed from human interference with natural systems. We are approaching the end of the runway. We must now take flight, or never get off the ground. We have held back the Earth changes as long as we could so that we could put all of our efforts into reaching those who were marginal, who wouldn’t make it to Terra without our help. 

It is one minute to midnight. Soon all the gears will line up and a powerful beam of energy will manifest, all the way back to the Source. When this happens, there is this opportunity to re-create the Creation. It only occurs once in several billion years, so it is too rare and too precious an opportunity to waste. You are already within the influence of this beam, and the changes have begun. 

As you move through time toward the point of perfect alignment, the effects of this beam will grow and the pace of change will quicken until it is at a maximum. That is when the “leap” will occur. When that moment is reached, the Null Point will occur, and all the players will be rearranged into new configurations. The players include the planets and stars, because they are also conscious beings with destinies of their own. Earth will become Terra, and will operate at a different frequency band than she currently operates at. The Earth changes have to occur so that she is ready to make her leap when the moment presents. She cannot be weighed down by the “baggage” she has taken on from her human occupants. She has to shed all of it in order to be ready.

You, too — at least those of you who are destined for Terra — have been shedding your “baggage.” You, too, cannot be weighed down, so that you are ready to make your leap into the next frequency band. Your “earthquakes” have been going on for some time now, only they have taken the form of shaking you loose from all of your activities and associations and relationships that did not serve your movement to Terra.

We will be taking you to another place to complete your transition, so that you are ready to repopulate the Earth when she has completed her transition to becoming Terra. We will be doing this in stages. The first group is extremely small — only a handful — and will not be noticed except by those immediately involved with them. The second group will be fairly substantial, and the third group will be the largest of all and be taken at the last possible moment. The first two groups will be further along in their preparations by then, and will be involved in assisting those in the third group to adapt to their changing status.

As we have indicated, the harvest for Terra is less than 1/10 of 1% of the present world population. As small as that is, it would have been even smaller if we had not chosen to play the “probability” game. We are somewhat sad that we were not more successful, but we are gladdened by the success that we have achieved. More people “made the grade” than would have if we had not helped, and we are content with that. We did our best, and we, too, have to surrender to the higher authority. We, too, have to ACCEPT what has happened and how the “mop flopped.”

Very soon, now, the first group will be taken. They know who they are and have been given clear guidance or at least a clear sense of their life winding up. We are giving these messages now, so that they can remain available to those who will follow. By the way, some people who will be in the third group are there because they asked to be allowed to stay until the end so they could help for as long as possible. They are truly “saints” for that service, for it will be very demanding as the Earth changes begin in earnest and so many will need assistance. But they will have assistance by then, as those who “went” in the first group will be able to come back and assist in ways that they could not if they were still “mere mortals.” We shall come back to this topic later. 

For now, all you need to know is that the game is almost over. Things are going to get going, “big time,” very soon, and we wanted to give you these messages so you would be able to understand the larger picture that is unfolding behind the surface phenomena. We will have a few more messages for you and then it will all be said. Then it will be up to you to take this information and put it to use, to keep it in your hearts and minds, to hold the shining promise of Terra before you as a vision of the horizon toward which you walk. It hopefully will sustain you as the world around you comes tumbling down and the doorway to your future swings open. 

We leave you now in peace and honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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