July 10, 1999
Today we wish to speak to you about the forthcoming Earth changes and the effects they will have upon the various lifeforms upon the planet. For some time now, we have been acting as conservators of certain species, to preserve them and their genetics for inhabiting the new planet, Terra. On Terra, everything will exist in an exalted state, not only in consciousness, but also in the forms that outpicture that changed consciousness. Every lifeform will be exquisite. Everything will be glorified, as Earth takes her rightful place as the jewel of the galaxy.

Toward this end, many of the species will be leaving the planet altogether. Those we have not collected, as they will no longer be present on Earth when she assumes her new form. These are principally those creatures that are part of the cycle of death, disease, and decay. There are some that will undergo a fundamental change in their nature, primarily those that have functioned as pets for humans, but others also. This is where the prediction that the “lion shall lie down with the lamb” comes from. Certain carnivores will change their essential nature in order to live on Terra and be part of that habitat.

Those aside, the other forms of life that are predators, disease-bearers, and those that participate in the breakdown of forms to more elemental forms will be absent. Everything else will be transformed or eliminated from the Terran “list” of lifeforms. (It should be noted that entirely new lifeforms, from other parts of the galaxy, will be “transplanted” to Terra, just as you transplant exotic plants into your gardens that are not native to your area.)

The Earth changes are part of this process. They serve several purposes. The first and primary purpose is as we stated: to cleanse the Earth of her accumulated burden of negativity — those thoughtforms and energies that are of the lower frequencies and would keep her from her own ascension to the next frequency band of reality. The second purpose is to assist in the facilitation of getting all things to their own “right place.” This is a special function being overseen by Archangel Michael and us, the Hosts of Heaven. (We are the “heavenly hosts” being spoken of in the expressions “Lord of Hosts” and the “Legions of Michael.”) 

We have this special function to perform — to see to it that all things get to their “right place.” You might think of us as traffic directors or logistics specialists. Your taxi and police dispatchers perform a similar function. They get the workers to the right spot at the right time to assist those who need assistance. The Earth changes serve other purposes, also, including making the third-density form of Earth uninhabitable for an extended period, so that the new world has all the attention it needs to be fully born.    

We have spoken of Earth (and Terra) in terms of being the garden spot of the galaxy. In good stewardship of the land, each portion must be allowed to lie fallow for a time, in order for balance to be restored and nutrients to be replenished. The Earth has been sucked dry, all of her precious gifts mined beyond the state where they can naturally recover in a short period of time. You might say that humans have been living off their grandchildren’s inheritance for some time, so the Earth changes will also serve to give Earth the very long period she needs to regain balance and restore herself. Those who are to inhabit the new Earth, Terra, will be housed in places that help them prepare for the new reality that they are to inherit. Terra is already in existence but not yet visible, as the human frequencies have not yet risen to the level they must be at to be able to perceive and experience her as a physical reality.    

A time is coming in which all that has been built upon the planet in terms of artificial structures will be leveled. Underground structures will not be so affected, but there is no point in looking to them for sustenance, as there will not be anything left alive on the surface. You can lay up stores of food, sources of energy, and implements, but you cannot prepare to live out the long period in which third-density Earth will lie fallow. It is too long a time. The fourth-density Earth — Terra — already exists, pristine, fertile, and exquisitely beautiful. Only those forms that are vibrating at that frequency will be compatible with her, so one cannot do anything but prepare to be one of those. Otherwise, you will experience a different outcome.

Not only the artificial structures will be leveled. In your scriptures, it says that the valleys will be raised up and the mountains laid low. This is the smoothing out of the planetary surface that we referred to, the elimination of the stored energies contained in the lines of stress in the crust called “faults.” But Terra will be smooth for another reason. “Form follows function,” is another of your sayings. 

As we have spoken before, Terra will be a fourth-density planet, of the STO orientation. In STO, everyone and everything is sovereign. It does not exist except to express itself within the context of the whole. There is no hoarding or accumulation of wealth by the few, for there is enough to be shared by all. And none shall experience poverty or want of any kind. In the elevated state of consciousness of Terra, all will live as royalty, for all will create whatever pleases them to create. The planet will be smooth to outpicture the smoothness of life, the equality of all within the Creation, and the total abundance that is available to those who are in alignment with Universal Laws. 

We wish you to hear these things in the proper perspective. Nothing perishes. It only changes form. The form that is appropriate to Terra is the exalted version of what you see about you now. Things must either change or go somewhere else. The planet herself is about to change her form in drastic ways. These cataclysmic changes are the healing process that the planet must go through to achieve her destiny. 

It is all in divine order that this happens, and it is within divine order that it happens now, at this particular point in the planet’s history. The window will open to provide the way, all the way back to Source. Everything that has been operating in the experience of separation consciousness must now either reconnect with Source or go somewhere else. To be on Terra, one will be in a perpetual state of Union with Source and thereby with all of Creation. Your senses will operate in the full spectrum of consciousness, not just the limited band you have available now. 

It is principally because of the approaching Earth changes that we have come to give this series of messages, so that you may view what is happening within the proper perspective. Many of you have been preparing for your roles for entire lifetimes, both in and before this one. That is why so many of you who are reading this message have felt that you were here for some special purpose, why your mundane work in the world has sometimes left you wondering, “Is this all there is? Is this all I am going to do?” 

No, it is not all you are going to do, but your first task is your own transformation. Then and only then will you be equipped to go out and do the Creator’s work for one another. Then and only then will you really be able to “help” with the great task at hand. Until then, your task is to open to receive. You are not in charge. You cannot do this for yourself. You can only open to receive what is being given.    

We have urged you repeatedly to give your spiritual practice your highest priority. That is how you will open yourself to receive what is being offered to you at this time. Your Oversoul has “scheduled” you for many things in this transition. Relax and enjoy the ride! Your only other option is to resist it, and that will only result in discomfort for you. Why not “go with the flow”? Be like the river and simply stream through it all — liquid, unresisting and flowing. We can tell you that you will have much more fun that way. 

There is no way we can prepare you for all that lies ahead. We have tried our best to direct you to those activities and practices that will make your transition all that you would like it to be. The rest is up to you. If you resist, the pressures will build up until you surrender. Those who will not bend will break. There is help available at all times, but you must ask for it, as we cannot infringe upon your free will and choice. There is so much Grace flowing, if you will only be “gracious enough” to receive it.

Receive the gift. Do not turn away and think you are not worthy of it. You are the children of the dawn, the architects, builders, and occupants of Terra, the new Earth. Receive the gift and be humble and grateful for this opportunity to serve, to experience, and to be there when the curtain goes up on the new stage for the new drama. Terra will truly be the embodiment of “Heaven on Earth.” 

We are so grateful to you for being willing to take on the garment of flesh, to anchor those incoming energies that are streaming in now in ever-increasing amounts, and to act as living lightning rods to ground them into the planet so that she may rise and ascend to her destined station — Terra, the jewel of the galaxy. We look forward to working with you further. Until then, we shall sign off for now, but know that we are with you always. We are the “rod and the staff” that will comfort you and sustain you, through all that lies ahead. Each and every one of you precious beings is surrounded by angels, whose only function is to protect you, love you, and guide you — to lead you Home.    

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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