June 21, 2000
Well, now. It is almost a year since we last spoke with you. Being that today is the summer solstice — that time when the flow of life on Earth completes its upward movement from the depths of the winter solstice into the sun of the day, and turns upon itself once more to begin the journey downward, toward the heart of darkness, toward the next solstice which will mark the beginning of winter — it seemed like an appropriate time to begin our next series of conversations with you. Is it not strange, this ever-swinging movement between the dark to the light and back to the dark again? Yet it is in the nature of things on planet Earth for it to do this. Now — just as the summer comes on — so do thoughts and energy begin to contemplate and anticipate the approach of winter again.

Darkness is but a part of the cycle of life, and these “dark days” that mark the ending of the planetary cycle in 3D shall give rise to a time of incredible light, an eternal springtime for the planet and all that are upon her. We remind you of this. Do not forget it. For just as the darkness now comes, the light is already born within it. These messages are meant to be a positive pole for you to carry within your hearts, to balance the negative that will be expressing all around you. Walk in the light. Carry the light. Be the embodiment of light and you will find the path before you is an easy one, even if all about you is coming down to its extermination.

We have called this message, “Signs Along the Way,” and it is our intention to give you some understanding of the path that lies directly before you. The Earth changes have begun now in earnest, although they are still mild compared to what will follow. You will notice that the clusters of earthquakes have been fairly constant now, and that they are of a consequential magnitude that should cause the world to take notice, but they are still asleep. It is ho-hum and not news, so long as it does not cause destruction of property and life. Note that property is valued even above life, and the loss of property is always mentioned in reporting the consequences of Nature’s ways. And so now, while these beginning tremors are occurring at record rates, there is no mention of them in the news. They are not considered to mean anything. But they DO mean something. They mean that the time of which we spoke is now at hand.    

In addition to the earthquakes, there is also the weather, the fires and floods, and other weather-related phenomena. These, too, are signs of the times of which we spoke. The weather patterns have been changing for a long time, but now they are noticeably NOT “normal.” Even so, while some areas suffer, others experience uncharacteristically benevolent weather. It is that same pattern of a “mixed blessing” that shall characterize so much of the times ahead. While some things are destroyed and some people fall upon hard times, at the very same time, new and beautiful things will come into being and people who had been struggling will begin to prosper. Many things will change, and not in ways that you might expect!    

YOU are changing, too, and if you are paying attention, you will notice that your perceptions are changing, too. Your senses are heightened and attuned to more beauty in life. The landscape and living things seem to be brighter somehow. Foods taste better or worse to you, depending on how well you have chosen them. Those of a lower vibration or which are prepared by people who resent having to cook them will taste worse, or make you feel bad after you eat them. Those which are lovingly grown and prepared, and for which you express your appreciation, will not only taste better but they will make you feel more nourished than those which have been “thrown together” or grabbed along the way in a busy day. 

To the extent that you honor your own being enough to select the best foods and eat them with appreciation, to that extent you will be increasing your “light quotient” and shine more brightly. In loving and giving to yourself, you are in a sense honoring and praising the Source which creates you. Think about it. If someone gave you a beautiful cake, into which they had put the costliest and most delicious ingredients, would you throw it on the ground, grind it under your heel, and so despise the gift?    
Hopefully, you would not. If you were perceptive, you would see how much care went into the creating of that cake and you would bow in reverence before the baker for the preciousness of the gift. Your own bodies are the “bread” that has been formed by the Creator. Your own bodies are made of the most precious ingredients, and no matter how you have been treated by your earthly travels and those who were part of your journey, you are still a precious gift to the universe. Honor that gift and treat yourself with love and respect. 

Eat well of the best quality foods — those which were raised with love and consciousness, which were prepared with love and attention, and which fit with your own dietary needs. This will not only give you the best nutrition to support your bodies in their transformation, you will also be giving your bodies the message that you care about them and they will support you in return. You can experience a great deal of rejuvenation and healing through simply choosing well and making it a priority to do so. 

Nonetheless, there are some discomforts to be endured. The body you presently occupy will be the one that takes you across the light bridge between this world and the next. All your other parallel lives are being terminated, and the cellular memories that you carry in all of your tissues are being purged. Your relationship to time is changing. Your minds often become a blank at the most annoying times. You feel like your head is made of cotton wool a lot of the time, and you may wonder how you will get anything done. You need a lot of sleep and are drinking a lot more water (hopefully, very pure water!). You may be gaining weight, losing weight, growing hair, losing hair — the process is very individual, but the one thing that will be “common” to all is that you are changing.    

Your sleep patterns will vary a great deal. You may sleep very deeply or you may be restless without knowing why. Your bodies may feel like they are vibrating at times, especially if you wake up during the night, between periods of sleep. You may have changes in bowel habits, or changes in the foods that you want to eat. Be gentle with yourselves, and take care of yourselves. 

For those of you who are usually so busy taking care of others and their needs, this is going to require that you put yourself “first,” which is a change in itself! If you have emotions rising to the surface, do whatever you can to facilitate their release without wallowing in them or getting caught up in dramas. Use whatever works for you — singing, toning, writing, warm baths — whatever you find is the most natural and supportive way for you to move through the purging of your cellular memory and the associated emotions of your various experiences.

For those of you who have had a difficult life (and that is most of you), let yourself now feel the pain of those times when you had to simply keep going and feelings were shunted aside so that you could cope. Let that pain surface gently and watch it pass through you and out of you, like you were looking into a fishbowl and seeing streams of cloudy water swirling through and then disappearing. 

You have all experienced a lot of pain, and whatever you must now feel and let pass through you on its way out of you, let it all go. You will lose a sense of identity as this healing proceeds. You will not be sure of who you are anymore, because it is from this personal “history“ of pain that you have decided who and what you are and who and what you aren’t. The truth is — at its most fundamental level — everything you see and feel, everything you saw and felt, IS YOU. But in moving into this larger, less defined interpretation of Self, you will lose the benchmarks from which you defined yourself in the past.    

You will feel less connected with some people, more connected with others, as you move toward the poles of your destiny and merge your being and energies with those of your true family — your brothers and sisters in the many mansion worlds of the one infinite Creator. WE are that family, and you are preparing to shed your old skins and put on your garments of light. When you have done that, you shall stand among us as equals and we shall be able to embrace each other once again. We look forward to that day as much as you do, for we know how much joy we shall all have in that reunion.    

We leave you now in peace and honor and blessing and we shall talk with you again. It is time to come home.    

We love you so much. We would hope that you can come to love yourselves, as well. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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