June 22, 2000

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth.” This is what it says; this is how it is written in the scriptures with which you are so familiar. But it is not really how it was.    

In the beginning there was God, and God was and IS “ALL There Is.” It is still God. And so God did not, in that sense, create anything that is not God. There is a tendency to view the Creation as both a product of and separate from the Creator. But this is an impossibility. The very being and substance of the Creator penetrates all form and is indeed an expression, an outgrowth as it were, of the one body. Just as you have hairs on your head or lashes on your eyelids, so it is with every form of Creation: they are springing forth from the single body, from God.    

We who speak to you are but a facet of that one Creator; you are but a facet of that one Creator. It is God who speaks through you and through us, because we are all God. That is not to say that we ARE the Creator, but rather a part of the Creator, an expression of the Creator, a form that resides WITHIN the Creator. Nothing is outside of God, you know, but this is an expression that is limited by the language of words. When you are on Terra, you will have the full experience of being totally in oneness with the Creator, where your body will be experiencing itself as constantly emerging from the substance of the Creator, the matrix and ground of all being and form.    

And so this Creator interpenetrates all things. All things have consciousness. All things are part of that Creator. Now look about you, to your beautiful planet and see the devastation upon one part of the Creator by another part of the Creator. Is this not madness? Would you mutilate your own body if you were aware of what you were dong? We think not. And yet that is what has happened to this beautiful planet and continues to happen, even now, at this late hour.    
The forests are being felled at a record rate. It is almost like a feeding frenzy, as the last giants of the forest are toppled to build yet more products for yet more people, and so it goes. Even the smaller trees are being harvested in this mad rush to consume, consume, consume, until there is nothing left. Yes, we have spoken of the Earth changes. Yes, they are underway as we speak now. But even if there were no Earth changes, this mad rush to claim for oneself the last of the dwindling resources of Earth would soon render the planet unfit for all life, most particularly for human habitation. So, in some ways, the Earth changes are a merciful thing, to stop the process from proceeding to the place where untold suffering would be the result.    

There has been enough killing; there has been enough eradication of species. And if humankind is to progress, and survive, and THRIVE, this desecration of this beautiful planet must end, and soon, before it is all way too late.    

But it is all in Divine order. These are all parts of the experiment that was ordained from the foundation of the Creation. These apparent destructions are still the Will of God, which is sometimes difficult to understand for those who are still in separation. But when you are no longer in separation, you will be in a place where one can see, understand, feel, and embrace the wholeness of it, without getting caught up in the drama of it.    

And so Earth is in her final hour of her travail, and humankind is dancing at the last big party. Many there are who are aware or sensing at some level of their being that the end is near, and so there is an apparent disregard for what is prudent and a kind of reckless abandon to consume yet even more. There is complaint about the high price of gas, and quarreling about how difficult it is to have to pay such high prices. What will the tumult be if the gas is no longer available? And that is surely an outcome. The supplies are not infinite. Yes, they are vast, but so is the sea of humanity, and the demand for more and more oil is insatiable.    

It is also very destructive — of the environment, of the air, of the waters. The oil is used to create so many things that do not degrade once they are discarded, so you are burying yourself in your own filth, in your own refuse. The tragedy is that what was once a beautiful garden is gradually being turned into a garbage dump. What a desecration! And yet, it was all foreseen. It is now time for that to come to a close, and it will not be a gentle birth, because of the tensions that remain in the Earth’s crust reflecting her absorption of so much negative energy.    

We have not yet touched on the heart of the matter. We are, in a sense, preparing the stage for the drama that will now unfold. It is almost time for the cataclysms, and we want to prepare you and prepare you well for what to expect, and how things will go for those who are destined for Terra and those who are not. If you are among those who are destined for Terra, you will be witnessing a rather strange sight, for as the world around you crumbles and dissolves into entropy and death, you will find yourselves prospering and moving up to a new level of abundance, joy, and well-being. It is you who have suffered for so long, and now it is your time in the light. And those who have become inebriated on the excess of consumption will now pay that price.    

We do not say that in judgment, but rather as assessing the situation for what it is. The preliminary earthquakes have come and gone, and now there will be a brief pause and then the next level of cleansing will take place. Soon, your news media will not be able to ignore the phenomena of Earth changes. It will be in everyone’s face. There will be an increase in concern and fear as these things unfold and become more established as a pattern, rather than isolated events. You might think that the Earth — through these various small earthquakes — could release sufficient crustal tension, that it will not have to result in anything more severe. However, there is such an accumulation of negative thought energy that has been absorbed by the planet that it all must be purged. Even as your own bodies are being purged, so must the Earth’s body be purged and cleansed.    

And so this will result in Earth changes and geophysical events, not only of a much greater magnitude than is normally experienced, but also a greater frequency and persistence. This first cluster is essentially over, with a few isolated aftershocks. However, in a time that is very soon at hand, no later than July, we shall be witnessing the next level of cleansing at the Earth level, which will take several forms. Not only will there be tectonic movement and volcanic eruptions, but there will be other types of things, as foretold in the Book of Revelation in the Bible.    

There will be many strange phenomena in Nature. There will be a rain of “plagues” akin to that described in the time of Egypt, in the story of Moses, and there is much sorrow coming in the cleansing of the planet because she has absorbed so much sorrow that she does not want to carry any more, nor does it serve for her to carry it. For what she is becoming is Terra, the glorious jewel in the crown of Creation, and in which there is no place for sorrow and tears, only joy and love, and all these matters of the third density shall soon pass away.    

The cleansing will be complete this time, not partial as in other times, for none of the old can be taken into the new. You yourselves are being purged of your cellular memory and so it is with the Earth. The Earth is a living being, and her body is riddled with “dis-ease” over all the things that have been done to her, plus having absorbed all the pain and sorrow of the thoughtforms that have been experienced or projected by humankind. And the pain and sorrow of the animals is felt also. Many of you do not realize that animals are fully conscious and do have bonds among them and do have energetic exchange in their own form of communication. So animals are not rightfully your slaves, or pets, or possessions, and on Terra, all animals will be free.

And so now we would speak to you of the times ahead. In the very shorter term, there will be increased disturbances and ruptures, not only in geophysical changes, but also in the fabric of society. The tension is growing, and the clamor for people to “do something” is rising, and there is great discontent growing in the face of apparent prosperity. There are dark clouds gathering, economically and socially. There are going to be eruptions, like boils of a disease. There will be cleansings within the populations of Earth, as well as the planet. There are going be strange diseases, of mental, emotional, and physical nature — many plagues of many kinds. Some will be engineered by humankind and those of a despotic nature, and some will be mutations of existing microbes, as a result of the changing frequency and the increasing amount of higher-frequency light, known to you as the ultraviolet. The hole in the ozone layer is of course part of the equation, and is man-created, but once again, we would say that ALL of this has been scheduled and is by a combined, collective soul choice.

All of you who have been battling for the light, and carrying the light, and pleading to be heard, and all of those of you who have tried to stop the destruction and the devastation and the greed and the corruption — all of you have labored and labored well, but it seems that evil (or what you would call as evil) will have its day. Once again, we would remind you that this is all of the Creator and is the Creator-in-expression. It is difficult from your perspective of separation to understand how a loving or benevolent Creator could allow such things to happen, or that such a beautiful planet would be sacrificed in such a way. But this story HAS a happy ending, and we wish to remind you of that.    

The Creator, being the Creator, wishes to experience everything, not just the things that are pleasurable. It wants to explore ALL the possibilities, all the combinations and permutations, and indeed this causes much apparent suffering. But there is also a place for joy in this Creation. It is in short supply upon your planet at the moment, but that will radically change after the shift.    

And so now we return to the days ahead. There will be much, much disharmony, disruption, chaos, fear, destruction, loss of life, loss of property, loss on all sides — or so it will seem. But at the same time, those of you who are destined for Terra will find yourselves prospering and enjoying a much happier state of affairs than you have in the years leading up to now. We wish to support you in your last days on Earth and make them pleasurable, for you have served and served well, and now it is time to “gather the troops” as it were, and to call them home. For the homecoming will be taking place in a matter of 3 to 4 years of your time. There is a coming home to oneself that is a part of this, and a coming home to your rightful estate as co-creators of this marvelous universe, and also a coming home to the places that nourish your heart and wipe away your tears.    

We wish to have you among us again, our brothers and sisters, and we are your soul family. We are YOUR brothers and sisters, as well. You are totally our equal and have been valiant in your service and your willingness to take on the garment of flesh, but soon it will be time for you to move up and move on, and to put on your garment of light and become the gods and goddesses that you are. It will be a wonderful time for you, and the blessings will never cease.    

Now, the dark days ahead lead to a new dawning, and the first rays of that dawning are already visible. Much work has gone in. Much has been accomplished. Many have turned to the light, and if not with full understanding or full discernment, still much has been accomplished. Those of you who are originating from the higher realms will be regaining your estate, and soon — by our standards, anyway. Consider that it has been a 4 1/2-billion-year walk and 3 or 4 years is but a blink of the eye in that kind of time scale. We would ask you to realize that we are ever with you. Nothing happens by accident. There are no accidents. Everything is an outpicturing of God, and everything contains within it the seeds of its own completion. We shall speak more on these matters, but that is all for now.    

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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