July 27, 2000 
Yesterday — July 26, 2000 — marked an important milestone on the journey to Terra. We prefer to call it “the crossing-point,” because it marked the shift from the funneling-inward movement (that has been going on since the Earth was formed) to a funneling-outward movement that represents the expansion into the new reality. You are perhaps familiar with the spiral shape that describes evolution: each turn on the spiral sees a return to past themes and issues, but at a new level, enriched by the lessons of prior experience. But there can be a spiraling inward as well, in which the "lessons" of the past — in the form of memories and imprinting — are thrown off as the spiral tightens toward a “zero point,” at which it has no circumference at all.

Yesterday marked that point at which the inward spiral reached its maximum compression and began to turn in the opposite direction. Now instead of throwing off old memories and imprinting, it will gather into itself altogether new experiences and expressions, none of which have been ever experienced on 3D Earth in all of her history. This is the time of the ingathering, of the harvesting of all that has gone before and the receiving of the “gifts of the kingdom.” For you who are destined for Terra, this will come as a great relief, for so many of you have endured much suffering and hardship of all kinds. Now, however, that has served and will pass away. Now is your time to embody the riches that belong to those who serve the One Infinite Creator so wholeheartedly, and it will be a welcome time for you all, to be sure.

It will not come in all at once. Just as the spiral wound inward over long stretches of time, so will its expansion wind outward over long stretches of time. However, from the shape of the spiral, you can see that near its point, the turns are shorter and therefore come closer together in time. Just as you have experienced an inner acceleration as the spiral turned ever faster in its cycles toward the “zero point,” now that the “crossing-point” has been achieved, the initial cycles will be very fast at first and gradually slow down as the turns encompass more and more “territory.” 

In the beginning, you will not notice how much has changed. An entire new paradigm was anchored in but because the sweep of the spiral is so limited so close to the crossing-point, it will be some time before you notice how different your lives are becoming. At first it will be a very subtle thing, more felt than seen, but in a relatively short time, it will be unmistakable. 
The spiral has spanned more than 4 billion of your years, and the outward journey will take at least as long to complete the innate symmetry [which mirrors the inward spiral]. However, since the outward movement is an expansion, it really can go on forever, as there will never be another “crossing-point” for this Creation. 

It is really about going beyond ALL limitation, and therefore the expansion phase is without limits — essentially infinite in nature. Rather than CONTRACT BACK into the Godhead, you will EXPAND AND EXPAND until you MERGE with that Godhead in its infinite scope and expression. You will embody more and more light until you are just light. Every vestige of dense materiality will dissolve into pure light and consciousness, but that is a journey of billions of your years — hard for you to relate to or imagine. 

So now it is here — the time for which you have prepared for so many lifetimes, in so many guises. This is the last of your dense physical expressions and from here you will only become more and more filled with light. We would remind you that this is a process, not an “event,” so the change will be gradual but certain. There will come a time when you will have to be lifted off of the planet’s surface and held aside while all else plays out to completion. We will be assisting in this, but it is a partnership between us, not a “rescue mission.” You carry your responsibility in the equation, too, and it has required much of you in the past. 

Now it only requires that you open to receive what is yours to receive. That may bring up some issues for some of you — issues of self-worth and conflicts about what it “looks like” to be a “server.” There has been much conditioning in your religions that you are small and unworthy and must place your hopes in an outside force or being to “save you” from your earthly imperfections. But in our eyes you are ALREADY PERFECT, and all that is needed is for you to open and gratefully receive your “birthright” as the sons and daughters of the Creator.    

Those who are not bound for Terra will have a different experience, and many of them will go through trials and suffering as they move to their poles of destiny. Remember that everyone is operating according to their soul’s choice. Do not feel superior to them, as you are only manifesting your soul’s choice also, and all souls are equal in the Creation. They are all just aspects of the One Creator, so how can they be other than perfect? How could any aspect of the Creator be more or less important than any other aspect? It is ALL God-in-expression, as we told you last time. Just surrender to your destiny path and give thanks for the goodness that now comes to you. And allow everyone else to do the same [with regard to THEIR destiny path].    

If you feel moved to help out during others’ travail, by all means help out. But don’t do it out of guilt or to “earn points in Heaven.” It is perfectly all right for you to simply enfold them in your love and light and not do anything outwardly to hinder their process or movement toward their destiny. In time, when you do indeed turn your faces toward Terra and leave your beloved 3D Earth behind, none of this will matter any more. You will have surrendered up all attachments to your past identities and will gladly embrace the “new world” that is yours to experience. But that is enough about that for now. It is still some time away, and there is much to enjoy and explore and create in the meantime. Rejoice now, where you are and how you are, for this IS your last lifetime in dense physicality and you now have an opportunity to enjoy it before leaving it behind forever.    

We leave you now in peace, and honor, and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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