September 21, 2000
Now is the time of which we have spoken. This is the time in your year when the day and night are of equal lengths, but soon the night will be longer and the day shorter. So it is that the darkness will appear to increase and the light to diminish, but just as the sun is always shining behind the clouds, so is the dawn waiting beyond the night. And so it is now.    

You are entered upon a time when there will be much confusion, fear, and “darkness,” for what is darkness but a lack of understanding? All that you would call “darkness”or “evil” is but a lack of understanding, and so it is never a permanent condition, but while it is in operation, it can cause much suffering for many. 

And so it is now. There are those upon your planet who would call themselves “human,” but in their actions, thoughts, and words would appear to be some kind of monster — without feelings for others or others’ pain and suffering. The “love quotient” in these individuals is nearly absent, but that is part of their learning, too. Think of the one you called Hitler. Was he enlightened? Was he happy? Was he satisfied with what his life brought him?    

The answer is clearly “No.” And so the soul of this one you called Hitler is still on the inner planes, mulling over the effects of that life, trying to understand what went so horribly wrong. 
You each have incarnated to gain certain understandings, and it is no different for those of the STS persuasion than it is for those of the STO orientation. You are each trying to understand, which is made more difficult by the fact that you are veiled. So, as you see what to you might seem the height of foolish behavior, remember that these are souls who are simply trying to understand why things aren’t working very well for them. Even those who consider themselves to know what is “best” for everyone are going to be challenged in the days ahead.    

Everything is about to change and change radically. People have different ways of trying to cope with change. Some seek constructive and cooperative solutions; others seek to withdraw and arm themselves against all possibilities. Each of these kinds of choices leads to more understanding. In the end, one has to surrender totally to the fact that one simply can’t know everything, and then one has to let go and let God show the way. THEN “miracles” can occur, but not as long as one thinks it is within their hands to “make it happen.”

Those who have positioned themselves as the power elite on your planet have laid grand plans to take over everything and profit from it. However, as much power as they have amassed, it is only based on economics. As long as the economic system operates and people have to depend on it for their needs, the power elite will have an easy time of putting into place their plans for world domination. However, this would be a violation of everyone else’s choices, and this particular time in Earth’s course is all about choices, so the Earth herself will be a major factor in keeping things more equal so that everyone has the opportunity to choose.
There are major storms coming—economic, geophysical, and political. People will be challenged to make a choice: will they act for self-preservation or will they work together to help one another? You who read and cherish these Messages will be spared the worst part of things, as a rather dramatic occurrence will be coming for you in the very near future (that is a relative term, of course, as time has no meaning for us in the higher dimensions — it is always “now.”). 

In the near future, as you are lifted in your vibration, you will experience yourself as living in a very different kind of reality. It will not be an abrupt shift, but a gradual dawning in your awareness that things are not the same somehow. At the same time, there will be a threshold that can be felt by those who are sensitive to such things, and you will be safely across the barrier that separates the third density from the fourth. 

Make no mistake: this will only happen for those who are attuned to and aligned with these Messages. The others who have chosen Terra but are not yet awakened will endure the effects of the coming storms as part of their process of personal cleansing and the opportunity to refine their choice for the positive path. It is all designed to bring maximum benefit to all-those who would choose now and those who will choose later. It is all about increased understanding, and the power elite will have their “lessons,” too.

This birth will be a difficult one for most of the people on your planet, of all persuasions. Even the STS will be challenged to deal with the changing circumstances and the destruction of their well-laid plans. You see, it is all a house of cards, built upon technology that is vulnerable to being disrupted through any number of occurrences. One well-aimed burst from the sun could wipe out all of the communication satellites and bring down virtually all international commerce. The sun is a player in this equation, too.    
There are other ways that the system can be disrupted. Weather will play a big part in things, and crop failures are not the only consequence. However, this is going to “hurt” the “little people” more than the rich and powerful, so that will not be as big a factor as some other things in the shorter term. 

The power elite are not invulnerable, but it is some time before they will be brought down. In the interim, they will appear to have their day to rule, and they will be given the opportunity to gain greater understanding of the nature of the path they have chosen. Since it is ALL GOD, there are other apparently separate individuals who will be providing them with the opportunity to learn their “lessons” firsthand, while at the same time gaining their own understanding about the best ways to not become victims under the crushing machinations wielded by the power elite. STS is always trying to enslave others; STO wishes to be free and to throw off the yoke of oppression, wherever they find it.

And so a clash between these two opposing forces — those who would enslave and those who would be free — is inevitable. It will take many forms, not the least of which is your familiar “war.” However, there will be “wars” fought in other ways and in other fields of endeavor. Truth will battle with falsity. Love will strive with fear. Each person will have many opportunities to choose — moment by moment, day by day — and in so choosing to make their collective choice for one path or the other.    

There are many parallel futures to emerge from the platform of third-density Earth. Each one is a “layer” that vibrates with a certain frequency, similar to the bands of color in your visible spectrum. However, the spectrum is continuous, with one color flowing into another, and these parallel futures will ultimately separate from each other into distinct and unique worlds of experience. We have spoken of the very small percentage that will end up on Terra. 

There are many “slices” that will be cut off the single “loaf” that constitutes your present reality. The most beneficial thing you can do for yourselves is to focus entirely on yourself and your choices. Whatever you do, feel into those choices in each and every moment of the day, each and every day, and choose what seems “right” to you to do in that moment. You are dealing with a wave of change and the discipline is to “surf” that wave by remaining totally present — neither in the future or the past — so as not to lose your balance by leaning too far forward or backward.    

It will be a time when you will find yourself remembering all that led you to the present moment, and you will have faith built upon remembering all that you have already gone through, but each time that you have followed that thread of the past to a natural completion point, gently bring yourself back into the present moment, just like a dog shakes itself off after a swim in a lake. Just so, if you find yourself drifting into daydreams of the future — when they have come to a natural end, bring yourself gently back into the present and focus on what is squarely before you to do in that moment. This is the way you will walk: one step at a time, moment by moment, learning to live in the NOW.    

We will close by returning to the title of this Message: “The Coming Storm.” The way you will survive and THRIVE during these times is to remain fixed in the present moment. Trust in the Creator to guide you perfectly through to your destination. While many will seem to suffer, you will be lifted free of all of that, in order to serve later on, when those who remain will need your assistance. We shall have more to say on that topic, but for now, we leave you in peace and honor and blessing.

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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