September 28, 2000

In the beginning, there was no-thing. Then arose a thought and out of that thought all things came into being. At first, there was only harmony, but not much “progress” was made, because while all things were in harmony, there was not much impetus for change or exploration of alternative paths. The Thinker of the thought noticed this, and It thought another thought. This second thought introduced the idea of opposites, which could clash and therefore produce striving. All that you see around you now is a result of that striving.

If all had remained as One, nothing of the richness you see in your lives would have occurred. A great abundance of forms and a great abundance of possibilities thus was created, and the original thought was greatly expanded by this choice on the part of the Thinker, but also at a great price. Know you the expression, “the pearl of great price”? This is the price of which we speak.   
As things unfold upon your planet and in your time, these two opposites will increase their movement toward opposite poles. All that is in the middle will either move to the poles or perish, in order to begin again on another world where they will have more opportunities to explore the choice of the opposites. When we say "perish," however, we refer only to their physical bodies. Their Oversouls will persist and simply put forth other projections of themselves into the worlds that await on the other side of the shift.

ALL Oversouls are withdrawing their projections now, so even for those who will ride this shift intact, in the vehicle that they presently occupy, there will only be one projection from the Oversoul that rides the wave of change. How, then, are you to view all this, and what will be the process and experience of going first to the poles and then to your destined exit path from 3D Earth to 4D Terra?    

To begin with, there will be an intensification of the polarities. Those who are inclined toward the positive, or STO pole will become more so, and those who are inclined toward the negative, or STS pole will also become more so. This creates the maximum energetic potential, but it also creates the greatest disharmony, IF the two poles interact. How can you experience this journey with the least amount of friction? You disengage from fighting the negativity and withdraw into a world that is solely of your pole, that is totally harmonious for you.    

“But what about evil?” you cry. What you call evil is but a choice. Do you remember the teaching in the Bible to “resist not evil”? In order to have the smoothest transition to your destined outcome, you must allow all things. You must allow all choices, and that includes the choice for the negative path. If you engage with “evil,” you bind your energies to conflict and you cannot experience peace and harmony while you are fighting against someone else’s choice. Allow all things. Allow all soul choices. Allow, allow, allow.    

Many of you refer to those whom you call Masters. We would say to you that OUR definition of a Master is one who is so expanded in their understanding that he or she takes in ALL within them, within their embrace, and holds it without preference, without saying or feeling that any part is better than any other part. 

When you are fully born into your new awareness, a great understanding will fill you. You will “see” for the first time since taking on the veil which hides the truth from your sight. You will see all things in their right place and in their right meaning. But for now, you only see part of the picture, so in remembering that there is more going on than what you can perceive, you will again be called to surrender and to allow all things. You are not in charge. You are not the force that drives the creation forward. But you are an aspect of this force in action, and therefore you WILL at some point regain the full understanding of the nature of that force and your own true nature.    

Until then, until you do have full understanding, recognize and accept that your understanding is to one degree or another limited, and so allow all things, for you do not know their hidden purpose. You do not know how it serves. If you are ASKED, then by all means respond as you feel is right to do. But more will be saying and telling than will be asking. More will be shouting and even screaming in their fear than will be asking. If someone asks, then and only then should you answer, but if no one is asking, remain in your center and rooted in the truth of your being and your choice for the pole you have chosen.    

Resist not evil. Resist not anything. Surrender to the higher intelligence that guides your every step and simply ask when you have doubts of your own, “How shall I be with this (situation)? What is right action here?” But always come from your center, your knowing about what is true for you. Be content to make your own choice for yourself, and allow others to do the same. What does it gain if you try to “rescue” someone? You have only delayed their opportunity to make their own choices.    

On Terra all will be sovereign. To be sovereign means to be willing to be totally alone in one’s own understanding, to be beyond being able to be coerced or manipulated. Many great sages and warriors in many traditions have had this quality. You must be warriors now, only warriors in the sense of standing firm in the midst of the impending chaos, not in resisting any of which will now play out. Be calm in the midst of the storm. Keep breathing. Meditate. Keep grounding the light that is streaming in to the planet now. Keep opening the channel of your bodies and ground the light into the planet. Empty out until you are like a hollow reed, able to simply allow all things to pass through you. The cleansing is underway and will accelerate with the passage of time. Allow, allow, allow.    

You are yet asleep, but you are awakening. When you have fully awakened, the reality you will see will not be the reality that others who are still sleeping and striving with each other will see. You will float beyond all that. You will experience total calm, peace, and harmony, even while the storm rages all around you. You will be centered in peace and harmony, even while all things are coming apart around you. Soon, you will not even notice, because you will be fascinated with something else. A beautiful light will beckon to you and you will follow it. You will be going home.    

Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
A WORD OF EXPLANATION: I normally don’t comment on individual Messages, but I have received the same question from several people, so I thought I’d add a note of explanation to the above. 

To “allow” all things is not to be confused with passivity or being a victim. The Message is talking about NOT JUDGING something as “evil” and becoming detached and expanded enough to see things from the “isness” point of view. Everything is just being what it IS. 

When one is in full consciousness, one can “see” all things for what they ARE. However, the Masters do not normally accept assaults on their person. There are at least two times that Y’shua/Jesus literally disappeared from the midst of an angry crowd, and the Masters in The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East stood upon the parapets of a town and repelled the invading brigands by reflecting their hostile energies back upon them. 

You are always responsible for your own actions, and your inner voice and intuition will tell you what is “right action” if you can listen to it. There is no need to accept harm to yourself or loved ones. “Allowing” here means to allow everyone to make their soul choices and to not judge one or the other path as being better than any other. They all lead back to God.    
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