November 21, 2000 
It is now late in the year 2000 and the millennium is drawing to a close. It has been a long journey and many expected that the big shift would occur on January 1 of the year 2000, but the big shift is just ahead. It does not matter what was done or when the dates of your calendar system were adjusted. The fact remains that in the consensus reality of the majority of your world’s population, this numbering system is in use and accepted as the reality, and therefore has the energy of reality for all of those who accept it. Given that picture, the new millennium is about to ring in, and with it will come many changes. The different realities are already well along the course of separating from each other, and that will continue. However, for those that are destined for Terra, the shift into the new reality has already begun and will become much more apparent from January 1 of 2001 onward.

There has been a substantial acceleration in recent months, since the crossing-point of July 26 was reached and passed. Now the spiral will turn more slowly, but each turn will take in noticeably greater amounts of change. The DEGREE of change will increase, even as the RATE of change decreases. What that means is that if you look back from today to July 26, it will not seem that your life has changed all that much from how it was then, but you felt that things were accelerating tremendously. Once the change from the old millennium to the new is accomplished, it will feel quite different.
You will feel like you are “floating,” and are gently supported in a sort of bubble, one in which you are insulated from the clamor of the world around you. At first, it will only seem like things have gotten much more quiet inside of you, something like what it is like when you totally immerse yourself in water and the sounds of the world become muffled and unimportant. However, as things proceed, it will become apparent to you that your EXPERIENCE of life is different in ways that you cannot now anticipate. You might even doubt that you are awake, because it will all take on a sort of dreamlike quality.

It is important to tell you now that you should not attempt to re-engage with the life that is falling away from you. Just let yourself float gently upward and let yourself experience the total calm and support that surrounds you in this ocean of consciousness. Turn off the exterior stimuli and leave them for the “madding crowds.” If you need to let go of people, circumstances, or certain “conditions” in your life, do so with ease and grace and do not engage in blame in order to justify the separating out into your own reality and destiny path. Just simply let go of how you are holding on to them, just like you were a balloon, tethered to them by a piece of string, only now you can choose to let go of your end of the piece of string and thereby float upward.

This is a process, not an “event,” so you are already in the “orb of influence” (to use an astrological term). You will begin to feel the disconnect if you let it come to you easily and without resistance or fear. We are lifting you into the next level of vibration and it will feel a little strange to you, but trust the process and your own “knowing.” Let the tumult fade away and receive the peace of the light that floods over you and pours into your cells. You are dropping your material density and moving up to the next level. You will experience shifts in your perception of yourself. Do not resist them. Let go easily and let yourself become a more clear representation of your essence. 

You each have an essence that is the expression of the “tones” of your Oversoul. As you let go of the identity you had and let yourself become this closer approximation of your individual aspect of the Creator, you will experience the pleasure of becoming just exactly that person that you most want to be. It will be an inner experience at first, but it will also show up on the surface, where it can be seen by others with “eyes to see.” It will be FELT by those around you who cannot “see” it, and they might have some distress or feeling that they are “losing” you. They might experience fear and try to stop what it is they perceive of as the cause of the fear — your change — but all you need to do is love them, let them be how they are, give them what reassurance you can to comfort them that everything is all right, and let yourself drift upwards anyway. You will be in the company of those like yourself, and there will be comfort in that for you, but in the meantime, you must be kind as you take your leave of this world.
We would remind you that each person has chosen at the soul level for the experience that they will have as these last years tick away. The realities are separating into layers to accommodate everyone’s choices and there will be goodbyes all around. You will be saying goodbye to who and how you were, and there will be a period of “floating” between identities, similar to the fetus floating for a time in the womb before it is born. But you need not worry about how you will be provided for. We know your needs and we know what must happen for you to successfully make this transition between this world and the next. 

It is so important for you to embody TRUST in the process and in the plan for your life. Fear and worries will only hinder you and keep you back, stuck in the old ways and old identity. Let your angels come to you and sing their lullabies of love. You have earned this and it is yours. Enjoy it. 

The world that you are leaving will have its time of discord and then all of it will fall silent, too. The old dream is ending and it is time for a new one-for you, for everyone, and for everything. The “refresh button” has been pushed, but it will play out across time, just like the images on your television set or computer monitor are re-drawn one line at a time. There will be a clear sense of something having changed, but it will take time to discover just exactly what it is. In the meantime, relax and let yourselves float upward. It doesn’t have to be hard unless you prefer it that way. Simply let go of the string that ties you to the old ways and let yourself rise up to greet the new ones.

We are here with you now, in close proximity. We are protecting you as you go through this change. We are guiding you now and will be in touch with you as things unfold for you. You are our “assignment” and most precious to us, and not one of you shall be left behind. If there were some way that you could see us now, you would have no doubt about the love and support being extended to you, but trust in this: the day IS coming when we shall all be together again, and you will know us for who we are — your brothers and sisters in the many mansion worlds of the One Infinite Creator. We leave you now, in peace and honor and blessing. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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