February 10, 2001
We have asked to speak to you today because we wish to convey our view of what we see happening at the present time on Planet Earth. We must emphasize that there are many things unfolding simultaneously and the variations at the individual level are infinitely varied and complex, so we can only speak in the broadest and most general terms. However, we feel that it is still worth sharing our perspective with you, so as to provide a context in which you may view what you are experiencing and place your “picture” within our frame.

If you remember, we have spoken before of a splitting off of different future worlds from this one world in which you move and have your experience. Each person has their destination, chosen for them by their soul, in keeping with their place in the larger Divine Plan. For those of you who are inclined to want to heal and fix things, it can be difficult to witness the playing out of the “scripts” that are not of your vibration and orientation.

There is an intensification of essence taking place, so that those whom you might consider evil or selfish or greedy will appear to become more so, and those who are not able to surrender and bow to the winds of change will surely break from their rigidity. The winds of change are already blowing hard, and they will do so for the rest of the time left for your planet and all upon it. There is no letting up in this birthing process now, so if you are expecting it to pause, know now that it will not. 

However, there is good news in this, because it also means that the push toward Terra will not stop, either, and those who are destined for it are being gently lifted into their own vibrational layer (stratum) and that is happening for all of those who are destined for other destinations, as well. There is a layering taking place and the layers are becoming more and more distinct from each other. As this proceeds, the resistance to the movement will be crushed by the relentlessness of the forces toward completion. Those who insist on clinging to the status quo will ultimately be swept away from that which they cling to, but it is all just the way of ensuring that each one ends up fulfilling their life’s plan and gets to where they are destined to go.    

The slumber is being disturbed, and as things progress, there will come a time when all will awaken to one reality or another. For you who are destined for Terra, you will have a more gentle ride, even in the midst of others’ discomfort from their own resistance to change. Nothing will remain of the old at the end of the process, but there is still much time to traverse before that is complete. What you need to know now is to release all attachments to what was in your life and to release all fears for those you love and care about. They will each be provided for in the way that is perfect for them and their soul’s choice. We ask that you deepen your trust in the process, for things are going to look pretty extreme in the not too distant future.    

There is a limit to the amount of time that you can safely continue to exist in 3D, and we have been instructed from the highest levels as to the logistics involved in making sure that everyone gets to their “right place.” You will be sensing the shift as it occurs, and do not be surprised by feelings of peace and bliss that seem to come “from out of the blue,” with no apparent external cause. Just relax into them and enjoy them, as eventually they will be your permanent state. These interludes will come more often for you as things progress, and gradually will become the dominant state of your being. You will begin to be able to tell the difference between the state you want to experience and the state that you experience when you engage in old patterns of relationship and communication. 

Your body will tell you when you are engaging with dissonant energies because you will experience momentary discomfort that will contrast strongly with this other state of peace and bliss. When you notice this, gently disconnect and redirect your attention to the things you would like to experience and create, rather than the things you would like to stop or oppose. You will find it harder and harder to maintain your connection to things that are not “yours.”
If you can relax into receiving the lifting, it will go much easier for you. If your personality traits make it hard for you to “let go and let God,” then you will have a little help energetically, to pry your fingers loose of their grasp on the twigs that you cling to in your fear of letting go. Each of you will have “moments of truth” in which you will simply “see” what is happening and then it will be easy to walk away from your former battles.

You see, despite what your physical senses register, your inner, subtle senses can give you another view. Even if you look with physical eyes at the world around you, notice that you do not have as much a feeling of being part of what you gaze at, but rather more and more you will feel like you are witnessing something that you don’t quite comprehend. That is part of the process of disengaging from what is familiar to you and receiving what is coming to you. 

There is nothing wrong with you and you are not losing your mind or sanity. You might question why you don’t feel as strongly about things that used to seem important to you, but if you can just let it all go, and let yourself feel the peace and bliss that is available, it will be much easier for you to move to your proper layer of vibration. Just seek your “homing frequency” and let everyone else do the same. No one is “wrong” in being the way they are. They are just being WHO they came to be and are experiencing what they came to experience. That is why everything “exists” in the first place-so that the Creator can experience Itself through its many creations, all interacting with each other in infinitely complex ways.    

There will be things playing out on the world stage that, given your values and orientation, you could consider horrible. We would say to you to let yourself witness these things but also know that they are not “yours.” If you feel an inner “push” to help or “do something,” by all means follow that to wherever it takes you, but also do not feel guilty if you do NOT feel intuitively that there is a need to respond. Each person has their part to play and no two are alike. That is why it is so important for you to meditate and spend some time every day in that altered state in which you disengage from the world around you and go within, to that very private place where you only have yourself and your God to contend with.

Create your own sense of sacred space within yourself and draw upon the sustenance that offers to you. You are most “responsible” when you take full responsibility for yourself and your actions and thoughts. You have only your God to “account to.” All the “rules” you were taught and may have accepted are null and void for the journey to Terra. You can know intuitively in each and every moment what is the most “right” action or course in that moment for YOU. You are sovereign beings and you are the only one you are responsible for. Everyone else has the same responsibility as yours-to be fully responsible (and responsive) to their own inner urgings, and to fully experience being who and what THEY came to experience.    

Most of you who are reading this have not been the “obedient” kind for most of your lives, except if it was to “get along” with others or to please those toward whom you felt some debt or obligation. Now your greatest service is toward fulfilling your own destiny, for you are those who will create the incarnational opportunities on Terra so that others may enjoy that world, also. You are leaving this field of endeavor in order to cultivate another, to shape and enjoy another “garden” in another place and time, and to make for the telling of an entirely new story. 

It is time for you to accept yourselves as the pioneers that you are, and to understand that your very differences are the things that equip you best to be the transition team between one world and another. Go within and you will find your way along your path, one step after another, and one day soon, you will lift up your heads and behold a new horizon, unlike any that you have ever gazed upon before. 

As the world splits apart into the different layers that will go toward their different destined locations, focus on what is yours and let others around you do the same. Most of you are tired of waiting for something better. Well, there is something better and it is arriving now, inside of you, and is unseen except by your “inner eyes.” It will feel like a dreamlike state and you will not be aware of anything but what you are experiencing in that moment, just as you would in a dream while you were asleep. But this dream is real and you are just waking up into it, and things will never be the same for you again.

We leave you now in peace and honor and blessing. We shall speak to you again. Amen, Adonoy Sabayoth. We are the Hosts of Heaven.
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